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Found 15 results

  1. Here are some tutorials for making procedural materials (Materials that doesn't exactly need a texture image for looks good) Have fun. Eyes making https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro/Advanced_Tutorials/Procedural_Eyeball_in_Cycles Marble/Stone like materials and Cracks/veins https://cgmasters.net/free-tutorials/blender-cycles-tutorial-stonemarble-how-to-make-any-texture/ Letters animations (Maybe for making introduction videos).
  2. Hi!, i have been working on a high poly model of an athenian trireme based on "Olympias Trireme" for later bake on a low poly one and for fun. Here are some screenshots: Its also Modular for easy modyfing: Gonna be adding details and everything i can see on the references i have, and finaly leave the 3D model as a 3D Tour on Sketchfab in name of 0 A.D.
  3. Hello 0.A.D. Community is time to give some love to persians due the recent changes to other civ assets, even when they have the most detailed cavalry assets, their infantry assets like helmets and shields are pretty much outdated. Its time for some persian love... Starting with the recent changes to chamfrons: And this new helmet (Missing Plume): Texture of the helmet is 1024 for have a cleaner bake due the amount of detail: Plus the new neckguard, Thought the iron bake went a lil bit darker than supposed to be. If any1 find references for the conical helmets, f
  4. Upcoming new artillery preview: Small 2 Operator lithobololos: For those who always asked for a "Tower" Artillery, this could fit a tower (and if it doesn't tower will fit on it). Following references made this siege artillery wich is an smaller version found on a reference but not seen only one but multiple times, specially on some artistic drawings of macedonians on a river using it wich can be appreciated that isn't that big in some cases and it does in others. So the point is Split artillery in 3 Classes. Light Artillery: Oxybeles/Polybolos/Scorpion. Fast shooting light artill
  5. Another topic for helmets, for now i have this: From other topics i have this: The first helmet its recorded but says its damaged because my secondary hard drive is damaged so i used VLC to fix the video now its only visible through that program, i'll see if YouTube could handle the video later.rome_helmets.7z
  6. Indeed. that's why you need use something similar to my suggestion. The Capitoline She-wolf (Italian: Lupa capitolina) takes its name from its location—the statue is housed in the Capitoline Museums in Rome. The She-wolf statue is a fully worked bronze composition that is intended for 360 degree viewing. In other words the viewer can get an equally good view from all directions: there is no "correct" point of view. The She-wolf is depicted standing in a stationary pose. The body is out of proportion, because its neck is much too long for its face and flanks. The incised details of
  7. Needs to be for 2 passengers, anchor for 4 horses. Just the chariot no horses. Bonus: textures for the two units in the first image: Hey! here is some help in how to create textures in Blender!
  8. Full body armor Persians and parthiansc and their pants. Indie pants
  9. Introduction. Ok, open topic in order have plenty of sources and visual reference that's preceding to art task. We started with Classical Greek and Persian around 650-450 BC. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Greek_military_personal_equipment
  10. Share Simulating Real-world Film Lighting Techniques in 3D Updated September 9, 2011 By Lucy Burton Source: https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/simulating-real-world-film-lighting-techniques-in-3d With all the advances in modeling and animation, an often overlooked but absolutely critical area of 3D scene creation is the proper use of lighting and rendering techniques. G
  11. Hi I just found this interesting software. Free for non-commercial use. What's new? Official website Description from cgchannel article:
  12. Some props like romans heroes are missing. we have Claudius Marcellus.
  13. A good starting point would be adding the armour of the legs and trump in the elephant skin texture, and then do the armour of the right side of the texture with gold/bronze plating. Useful textures; binaries\data\mods\public\art\textures\skins\skeletal\maur_elephant_hero.png binaries\data\mods\public\art\textures\skins\skeletal\maur_elephant_siege.png References: Here are some tips in how to make textures in Blender by rendering!
  14. Im very creative this night (-6 GTM) and I have restless ideas. I can't sleep. I want create Design Document only create art, 2D and try some 3D. my idea with inspiration by creative genius.
  15. I open this topic to create with teammates props per icons related to technologies so to The community is open to participate. First Loom... @stanislas69 you can help ...:)
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