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Found 19 results

  1. Heyo guys! How're you doing? Hopefully I won't regret posting it now already (I'm sure I will find so many flaws I overlooked in this map), but as I had a great day today and had the time this evening, I'll just publish this First Version to you. This time it is as well a scenario (as the title suggests, haha) on giant scale. The Legend of Mali is a figurative Map of the Mediterranean and its surrounding land - namely the Aegean, the North African Atlas Mountians and the steppe of the Levant. However, it's siginifant to consider my intentions weren't to make an exact cartography of the Mediterranean, instead it is like my first map "The Legend of Avilava" rather a figurative depiction, like the people back then imagined when they've got told a tale about it - the Mediterranean. Therefore, Romans, Greeks, Persians, Seleucids, Carthaginians and Ptolemies may don't match to appear all toghether in a certain time period of history, but as I said, that's not what matters here. Furthermore, I want to give a you a short overview of the Players: Player 1 (Team 1): Although being as their civ Spartan, they have two seperate headquarters, one Athenian and one Spartan. The latter going in hand with a seaport. They are on the one hand protected by natural walls like mountains and the sea and on the other hand by a short city wall, protecting them from potential Roman invasions. They have a significant starting population of women and citizens alike whilst going in hand with lots of resources to gather from. Player 2 (Team 1): Being Macedonian, they seem to have captured Athens or something as they just start off with a big mountainous city Enjoying not only their coexistence with big quarries, woods and prepared fields to gather resources from (gather from or gather of? no idea), they're protected by a huge wall stretching from the mountains in the West to the seaport of player 1 in the East. Also, Player 2 takes advantage of a huge starting population of not only women but lots of archers and soldiers on the city wall. Player 3 (Team 2): Being set in the rough terrains of the Southern Atlas Mountains, the Seleucids start out with a persian styled city. Having a lower starting population and difficulty to farm crops, they're heavily relying on their advantageous position in the high mountains which is difficult to reach. Player 4 (Team 2): Also enjoying the beautiful view from up the mountain, the dense arrangement of city's buildings already suggest it's biggest problem: The lack of space of these Persians for fields to farm on. Nevertheles, the unreachable height of the mountains is their biggest ally - as the supporting army of player 3. Player 5 (Team 3): Being settled in the warm steppes of the Levant, the Roman capital is divided into two Players - Player 5 and Player 7, both Roman, both stationed next to the sea. Having set fields, a quarry and enough wood to prosper of, they are also in process of building a city wall. Player 6 (No Team): The Carthaginians - Set in the wild transition from mountain to coast, they are protected by the natural environment and city walls alike. Nevertheless, finding space for crop farming seems to be a problem at first - as long as you don't miss the berries! Player 7 (Team 3): The Northern part of the Roman capital has not only some territoral issues on which expanding is impossible, but they also face the threat of Greek invasions. Nevertheles, with sufficiently enough guardsmen they try to handle the problem. Player 8 (No Team): Sadly indeed, the Ptolemies neither have any starting city nor strong military power from the start - beside these two cute elephants. However, their surroundings provide resource availability at its best. Moreover, not only can they construct fields sufficiently, but they've also enough space to build their own city on. In order to give you a little overview of the Players (starting of with Player 1 and ending with Player 8) I'll "attach" some screenshots I just took in the following "space" (lol my English is dead by now haha) So, spoilers ahead! Okay, that's regarding the Players. Oh my god, now finally presenting these little cutouts in the forum instead of howering above them in the atlas editor makes me watch these otherwise so familiar places of the map completely differently Well, to give you guys an even clearer overview of the map I'd suggest to show you even more screenshots, e.g. of the landscape (hm, not to "give you guys an even clearer overview of the map" as if this thing would be throughout rational, instead to remain honest here to "make you guys even more horny" yo :p) Well wow okay that's enough about meaninglessly bragging around. Actually I still wanted to make a point. If don't feel okay with hearing a tragic story, skip the next paragraph. I built this map based on a real dream I had in December last year, waking up saying: "I need to create this in 0ad!" xD I started out building that month, but breaking off after little attempts to properly start. Just in early January I got up on track again. Me taking up this work again was the result of my beloved house cat Mali passing away on the early morning on December 28th, 2022. A sweet, black and white, shy, but extremly content and lovely cat. Although of his shyness only after some years he came and trusted us, though he mostly remained just watching us doing things, completely interested in all things. But just rarely ready to cuddle as he was so shy, ye. I was allowed to enable him a more or less convenient life for 7 or 8 years, after