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  1. Heyo @andy5995! Thanks for responding - I think mine is GTX 10 60 with 3 GB. Also, thank @Frederick_1 for giving his opinion! Sorry, you mean subscribing or following this topic / PR in which we write currently or do you mean regarding Github? No problem, I of course can do so but am a little confused.
  2. Thank you, @andy5995. I see, if it is not suitable for the mod it is no problem. Also I thank you for your work of testing it. Nevertheless, I'm in the Zulip chat by now
  3. Thank you for your suggestions! I see there might be a fix to having the teams not being overwritten from previous settings on this map? Though, you have to know I'm not that into IT and 0ad programming in general, so I'm pretty confused by what the links @smiley you send me say. Do you mean there is a fix, that is a file, that one should integrate into their folders to not have the maps settings in Skirmish / Random overwritten? I'm sorry for not understanding but thankful for you trying to help me.
  4. Thank you for your reply, @Stan`! So the individual player of the map has to orient him / herself to the map description to set the teams. I hope @andy5995 is okay with the map being like this and not FFA?
  5. Thank you for your explanation, @Stan`! Now I finally get to know what is meant by the term. However, I'm sorry there had been a misunderstanding. The map should not be FFA, but the Players are set into teams. Player One, Player Two, Player Three and Player Four are in Team One while Player Five, Player Six, Player Seven and Player Eight represent Team Two. As the map type is Skirmish, I am now finding out that there is no option of setting the teams from start? Instead, it looks like: Nevertheless, in the Atlas Editor I set the teams (for each player) like the following (under "Diplomacy" you could set the teams): Though, in the map browser you see no teams set from start. You guys know how to have the teams already set in the map browser although the map is Skirmish?
  6. For me one question remains, I'm sorry for not having asked previously @andy5995 What does "FFA" mean exactly?
  7. Thanks for your suggestion of correcting the error, @Stan`! Now I think it works again, I can load the map. It had been problematic for me as I had multiple versions of the map with slightly different names and thus had been pretty confused! haha I hope I now understood the problem I also had with downloading the "Aegean Archipelago First Edit" I put on the posts - as other users had the problem - you have to delete the number in front of the file name in order to be able to play and not get "Error loading map - no terrain data".
  8. Although the fixes should be implemented by now, whilst starting to load "Aegean Archipelago First Edit" an error occurs: Do you guys know how to fix this? I just had been doing some terrain modifications and changed the name of the map. Also, in the Atlas Editor the map can't be opened:
  9. Thank you for giving me your opinion on moving Player One to its northern peninsula @Frederick_1 For now, I just let it be on its original position. I hope and think it is not that bad having Team One (the southern four players) a bit more close together than Team Two (the northern four players) - but I can be conviced to something different! I've now created "Aegean Archipelago First Edit" and want to post it in my main post. I included the ideas of the changes of @Frederick_1 (making the main rivers ship passable) and moved the CC of Player 1 a little bit forward and out of the map border. Also, I've written a better map description as @andy5995 suggested also explaining which player should belong to which team (although the teams are already set unlocked). 1447202180_AegeanArchipelagoFirstEdit.pmp 441450144_AegeanArchipelagoFirstEdit.xml
  10. Good evening, hello there! I'm back from my vacation, it had been awesome, chilling around the beaches, taking swims and doing hiking all around the Mediterranean sea in Italy. I really needed that! First of all, thank you guys for your critique of the map. Special thanks to @Frederick_1 and @andy5995 for going in depth and even doing some modifications to the map! Although I'm more or less quite happy with my map, I already expected some problems with Player 1. Space is little for this player. As for @andy5995, you're right, maybe it's not too aesthetic to partially obscure its CC so close to the borders. I checked @Frederick_1's changed map out, best to use his map as this problem is fixed. Though I did not think of it being too much of a problem, I also agree with @andy5995 it being irritating to have the players 1 - 4 so close together whilst the players 5 - 8 are being distributed from east to west. You think of it being reasonable to put Player 1 on the peninsula north of its original starting position, like some where here: ? This would change the problems Player 1 cause, a) seeing its CC from the border b) having just small space to build on (for this player) and c) having the players 1 - 4 not that close together and more distributed on the map. But this may come with other problems (e.g. this player being very vulnerable?). What do you say? Oh my god, I gotta go to sleep soon, this day of departure from vacation had been pretty exhausting. So again, thank you and Cya!
