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Found 1 result

  1. Heyo guys! How're you doing? Hopefully I won't regret posting it now already (I'm sure I will find so many flaws I overlooked in this map), but as I had a great day today and had the time this evening, I'll just publish this First Version to you. This time it is as well a scenario (as the title suggests, haha) on giant scale. The Legend of Mali is a figurative Map of the Mediterranean and its surrounding land - namely the Aegean, the North African Atlas Mountians and the steppe of the Levant. However, it's siginifant to consider my intentions weren't to make an exact cartography of the Mediterranean, instead it is like my first map "The Legend of Avilava" rather a figurative depiction, like the people back then imagined when they've got told a tale about it - the Mediterranean. Therefore, Romans, Greeks, Persians, Seleucids, Carthaginians and Ptolemies may don't match to appear all toghether in a certain time period of history, but as I said, that's not what matters here. Furthermore, I want to give a you a short overview of the Players: Player 1 (Team 1): Although being as their civ Spartan, they have two seperate headquarters, one Athenian and one Spartan. The latter going in hand with a seaport. They are on the one hand protected by natural walls like mountains and the sea and on the other hand by a short city wall, protecting them from potential Roman invasions. They have a significant starting population of women and citizens alike whilst going in hand with lots of resources to gather from. Player 2 (Team 1): Being Macedonian, they seem to have captured Athens or something as they just start off with a big mountainous city Enjoying not only their coexistence with big quarries, woods and prepared fields to gather resources from (gather from or gather of? no idea), they're protected by a huge wall stretching from the mountains in the West to the seaport of player 1 in the East. Also, Player 2 takes advantage of a huge starting population of not only women but lots of archers and soldiers on the city wall. Player 3 (Team 2): Being set in the rough terrains of the Southern Atlas Mountains, the Seleucids start out with a persian styled city. Having a lower starting population and difficulty to farm crops, they're heavily relying on their advantageous position in the high mountains which is difficult to reach. Player 4 (Team 2): Also enjoying the beautiful view from up the mountain, the dense arrangement of city's buildings already suggest it's biggest problem: The lack of space of these Persians for fields to farm on. Nevertheles, the unreachable height of the mountains is their biggest ally - as the supporting army of player 3. Player 5 (Team 3): Being settled in the warm steppes of the Levant, the Roman capital is divided into two Players - Player 5 and Player 7, both Roman, both stationed next to the sea. Having set fields, a quarry and enough wood to prosper of, they are also in process of building a city wall. Player 6 (No Team): The Carthaginians - Set in the wild transition from mountain to coast, they are protected by the natural environment and city walls alike. Nevertheless, finding space for crop farming seems to be a problem at first - as long as you don't miss the berries! Player 7 (Team 3): The Northern part of the Roman capital has not only some territoral issues on which expanding is impossible, but they also face the threat of Greek invasions. Nevertheles, with sufficiently enough guardsmen they try to handle the problem. Player 8 (No Team): Sadly indeed, the Ptolemies neither have any starting city nor strong military power from the start - beside these two cute elephants. However, their surroundings provide resource availability at its best. Moreover, not only can they construct fields sufficiently, but they've also enough space to build their own city on. In order to give you a little overview of the Players (starting of with Player 1 and ending with Player 8) I'll "attach" some screenshots I just took in the following "space" (lol my English is dead by now haha) So, spoilers ahead! Okay, that's regarding the Players. Oh my god, now finally presenting these little cutouts in the forum instead of howering above them in the atlas editor makes me watch these otherwise so familiar places of the map completely differently Well, to give you guys an even clearer overview of the map I'd suggest to show you even more screenshots, e.g. of the landscape (hm, not to "give you guys an even clearer overview of the map" as if this thing would be throughout rational, instead to remain honest here to "make you guys even more horny" yo :p) Well wow okay that's enough about meaninglessly bragging around. Actually I still wanted to make a point. If don't feel okay with hearing a tragic story, skip the next paragraph. I built this map based on a real dream I had in December last year, waking up saying: "I need to create this in 0ad!" xD I started out building that month, but breaking off after little attempts to properly start. Just in early January I got up on track again. Me taking up this work again was the result of my beloved house cat Mali passing away on the early morning on December 28th, 2022. A sweet, black and white, shy, but extremly content and lovely cat. Although of his shyness only after some years he came and trusted us, though he mostly remained just watching us doing things, completely interested in all things. But just rarely ready to cuddle as he was so shy, ye. I was allowed to enable him a more or less convenient life for 7 or 8 years, after his heart stopped beating when he was at the doctor for a regular health check. The reason for this was his heart weakness - of which my family and me hadn't been aware of previously - which kicked in because of his panickiness at the unfamiliar and negatively exciting, stressful situation at the veterinary. The vet said the day before Mali deceased that the cat needed to overnight at the station in order to finish the check the next day, and my family and me didn't think that Mali was in real danger because of his anxiety. The next morning, Mali must have been so anxious and stressed that his heart beated so heavily that the cardiac septum, the barrier between the two ventricles, teared up (this was his heart problem- an inborn weakness of this barrier / cardiac septum). As a result of this, the blood clyce went in the wrong direction. From this point on, his minutes / hours must have been counted; hopefully, man, he passed away a peaceful way, although being anxious and left alone. Oh @#$% man, telling this makes me cry yo @#$%. Oh Mali, we must have known earlier of your heart weakness ... I just hope he's at a better place right now, watching me publishing this map in honor of him. The thing is that in my monthlong grief I somehow built this map. I didn't know what else to do. Don't ask me why. Whatever now, I decided to name it after him. So he lives furhter on in this world. Thank you Mali for the time I was able to spend with you. I really wish the best for you. My little buddy and best friend Mali. Well it felt good to talk about this. Thanks to you guys for hearing me out. I hope you understand me naming the map after him. Holy man I did not expect to write so much about this haha. Well, I think that's about it for today guys. I hope you enjoy the map, you can do whatever you want with it, play it, edit it, put it into whatever you want. I just built it but I don't wanna "own" it or anything, by publishing it it belonges to everyone now (so I'm not proud of it our anything, just happy to have another large scale battleground! ) To give you a last big overview: Okay, let's set the record straight - to get you god darn horny to try this out haha: And btw: You guys are great. Especially the ones contributing to this fascinating game! Oh my god for real I'm having to much fun with this game and I really wanna thank the developers for creating this favorite game of mine. More over that it's even for free, you gotta be totally kidding me this game is so wonderful haha Well, I now gotta go for sleep for sure, so see ya guys! Me friends always tell me I talk to much haha. Feel free to voice your opinion and also critical view of this! It be very pleased Have a good day! *Hope you can download it? 1316113461_TheLegendofMaliFirstVersion.pmp 442990980_TheLegendofMaliFirstVersion.xml
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