his heart stopped beating when he was at the doctor for a regular health check. The reason for this was his heart weakness - of which my family and me hadn't been aware of previously - which kicked in because of his panickiness at the unfamiliar and negatively exciting, stressful situation at the veterinary. The vet said the day before Mali deceased that the cat needed to overnight at the station in order to finish the check the next day, and my family and me didn't think that Mali was in real danger because of his anxiety. The next morning, Mali must have been so anxious and stressed that his heart beated so heavily that the cardiac septum, the barrier between the two ventricles, teared up (this was his heart problem- an inborn weakness of this barrier / cardiac septum). As a result of this, the blood clyce went in the wrong direction. From this point on, his minutes / hours must have been counted; hopefully, man, he passed away a peaceful way, although being anxious and left alone. Oh @#$% man, telling this makes me cry yo @#$%. Oh Mali, we must have known earlier of your heart weakness ... I just hope he's at a better place right now, watching me publishing this map in honor of him. The thing is that in my monthlong grief I somehow built this map. I didn't know what else to do. Don't ask me why. Whatever now, I decided to name it after him. So he lives furhter on in this world. Thank you Mali for the time I was able to spend with you. I really wish the best for you. My little buddy and best friend Mali. Well it felt good to talk about this. Thanks to you guys for hearing me out. I hope you understand me naming the map after him. Holy man I did not expect to write so much about this haha. Well, I think that's about it for today guys. I hope you enjoy the map, you can do whatever you want with it, play it, edit it, put it into whatever you want. I just built it but I don't wanna "own" it or anything, by publishing it it belonges to everyone now (so I'm not proud of it our anything, just happy to have another large scale battleground! ) To give you a last big overview: Okay, let's set the record straight - to get you god darn horny to try this out haha: And btw: You guys are great. Especially the ones contributing to this fascinating game! Oh my god for real I'm having to much fun with this game and I really wanna thank the developers for creating this favorite game of mine. More over that it's even for free, you gotta be totally kidding me this game is so wonderful haha Well, I now gotta go for sleep for sure, so see ya guys! Me friends always tell me I talk to much haha. Feel free to voice your opinion and also critical view of this! It be very pleased Have a good day! *Hope you can download it? 1316113461_TheLegendofMaliFirstVersion.pmp 442990980_TheLegendofMaliFirstVersion.xml
  2. Hey all, I made a scenario map about the Roman Limes (latin for border), more specific the Upper-Germanic and Raethian Limes. The Limes was a Roman border defence and controll system against celtic and germanic raids, consisting mostly of walls, moats, palisades, towers and military camps. The land in the middle of Europe was mostly covered in forests and swamps, what complicated warfare for the Romans. I hope you'll like it Overview (spoiler alert): some references: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/35014-inspiration-for-map-creators/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limes_(Roman_Empire) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limes_Germanicus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castra to add an ingame preview, copy this to \binaries\data\mods\public\art\textures\ui\session\icons\mappreview @Stan`, @wraitii hope you can give me a hand now to make the palisades and towers not lose capture points outside of the territory the_limes_2p.pmp the_limes_2p.xml
  3. 0 A.D. Community Map What is this? The Community Map is a scenario project crowdsourced from the 0 A.D. community. It is intended to show off everyone's design talents and let the community collaborate. It is based on a concept that used to exist in the AoMH community. To get an idea of how this works, here's a Photobucket album of a past community map: http://s797.beta.pho...een314.jpg.html Alright, I wanna do it! To sign up, post your email address below (or PM it to me, you know, for spam prevention) and I'll add your username to the list of Future Designers below. When you're number one on that list, I'll email the most recent version to you. This will ensure that no one is doing duplicate work. Rules: Please contribute in one of the areas designated. You don't have to go in any particular order, but try to paint inside the lines. If you are doing an area that is adjacent to a finished block, try to connect it in some way to the areas before it. You can delete a few trees, change the edges of the terrain, and other such small things to make your area blend in with the surrounding areas, just make sure you don't significantly change or do anything to damage other peoples' work. If you cause significant damage to another person's work and can't fix it, you will have to re-download the version of the map that I sent you and start over. When you blend areas, make sure there is a proper transition. Don't have a desert immediately cut off at the edge of a mountain or have an ocean suddenly end with a forest. Don't change the size of the map. Feel free to change player colors, although be careful about how it will affect other people's work. Save your map as "eyecandymap[YOURNAME].pmp" - this way I can keep track of each version of the map