  11. Hello there! In anticipation of my (also Mediterranean) vacation in Italy I want to publish the last map I mainly built in November to December 2021. As new Aegean textures came out in Alpha 25 the summer a year ago I tried to make some map out of them (I can remember @wowgetoffyourcellphone of wishing my Map "Metropolis" having used the new terrains ). After my maps "The Legend of Avilava" and "Metropolis" (both scenarios) I decided to resort to the Skirmish type of map giving the player more individuality by choosing their own civ. Thus, there are no starting structures / little cities besides the original headquaters each player beginns with. Maybe I'm too generous in the assumption everyone playing 0ad has a proper gaming PC. I just like these huge maps (even beyond "giant" would be great) with gigantic battles and stuff, hence I've decided it's scale being "giant". The map generally is arranged to have a 4 vs 4 setting. Each player starts near his own team; far from enemy players. Relatively the same amount of starting resources near the headquaters accompany each player; every team should have land more or less equally distributed to gain resources from, to build and / or to expand on. Having let some simulations with bots go their way, I've had a lot of fun watching them. Through this I've been able to correct some little flaws and some features that would hinder the game's fluency. It's likely this map isn't perfect or "fine" anyway (others have to say so), thus I imagine that I'll maybe make some further versions. And if others like to do so, you're granted permission to of course. You guys feel free to use this map in which way you want, it's yours! But I think now it's time to show you some screenshots to get a better understanding of what I'm talking about. Best to show you the type of Mediterranean landscape that I love so much (regarding this I sadly live in Austria :D) and which I hope I've been able to properly reconstruct here: Also a look onto the starting positions of each player (screenshot follows player number): (Team 1: Player 1 - Player 4; Team 2: Player 5 - Player 8) Looking back, I'm happy enough with what came out of my conception of a Mediterranean "holyday-like" map. It's too good I'm now starting with feeling it all myself in my vacation in Italy! As for you guys, as I said - The map is all yours. Thank the 0ad programmers for having made this aweseome game and featuring the forum to have the gamers able to communicate and exchange with each other - and to publish self made maps! Cya soon, this Saturday I'm out in Italy now yooooo! Aegean Archipelago.xmlAegean Archipelago.pmp Edit on 13.8.2022: The edited versions should be preferred I hope there are no problems with downloading them? Aegean Archipelago First Edit.pmpAegean Archipelago First Edit.xml (When a number in front of the map file's name occur, you have to delete this part of the file name. For example, after downloading, you may get the files with a certain number, like: "678349583_AegeanArchipelagoFirstEdit.pmp" and "678349583_AegeanArchipelagoFirstEdit.xml" - you have to delete "678349583_" of the file names to be able to play on the map)
  12. Hello there! Oh, is it regarding the community maps mod? Of course I would love to have it included into your mod @andy5995 since I've put so much work into building this map; but if it's unplayable for rather low performance processors I understand it to be problematic to have it included. However, you guys inspire me to have a look onto the last map I built last year I have not published here in the formus yet. I'll go over some little hitches, fix them and put it online, hopefully I'll be able to do so before my vacation in Italy starts. As far as I can think of map seize it should not be as big as my previous two maps. And thank you for letting the conversation come alive here in this topic, @Stan`!
  13. Good evening! It's a great looking map, I especially like the double plateau feature. This in combination with the wildly spread straits of the map makes it like a labyrinth. For me it enhances the already in game existing map "Ambush" as there aren't different hights on the mountains / double plateau. Congratulations!
  14. Well done, I'm really impressed! I ike the different landscpapes from snowy to really desert-like europe. Though, terrain might be sorta narrow and tight to play on cz of the high sea and mountain usage in the map.
  15. Thank you for this offer! I've already checked this out once. It's a truly nice campaign. Currently I gotta say I'm not building on maps cz there's no distance learning here in Austria at the moment. I've built three maps in total, The Legend of Avilava, Metropolis and some aegean-like map I'm actually done with already (but wanna wait before putting it into the forums). I'll thank you for appreciating me as a "good map builder" - but currently I'm not building anymore. Maybe I'll have a look on it later when time's suitable!
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