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  1. I'm just curious about this, we have the Thespian Black Cloak in the game files, are there any actual historical references to Thespians wearing black/having black cloaks? Or is it just based off of that one drawing that became the definitive version of the Thespians? I'm not pushing for change here, I'm mostly just curious about the historical facts.
  2. I do actually like how DE treats the Kushites with their pyramids. It is very unique and makes them feel fresh and fun compared to other factions.
  3. As I was catching up on these posts, I was thinking that exact thing. Or maybe an upgrade to the barracks that adds a ring of training posts around it. Basically the whole idea for this is just visibility for the training mechanic. It wouldn't really rely new anims, just attack anims against a post.
  4. Heres an idea that could possibly be more engaging for the player: Make a new building that is a small training area with dummies and stuff like that. So currently units can be garrisoned in a barracks to gain levels, but that is not very engaging, the player doesn't SEE this happening. So a training area building with say, 10 training posts. Citizen soldiers can be tasked on these buildings and will gain xp while visibly attacking the dummies and training. So then training and level techs can have a place in this new training area that increase training speed or maybe even increase max level. For example, say that you can't train a unit to elite level at the training arena without a city phase level tech, or what have you. Basically its a more engaging way to show unit training as opposed to just hiding them in the barracks, and provides a building specifically for training techs and more accentuates the fact that training is an option for players. Because the fact that you can garrison units in the barracks to train is not really readily understandable to a new player.
  5. Imo, if the game is already setup with op civs, then we've got nothing to lose from this XD I think this is a great idea. Making factions more diverse and interesting and unique is something I'd been pushing for many alphas back, but now that the game is in a more solid state, I agree that this is now the time we start to look at actually making the civs unique! They might not be his, but they are mine! I think that the Daphne Parade tech should work as a mass unit upgrade, or make Seleucid upgraded units be slightly more powerful (slightly bigger state changes for upgrades) but more expensive than other factions. Really cement them as a professional, but expensive army.
  6. Yep! Its fixed on my new computer. No idea what caused it. XD
  7. I just changed computers, so i need to re-setup SVN and DE. I'll get them up soon
  8. Wow, some of these guys have talked about pikes at length
  9. Imo, I think 0AD is already avoiding being an AOE clone. So, in AOE ( AOE I and AOE II specifically) Each faction is almost IDENTICAL with the exceptions of a single unique unit, 2 or 3 unique techs, and each tech tree is missing some techs here and there. Besides that, all the factions play the same, and have access to almost all the same unit types. 0AD has faction-specific rosters, which AOE doesn't ( AOE III does a better job of this ) I'm still a fan of fixing maps, but formations and cav charges need to be implemented first before all this.
  10. So, weapon "switching" could be done like in AOE III. Where ranged units always fire in ranged mode with infinite ammo, but if a unit closes to melee, they automatically attack in a melee range.
  11. Yeah, Elephants are a fun topic. There is a thread somewhere discussing the accuracy of our elephants. I 100% agree, but extra mechanics need to be added to Elephants to prevent Elephant-owning factions from being super op against ones that don't. Specifically terrain limitations.
  12. I kinda agree that 0ad needs some differentiation like this, but it opens up a huge can of worms that the devs and a lot of the community don't seem to want to futz with, as shown by the faction balance thread.
  13. I agree, the Han could be super cool, and Scythia or Parthia would be perfect imo.
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