easily. When your turn has arrived, you will have 7 days to work on the map (although it is highly recommended that you finish it sooner if you can, so we can move along faster). I will email you when you have one day left, to remind you that your time is almost up. When you are done and/or when you have run out of time, send the map to me. There will be no time extensions. If you have not finished with what you were making by the time your turn ends, clearly mark the area your finished creation will take up, and send the map to me so I can send it on. You can then sign up again so you can finish your part later. You can sign up again as many times as you like, but only after you have finished your turn that you are currently signed up for. It doesn't have to be much, but if you really think "I'm too busy right now, skip me", then I'll move you one place down on the list and send it to the new number one. When you're done or when your time is up, you have to send the map back to me, and I will send it to the new number one on the list. If you send it to me and there is something inappropriate or against the rules on it I will ask you to change it or in the case that it is inappropriate your version will be deleted and you will no longer be able to participate. My email is kimball.r@meESPN.com without the name of the sports news network in italics. I'll update the full map screenshot each time someone makes a contribution. That's basically it! Have fun, and post/PM your email address so we can get this thing started. Current Screenshot Future Designers plumo Aurium quantumstate Lion.Kanzen If you have any comments or questions, just post them in this thread. I'll be sure to respond.
  4. Hi, I see that some mods have added/changed some screens for the UI of the game (for example fgod mod). Is it possible to add, via modding, a new screen? Let's say it would be accessible from the currently disabled button "campaign" in the main menu > Single Player. Then, this screen could have an image where some parts are clickable and lead to a scenario game? (More or less like the campaign screen in AoE2.) If these things are possible, then it seems that campaigns are mostly implementable already as mods, or am I missing something? I am asking because I have seen that the trigger mechanics seem quite powerful already, so maybe I would try to experiment on that. Thanks!
  5. I have designed an op map imo 1.How can I place units Where can I find the xml file and can i share it here, to play it in lobby with you?
  6. Hi guys! I have created two scenarios taking as base a map started by Viridis. I found that map last week while looking for a nice numantine scenario and I decided to finish it, trying to make to make it accurate, beautiful and playable. The scenarios are: "First battle of Numantia" and "Siege of Numantia". I attach the scenario files in dropbox links with some screenshots since it doesn't allow me to upload more than 5 mg here (that I used already in other post). https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vjrbcqdpv8kp2ga/AABZoZlNNQ5CpdJTM2n-qxtea?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n69ch85molnt8q8/AADayW9fr9TruR2i9aNAPU2Sa?dl=0 These are the map descriptions: FIRST BATTLE OF NUMANTIA "Numantia is famous for its role in the Celtiberian Wars. In the year 153 BC Numantia experienced its first serious conflict with Rome, when it hosted the rebel inhabitants of Sekaiza. In the year 153 a. C Fulvius Nobilior attacked Numantia with a huge Roman army and cavalry support of the Numidian King Massinissa, including elephants, which unexpectedly went uncontrollable and charged against the Roman soldiers. That fact changed the course of the battle that ended with the Iberian victory." The game starts with the battle where Gaia elephants attack roman troops. As iberian you are quite near the action and can decide if joining the battle (to inflict more damage to the roman troops but putting at the same time your units in risk with the elephants smashing everything around) or complete the retreat of your troops to your town walls. SIEGE OF NUMANTIA "Numantia is famous for its role in the Celtiberian Wars. In the year 153 BC Numantia experienced its first serious conflict with Rome. After 20 years of hostilities, in the year 133 BC the Roman Senate gave Scipio Aemilianus Africanus the task of destroying Numantia. He laid siege to the city, erecting a nine kilometre fence supported by towers, moats, impaling rods and so on. After 13 months of siege, the Numantians decided to burn the city and die free rather than live and be slaves." The roman faction starts with 7 camps and a strong force surrounding the iberian walled town. Some fences are built around the roman camps but not finished yet so the iberian should try to obercome it as soon as possible in order to have access to resources. ****** Unfortunately I found several problems that make these scenarios impossible to play. I number them as follows: 1. The AI, doesn't not attack, build, create units, nor make any attempt to win. Just defend. 2. Many errors appear in cascade as I load it to play, and I guess they have something to do with the AI unactivity. 3. How can I garrison units inside the Roman forts in the scenario editor, so they don't become Gaia's when I start playing? (I was told this will be solved for A22) Please, feel free to comment, download it, explore it or try to repair it. I hope we can resolve these errors (I really have no idea how to do so) so we all can play this scenario that took me time to improve and that I really want to try out. Thank you!
