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  1. I would like to make some suggestions for Mauryan heroes. Bindusara should be the third hero. Ashok can be split into 2 versions of the king. Like i mentioned here before- Porus or Dhana Nanda could be considered as additional heroes, but less info is available about them to help decide bonuses. Dhana Nanda was the last Nanda ruler with a big empire, and powerful military that scared alexander's soldiers. He was later overthrown by Chandragupta Maurya under guidance of Chanakya(he was humiliated in court). Chandragupta Maurya is speculated to be grandson of one of N
  2. Hi, I recently got around to trying svn a24 and git de. I'll post some of the bugs I found while trying a game with mauryas. You might already know about them. 1) Outpost stats remain same even after upgrade to stone version. 2) Gathering rates shown in tech tree and in-game are different. Even before doing any upgrades. 3) Mercenaries don't get XP. Is this intended. 4) Chanakya cant garrison in blacksmith but soldier can. (Also the first tech of blacksmith is not much of an option when you can make multiple blacksmiths for faster research.) 5)
  3. Does this mod work with a24 svn version? And is it still being developed??
  4. Hi, It's been some time since I last played 0ad. I would love to try it again, and also see the improvements in DE. But I need some help. If someone could guide me on, how to compile and install the svn development version of AD and GitHub version of DE. Or point me in the right direction, if this is described somewhere. Thanks
  5. 1... Yes . For more aggreageted forests. But still maintain some few single trees spread about to give more natural environment. + Single trees should get wiped out when placing building foundations. Also similar thing needs to be done with huntable animals. They should spawn in groups. And move in herd, when anyone is attacked. 2... I'd say 3. Since there are a lot of trees. There's no need to have more than that to get clumped on a single tree. Also many times at the edge of the map or edge of forest, the gatherers get idled waiting in line. since there is space for only one or two
  6. This was to make players having option to build barracks to allow defense in phase 1. or being greedy with faster and boomy age up but vulnerable to enemy rush. Also since military is being trained from barracks, it would make sense citizens get arms and armor from the same building. Also rightfully make the citizens out in open be vulnerable. This would require barracks shifted in phase 1 with atleast 2 soldiers being trained. This is not that important requirement if you feel it changes your design too much. Can just make them get more expensive the more you make too.
  7. i think he was exaggerating a bit. but you get how champions make all other units redundant..
  8. I assume you are talking about Champion units. This is less because of the inflated stats. and more because of the armor. They take very less percentage of damage as compared to normal units. It needs to be rectified by limiting the increase in stats to about 30%/40% increase and only 2 point increase in armor.
  9. If you want I can help you. In implementing the gameplay design mentioned here in Delenda Mod, or a seperate gameplay mod. The changes after testing could be adopted directly in the next alpha, as a whole. Instead of a small patch at a time. But need confirmation from developers to allow including it with the next release. Or a download link in the Multiplayer lobby, for more visibilty. Some slight variation if you want to consider- 1) More role of XP- 25% more xp gain in own territory. Xp gain with each hit instead of kill. Double or triple xp gain from attacking enemy suppor
  10. What are mercenary? In any strategy game mercenary units are special units accessible from a special restricted building (capturable from map or build limit). The units are special in that, they are either stronger than normal units OR have very low train time OR dont cost any pop. But in each case they are more expensive. In current game Mercenary could either be made to be trainable only from special capturable mercenary training camps with added bonus of much faster train time. Or just make them to be training as lvl2 directly. And additionaly all lvl2 troops build capacity
  11. Did you try the mod? The male citizens in it have stats similar to what you have provided
  12. Defensive structures like Tower and fortress shouldnt be capturable. They always had secret entrances, so that enemy cant enter them. The enemy had only option to siege down these fortifiactions. the other civil buildings can ofcourse be capturable. But there should be a timer set after capturing, which needs to be completed before deleting is allowed. This to make sure capturing doesnt become an easy hack to replace sieging. And a group of cav without siege potential cant just go about deleting enemy houses in the first 5-7 mins of games. With this there would be
  13. Corrals are broken because they are extremely effective. Players soon get multiple thousands of food in their bank. So food ceases to become a resource. And everything which costs food is free. With bartering at market, it outperforms even Traders. There shouldnt be 2 infinite sources of single resource. Because it just means one of them is redundant feature. Being an alternate source which is micro intense is not a good arguement. There are less people playing right now so it may seem just doing fields works against a guy doing corrals. But it would not in more intense competitive
  14. I would suggest keep a single type of farm. And different gathering rates depending on the location. Lesser near CC and bonus on farmlands. The total of 3 values are easier to understand and exploit by a skilled player. With a gradual difference in gathering rate made possible by mimo's patch. It becomes near impossible for even best of players to assess their economy. Also keep all infinite sources- to not require micro. So players can focus more on battle in late game. With staying on top of units to make them fight their counters with no over kill.
  15. Regarding other forks in discussion in this thread... Berries seem fine imo. But I agree the fruit trees are alway confusing. Maybe a change in graphic could make them easy to spot. About cavalry being trainable from CC. I'm of the opinion that no military unit should be trainable from CC. Since CC is the main source of eco units. A player wanting to go for early aggression should have to a build a separate structure for military. Anyways merging eco and mlititary buildings make gameplay too convenient. the player never has to decide between investing in one of the above. Ever
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