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Found 8 results

  1. i would like to have some help in references over here, this is something i wanted to do before and as mentioned by @wackyserious i think its time to do so heres the first one recently done after read the topic
  2. Here is the bear I've been remaking with a walking anim. bear3.zip
  3. Some animations for the rabbit Rabbit.7z (Blender file included in the zip) @stanislas69 in case is committable.
  4. If you agree, a torching attack instead of the hitting the building with the sword, could be a little more immersive, both for melee infantry and cavalry. I'm not suggesting any gameplay change. If you had played AoE3, you know what I mean (by the 5:20 mark, where it should start the video) I suppose that archers could use the same animation of their attack, just with added particles of fire. A video talking about the real history of fire arrows (from his POV) The problem would be slingers and skirmishers, that have a bigger range to throw torches. Melee infantry could break the walls with a pick (and cavalry could use an animation similar to the dismounted food gathering while chipping the fortification)
  5. Any new love going the camels' way? I think the camel mesh and unit animations could use a revamp after @Alexandermb's very successful work on the cavalry. It would be excellent to have both Arabian and Bactrian camels: 1 and 2 hump. Then we can work on the rider textures and props to look more authentic. Right now they're just based on Persian units.
  6. One of the remaining breaking immersion things, are when the cavalry are working at the corpses. Although i'm not 100% in favour of cavalry as c/s (not the aim of this post to discuss this), if they remain as now maybe they could have the same animations of meat gathering of c/s, with a horse in the side, and the same when killing domestic animals, with the herding animation. There's no transition animations, but I think it would be better, instead of a mounted swordsman hitting a dead corpse.
  7. i've finished the animations for the ptolemies siege weapon polybolos and will make the others siege weapons too Files >>polybolos_animations.7z<<
  8. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could answer this question I have: Is there a way to modify the game to make slain units remain above ground for the duration of a match, as opposed to slowly sinking into the ground after they die? Specifically, I was wondering if there was a file (or files) to modify in the public 0AD game folder in order to perform the above. Thanks!
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