  7. Hi guys, This is the scenario I made of Birgantim (modern A Coruña) that served as port to Lucus Augusti. It is quite accurate, fully playable with no detected errors, and balanced forces so it's fun to play with both armies. I hope you enjoy. Please comment and feel free to include it in future releases of the game or give any advice you believe would improve the gaming experience. Cheers! You can download this playable scenario from dropbox (includes the scenario files and some screenshots): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vc4938ecuce1j35/AADoRvYFiJdZF_W91zZeEtnQa?dl=0 BRIGANTIUM description: Strategic settlement located on the coast of Gallaecia, named that way by the Romans during their invasion of the northwestern Iberian Peninsula, that began in the second century BC and was not completed until the first century BC, after more than one hundred years of fierce strife against the Celtic tribes that inhabited this vast area of forested mountains rich in minerals, rivers, beaches, and fertile waters. Historically the Celtic settlers of Brigantium did not offer resistance to the Roman contingent, whereas in the interior the conquest was not completed until the times of the emperor Augustus. Later, Brigantium become Portus Magnus and the Tower of Hercules (oldest lighthouse of the world still in operation) was build in it. Situation: The bulk of the legion commanded by the legate Julio Cesar, has entered the interior of Gallaecia with intent to subdue the natives. It will not be easy for the Romans. Will the Artabros also rise against occupation on the coast? Factions: 1. Incarnate the Celtic tribe of the Artabros from their settlement in Nostian, being also able to control easily a port of the settlement of Elvina: -Let us expel the invader! Let us wash down the sacred oaks with their blood! Let us return their bones to the sea! Under the light of the moon we will celebrate with mead their defeat! Our mothers and women will rejoice, and our daughters will compose songs of this day! Oh, free people! This is our home! 2. Take the command of the Roman detachment emplaced by Julio Cesar to incorporate this enclave to the glorious Roman Republic: -It's time to get this port out of the darkness! The Carthaginians defied Roman hegemony and bought their stall, before testing our iron! And these wild barbarians will also succumb! Today his pillage is over! Tonight their women will serve us in our beds! Roma invicta!
