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  1. Would love to make an unplayable map with those new textures, @wowgetoffyourcellphone in which repo are you uploading it? Or how can I use them?
  2. Pues hombre, aca estamos cogidos de los huevos, la economia detenida, jodida, la pobreza estallando y los politicos robando las ayudas para el covid jajaja, pero se sobrevive, por alla que? como van?
  3. Can't deny I miss making unplayable maps, but time is not on my side
  4. https://github.com/Skhorn/0AD-map-pack/tree/master/acropolis-of-athens, Beware, it may crash on start up
  5. Well, this is not part of the official team, but you migth be interested
  6. @Alexandermb Sorry for the late reply, you could add some stone benchs outside with crates or barrel, otherwise it looks pretty nice!
  7. Are those the ones you @Alexandermb proposed as cheat unit? Would be awesome!
  8. Nice! It doesn't seem to be that lag as i experienced... Well, still it needs more details
  9. @vladislavbelov can we some button to group object in-atlas without doing the grouping templates manually? Can we save those grouped objects? Can we have an add units in other animation than idle? Sometimes mappers (not-me) make huge maps with a lot of objects, running the game becomes virtually impossible and a sure kaput, thus, whenever the mapper wants to make a little showcase of the map it has to cross-fingers and move/order units slowly to give the feel they are moving or doing something. So, what i ask, is: Can we have a units placer while on a different animation stance without having to simulate the map? Can we have a favorite list of objects? Or some sort of panel that indicates which objects are placed? Perhaps even a counter could fit well too Can we have terrain brushes with more settings and variations? Like triangles, polygons where we can add more axis Is it possible to reduce the size of the squares on the grid? Don't know if the size of each square it's used by the path-finder, but i think if each square were half the size or lesser, terrain brushes or paint brushes could allow to more or better modifications of the map, or at least it could give a smoother transition between different paint textures. Sorry don't know how to explain this very well, neither i can't make an example using atlas, neither i don't know the implications of the size of each square in the grid, don't know if it is performance or path-finder...
  10. @Sundiata I'm still specting that supra introduction thread, where you were going to show Napata . Btw, reading what you wrote gave me the chicken skin or that feeling... the chills? Don't know the translation, aynway, thank you for doing the first move last year with those awesome posts!
  11. I think the barracks and the blacksmith seems weird, although you could leave those and make another variation, specially the blacksmith could be placed near walls. But on regular city buildings does not seem to fit, what if you remove the walls and add more random blacksmith props?
  12. Off topic: I won't point any finger to someone (@wackyserious) neither i'm gonna say names (@wackyserious) but have you thought on remaking the atlas paint textures?
  13. Stupid comment: First time i saw the name of the movie years ago, i thought it was related with the IP protocol as it was spelled: Ip man. Nevertheless, worth watching the movies
  14. Nice! Now i can rebuild constantinople!!! Is it possible to have this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hagia_Sophia
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