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Found 8 results

  1. Upcoming new artillery preview: Small 2 Operator lithobololos: For those who always asked for a "Tower" Artillery, this could fit a tower (and if it doesn't tower will fit on it). Following references made this siege artillery wich is an smaller version found on a reference but not seen only one but multiple times, specially on some artistic drawings of macedonians on a river using it wich can be appreciated that isn't that big in some cases and it does in others. So the point is Split artillery in 3 Classes. Light Artillery: Oxybeles/Polybolos/Scorpion. Fast shooting light artill
  2. If you agree, a torching attack instead of the hitting the building with the sword, could be a little more immersive, both for melee infantry and cavalry. I'm not suggesting any gameplay change. If you had played AoE3, you know what I mean (by the 5:20 mark, where it should start the video) I suppose that archers could use the same animation of their attack, just with added particles of fire. A video talking about the real history of fire arrows (from his POV) The problem would be slingers and skirmishers, that have a bigger range to throw torc
  3. Trebuchet I've made this in case it can be used in some medieval mod. already has attack animation Future work: 3 Infantry animated working on it Screenshot Files for test on atlas Trebuchet.7z Blend File Fundibulo.blend
  4. This map is already playable, 1 vs 2. Athens vs Persians. It's a normal size map, tried no to add to much eyecandy stuff. There is still something left, as the background, some advices and additions on units and buildings, making some walls untargetable, plus more stuff. Units can walk on 'walls' (But those are just elevated terrain with walls in both sides, but they work!). As soon as i finished the entire 'agenda' of the map i will make the respective post. Units on 'walls' For now, if someone wants to give any advice, opinion, wants to play it or erase it, just leave
  5. Hi, This map, it is supposed to be a rough representation of the siege of paris, in 845 led by the vikings, led by a Norse chieftain named "Ragnar". (It does not follow all the history). Vikings had a fleet of 120 ships, 5,000 men, they went trough the Seine, arrived to paris, entered and plundered it. A plague broke out in their camps, but the franks did not have a good effective defense against their besiegers, they paid them 7,000 french livres and the viking invasion was over. (If i made a mistake, please, correct me). For the showcase of this map, i wanted to do something
  6. Hi all, Im making a new map, the siege of Halicarnassus. This is the very first preview, it is still in progress, but i would like to receive some feedback. Yes, it has a lot of props, i like detail, i'm just trying to make it more "vivid". This is the reference im using, i didn't make it exactly as is shown there, i forgot to add some things while making it, but now that is that advanced it may be a pain! http://www.discusmedia.com/maps/turkish_city_maps/5594/ v1.1 v1.2 1.3v This is what it seems to be the end of the map. Perhaps i could r
  7. Hi all, I reporte this at ticket system and I've been suggested to post it here for community discussion, which is great and I hope it can give more ideas to devs. With the new capture engine I think it would be nice to redefine damage to buildings from units which are not designed for sieges (all except, siege weapons - rams, catapults, etc. -, Romans italic heavy infantry and Iberians Leial Zanduneira AFAIK). This would have some direct consequences: Civs picks will have direct consequences when/if a siege situation come into the game Tactical decisions about how to m
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