  8. Hello everyone, I am a newbie but wanted to test how the 0ad map editor works so I tried a map of the Battle of Numantia (Celtiberian city that was besieged by the romans) in the 2nd century BC. It is unfinished, but I share it in this post. You are free to use it. The terrain is more or less accurate as I have copied it from the map (however I have drawn it by hand), aswell as the roman fortification spots. Tell me if it is interesting in order to develop it more or not. The city finally was burnt by their own inhabitants to avoid the romans to take it and they killed themselves before becoming slaves. Numancia.xml Numancia.pmp
  9. Hi, This map, it is supposed to be a rough representation of the siege of paris, in 845 led by the vikings, led by a Norse chieftain named "Ragnar". (It does not follow all the history). Vikings had a fleet of 120 ships, 5,000 men, they went trough the Seine, arrived to paris, entered and plundered it. A plague broke out in their camps, but the franks did not have a good effective defense against their besiegers, they paid them 7,000 french livres and the viking invasion was over. (If i made a mistake, please, correct me). For the showcase of this map, i wanted to do something different, trying to make it more interesting and vivid. (I'm not good with words/writing/speaking, but i will try). again, It does not follow all the history. So i tried to write a history. And so, it begins. A dark and infamous day inside the walls, after the first brutal assault, the morale was getting low as the soldiers and the people who had a house/family in the other side of the city, was practically in ruins and dead, few survived the massacre and. The king didn't send all the troops as there were reports of a big fleet of warships coming down through the Seine and after seeing how two drekar warships smashed and shattered one side of the wall of the exterior city, he didn't want to take a chance against them. The fear started to instaurate in every living human inside the inner city, when they heard the wips of trebuchets, the sound of flaming arrows and rocks flying, hitting and putting down everything they reach. But that, wasn't all, the screamings, the clash of steel, the burning brothers, the call for battle, the hunger for blood led by the invasor. The franks had an advantage, a big gate holding the pass to Paris. The soldiers made a barricade to hold the attack till the survivors reached Paris and prepare for battle. Inside the city, everyone was getting ready to battle, there were a call for arms to every male who can fight, to defend and avenge. Some had the orders to evacuate females or to build barricades in the main gate. Some of the new recruits were send to the nearest armory to get armor and weapons. All the city was practically running to get defenses and preparing for the next attack. Some by recruiting, some by getting to the armory, some by carrying food to the walls.. Those who couldn't fight, were waiving and cheering those who will die for them, lovers, mistresses, wifes, daughters were crying for the men. For those who will use their bare body as a shield to protect them against all evil. For those who will stand against the invasor. The big walls of Paris had a tiny line, not strong enough to resist a ship. So, they ordered to build barricades and fortify that position, as there is the mayor weak spot. Paris, in its mayor crowded and paranoid splendor. You may ask? What about the ruined city? What about the threat? - Soon - If you enjoyed the last 60 screenshots, perhaps you want to see more and don't get any spoliers, but sorry, i have to show this for everyone who said the magic words: "Where can i download it, i want to play it". I'm truly sorry, i would like to play it too, but it's very laggy even in the map editor without running it and it's not finished yet. IT'S FINISHED!!! It is a shame it throws an OutOfMemory Error . I couldn't take the too many screenshots, it was truly laggy and crashed every time. Hope you enjoy Aerial view, dissapointing view, the shame view. Feedback, suggestions, corrections are welcome, even if you want to write a text for an image, do it! Let it out! Just send the text and the image for inbox. (If you do, preserve the context please) And many thanks for all the artist of the game, i encorauge you to make more artist stuff: Props, objects, dead npc's (Not the animation), whatever you want, as someone like me, may use it. Really, it's not enough and i don't have the time neither the skill to do it myself.
  10. Hello everyone. I wanted to try a scenario related to a battle. I've chosen a city, Cyzicus, who has lived many (in 410, 73 B.C., in the 193, 672 and 1305 A.D.) The last was a clash between the army of the Roman Republic, Commanded by Lucius Licinius Lucullus, and That of Mithridates VI of Pontus, fought in 74-73 BC near the city of Cyzicus, besieged for a year by the Pontic forces. Lucullus liberated the city and destroyed the enemy army. The battle was an episode of the Third Mithridatic War. The town lies at the center of the Sea of Marmara, at that time called Propontis. I used as starting a map of the battle hypothetically reconstructed: Map Orography I turned the map in gray scale, cropped, added more levels of gray, blurred to decrease some slopes and imported into Atlas. Immediately after the import I saved and I modified the XML giving "false" to CircularMap (if you gave after the mistake was taking on local calculation). I fix it by hand the two high walls that are formed on both sides of the map. I've changed the sea level gradually to give different textures