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  1. The easiest way is simply to wait until the relevant package maintainer has updated 0 A.D. for your Linux distribution. Right now only a minority has been updated to A24b, as you can see at https://repology.org/project/0ad/versions
  2. You need to move it out of the bottom panel object, i.e. replace: <!-- START of BOTTOM PANEL --> <!-- Limit to the minimal supported width of 1024 pixels. --> <object size="50%-512 0 50%+512 100%"> <object size="50%-512 100%-200 50%-312 100%"> <include directory="gui/session/minimap/"/> </object> <!-- Supplemental Details Panel (left). --> with: <object size="0 100%-200 200 100%"> <include directory="gui/session/minimap/"/> </object> <!-- START of BOTTOM PANEL --> <!-- Limit to the minima
  3. It is, but it is also capable of running on much lighter and older hardware. So what you or someone else might consider a very outdated machine could actually be very capable of running 0 A.D. For what's worth, low-resolution screens still have a sizable market share worldwide, according to https://gs.statcounter.com/screen-resolution-stats/desktop/worldwide
  4. Exactly! What kind of an argument is that? Linux isn't specifically designed for gaming, should we therefore drop support for Linux too? Many people have machines not built for gaming, yet can and do enjoy 0 A.D. By the way, the minimum resolution required by Windows 10 is 800×600: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/windows-10-specifications#primaryR2 1366×768 is basically the 16:9 counterpart of 4:3 1024×768. I favour a width of 960 because it allows for easy scaling, but I'm not mandating others to do the same. You can design an interface for 1920×1080 or any other
  5. The problem with forum polls is that once you voted, you can't vote again. And more options will probably suggested in the coming months. It would be great to see the Britons reworked! Is a Brittonic (or Gaulish) name known, though? Welsh did not yet exist in 0 A.D.'s timeframe and Welsh is no longer used in game either, so why should we adopt a (modern) Welsh name for the next alpha?
  6. Scaling 960 by a factor 2 or 4 works fine, whereas scaling 1920 by 0.5 or 3840 by 0.25 does not; images are not the problem, text is. Try it yourself. Keep in mind new laptops with a resolution of 1366×768 are still being produced and sold. 0 A.D. should work on those too.
  7. Perhaps we should make a distinction between siegecraft and artillery. Artillery was used by both the besiegers and the besieged, as well as in naval warfare. Arsenals (i.e. places for producing, storing, and mantaining artillery) are well-attested, many urban centres had them. Siegecraft (ladders, rams, towers, etc.), on the other hand, was very much constructed on the spot. The Romans were great at besieging and constructing siegecraft, however, they tended to rely on their Greek allies to provide the artillery. The first known usage of artillery by the Romans themselves was during the
  8. Perhaps someone should split this conversation. Aren't the Carthaginians supposed to be that? Their walls have 3× the health walls of other factions have. Ambushing and guerrilla tactics were not unique to the Iberians. Moreover, they're typically conducted by those who didn't have heavily fortified urban centres to fall back to. As already pointed out by others, the Iberians in 0 A.D. are a combination of different things, both various ancient peoples (Lusitanians, Celtiberians, Iberians, Balearics), as well as some 19th and 20th C notions; the original designer even argu
  9. Or keep healers but remove their range, requiring them to be adjacent to units they heal. Infantry can't repair structures at a distance either, nor can workers gather resources they're not adjacent to.
  10. Skirmish maps are xml files, removing the starting walls there is simple and straightforward. For random maps it's more complicated, since you actually need to understand the code. Thank you for pointing this out, that's indeed not how it should be. Iberian starting walls are present in a number of skirmish maps: While they were placed on these maps in A23, this no longer happens in A24. The reason is a typo in the `iber.json` file. I've written a patch to fix that: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D3616 That said, the fact they're present on only about half of the skirmish m
  11. Due to the way things are rendered, scaling up is fine, while scaling down makes things unreadable. People have a variety of screens and while designing an interface for 1024×768 is indeed a bit harder, it does allow everyone to use it, whereas designing for 3840×2160 might be easier but would alienate everyone who doesn't have such a screen.
  12. This is something I really want to see removed too. (It's hardcoded somewhere in the map scripts.) Iberians certainly didn't build better walls or more frequently than anyone else historically. Sure, civilizations are rather similar to each other and should become more differentiated, however, differentiation for the sake of differentiation and at the expense of realism, no thanks. Let them start with a monument instead, that should already give them a defensive advantage (and also help the AI).
  13. 19923 (2017-07-29) was the start of A23 development and 21947 (2018-12-26) was the start of A24 development. You're starting A24 with 21821 (2018-05-16), which is basically shifting the goalposts by seven months, distorting the numbers. A23b was very much part of the release process of A23 and the game remained under a feature freeze; no work was done on A24 during this time. Likewise, A24b is part of A24, not the start of A25. If I recall correctly, the last commit for A24 was on the 18th, the release was bundled on the 19th, and the release announcement was posted on the 20th; one or two thi
  14. Yes, coinage did exist in 0 A.D.'s timeframe, however, their value depended on their purity and weight. That's also why I decided to name the resource “silver” in my 0abc mod, not “coins” or “money”. And yes, the ancient world certainly wasn't fully monetized: rent was typically a share of the harvest and import duties could be a percentage of the goods.
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