depending on the depth, then returning it to the original. I used passability> Building-land / Building-shore to affix the rock textures and end sand textures. Constraints The city is under the protection of Rome but has Greek origins and culture. The city is fully developed but under siege, the cultivated fields are dangerously close to the besieged walls of Pontii. Few resources, limited the expansion of the presence of many objects (trees, fences, walls) are present fish. It can be used on the market and the port for commerce and increase resources. He has already provided some high-ranking warriors for the defense. Mithridates has been present for a year, has already opened a quarry of building material and metal. It has already built a siege wall and some buildings so does not have many resources readily available. It also has a port and if it has a market can start businesses there are fish. It has already provided a minimal impact force for the siege. Locullo arrived recently, has established the camp in the vicinity of some resources and began making the first constructions. In the tents has a contingent of high-ranking warriors for intervention. He has already disposed of the guard posts along the way but they go quickly manned. Cyzicus_0_20.tar.bz2 Hope you like, it is at your disposal Questions and criticisms are well accepted Greetings and have fun, now I have to go out, we read in the evening (CET Italy)
  11. I've always been interested in English history so I created a map where people can play out wars between the Scots, Red Coats (English) and the Irish.Issues; AI players are unable to board ships? check image below. I know this was problematic with earlier versions of the game. I have included a readme with my plans but maybe not all possible. I also plan to release other maps depending on what I find possible with this first map. The map below has a lot of resources as the UK around the 15th /16 century was mostly covered in trees, rocks and irons deposits. BritScot_CivWar.xml.bb951af093ce84e7.xmb readme - 0ad.txt
  12. Hi everyone! We decided it would be a good idea to do some pioneering work on trigger-based scenarios. Hence we are going to create a trigger-based scenario called Athens Triumphant. The main purpose of this project is logically to do pioneering work on triggers, to provide a base for other maps and to get our Scenario Designers accustomed with the Trigger functionality in 0 A.D. This scenario deals with the Greco-Persian Wars. We divided it roughly into three parts: Battle of Marathon, Defense of Athens and the Battle of Salamis. We created a story diagram to give an easily readable overview of the story line. Note that this could be changed in the future. We have used the Athens Sandbox as a base to build our map upon. Here is the current status (with some triggerpoints and names placed): We'll keep you up-to-date with weekly updates! Keep in touch!
  13. You probably already had seen me releasing this map in the Athens Triumphant a couple of weeks ago. It turned out to be the ultimate trigger sandbox for me so I continued its development and today it is finished! I hereby proudly present the first ever(!) storyline-driven scenario for 0 A.D.: A Silent Day In Gaul I don't want to spoil all the fun by giving a full overview of the map so I'll stick to sightseeing some of the nature that you can see in this map. Read this if you're having trouble with the scenario. SPOILER ALERT!!! Compatible with Alpha 18? Yes, it is! Just download the appropriate version. Changelog:v1.6: - Strengthen the bandit camp to prevent (too) early rushes. - Adapt to A18 balance changes. - Add some additional information for the player. - fix crash on SVN. (separate version for A18) v1.5: - implement Shieldwolf's suggestion about the more challenging endgame - update the visibility flag to svn's latest changes v1.4: - Remove a debug warning v1.3: - decreased the difficulty further by shortening the waiting time and giving additional resources v1.2: - Decreased the difficulty (I found it pretty hard even on easy difficulty) - Added details to the road - Repainted the river - Added support for repeating objectives v1.1: - Added player names - Fixed a warning v1.0: - Initial release map_A_Silent_Day_In_Gaulv1.6 - Alpha 18.zip map_A_Silent_Day_In_Gaulv1.6.zip
  14. Check out my Desert Sands Map. Please let me know of any problems etc, one of my first I made.
  15. A map I made. Rome attacks Carthage. The End. Please give any feedback/advice. Carthage_Rome.xml Carthage_Rome.xml
  16. Guys, here are a few XML files for the maps I have finished. along with some Images of things im working on. Stay updated for more maps..... suggestions welcome. Done: The Cove Desert Sands In progress: Valley of the kings Mayan Cenote Island The Canyon Brazil Desert Sands (2).zip The cove (2).zip
  17. Please find the XML file for my map that I created. Its called the cove. a LARGE map for 2 players. both sides have resources, but since the volcano erupted back in 0ad, it made a lush and fertile land. first one there to gain control, reaps all the rewards, but you must fight off your enemy! as they will be after the loot too. Check it out, give us some feed back on what you think, I have plenty more coming soon. - The Canyon - Desert sands - The divide Thanks guys. J The Cove.zip
  18. Guys, Here is a few maps that I have been working on. Some are still in prep. Getting a bearing of the controls and GUI. Enjoy. Let me know what you think. - The Cover - Desert Sands - Valley of the kings - The Canyon Peace. Jfrankay
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