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  1. “All” is too strong a word. However, domestic mammals were generally killed in much the same way as is still done under Jewish and Islamic law today: say a few words, slit the throat in a single move, and let the animal bleed to death. Regardless, daggers are weapons for stabbing people, not tools for killing animals.
  2. The prop used by infantry and female citizens to slaughter domestic animals looks like this: As you can see it's a dagger designed for stabbing people. Cavalry is even worse: they use full-size swords. This is how a sacrificial knife (μάχαιρα) looked like in reality, at least in the Greek world: It would be great if someone could model them to replace the currently used prop.
  3. A few images from Rémy Boucharlat “Archaeological Approaches and their Future Directions in Pasargadae” in Ali Mozaffari (ed.) World Heritage in Iran: Perspectives on Pasargadae (Farnham 2014) 29–59: More information and images: https://www.livius.org/articles/place/pasargadae/ https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Pasargadae https://www.livius.org/articles/place/pasargadae/pasargadae-photos/pasargadae-tomb-of-cyrus/ https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Tomb_of_Cyrus_the_Great Made for Cyrus the Great-day: Pasargadae is c. 43 km upstream from
  4. Great initiative! More animals are always welcome, and the gharial would certainly be a nice addition. Good to know. Indeed many crocodilians (unlike other reptiles) are capable of both a ‘high walk’ and a ‘low walk’, but there are indeed exceptions. Perhaps you could make the tail a bit longer? It seems to be nearly half the length of the animal: There are three crocodilians in the Indian subcontinent. Ideally 0 A.D. ought to have all three of them. The gharial (Gavialis gangeticus) lives in the Indo-Gangetic plain (Pakistan, Northern India, Southern Nepal, Bangladesh). Th
  5. The Gate of All Nations (the `hall.xml` in the public mod) would still be nice to have, however, it should be based on fact. To start with: The hall inside was about 25 m × 25 m. The floor was probably red. It had four stone pillars of about 18.5 m tall, supporting two pairs of thick wooden beams, to support the (presumably wooden) roof. Along the inner wall was a continuous, low, stone bench, upon which people could sit. In the middle of the northern it was interrupted by what probably supported an elevated throne. It had entrances on three sides:
  6. A few maps and maquettes of Persepolis from Ali Mousavi Persepolis: Discovery and Afterlife of a World Wonder (Berlin 2012):
  7. No, in the end it's up to the team to decide; I can merely advise. That said, 0 A.D. generally aims for historical accuracy when possible. Persepolis is relatively well preserved, we know the locations and dimensions of the various buildings of the terrace. @Enrique's design is basically a recombination of various assets in game. It is not a correct representation of the Gate of All Nations. Rather than adding more fantasy stuff, I recommend correcting the structures already in game.
  8. Interesting though incorrect: we know it didn't look like that. While the current Hanging Gardens is a fantasy structure too, I don't believe replacing it with this is an improvement. I fear you're wasting your time on this, @MrLux.
  9. The Gate of All Nations, while of itself quite large (see https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/17552-task-wonder-persians-gate-of-all-nations/?tab=comments#comment-273423), was actually one of the smaller and unimportant buildings on the Persepolis terrace (it's the yellow one in https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/17552-task-wonder-persians-gate-of-all-nations/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-376429). And as you've pointed out, it's basically a square block which looks quite boring on the outside. In my opinion the Persian wonder ought to be apadana (audience hall) of Darius I the Great a
  10. It's not been committed yet, so you or others can still raise objections or request changes. For the sake of discussion: The mini map itself is generated by the C++ source code; how scaling is handled is too, I presume. Understanding and changing this is complicated. The gui/ JavaScript code defines how various elements interact. The gui/ XML files define the sizes and positions. The images themselves are art/textures/ui/ PNG images. D2806 and D2875 change the XML to accommodate more icons. The black line artefacts @Stan` spotted (previous page) are a comple
  11. And another month has passed. @wraitii, @Stan`, other team members?
  12. 0 A.D. has very limited biodiversity. This is quite understandable, given the amount of work necessary for adding an animal (creating mesh, textures, animations, icon, sounds). There are already large lists of wanted animals (here and here). However, not all species live in all parts of the world, obviously. It could be helpful for future map makers to list the species native to a specific part of the world, or at least the largest and most important animals (from a human i.e. cultural, historical, and socio-economical point of view). Since 0 A.D. has the Mauryas and several maps but few
  13. Players interested in competitive multiplayer are a tiny minority. 0 A.D. has been downloaded over a million times from SourceForge alone (source) – and I guess most people nowadays got it directly from play0ad.com, a Linux distribution package, or even the svn version or a git mirror – so the vast majority does not go beyond single-player. I'm not saying bugs should be ignored, but there will practically always be other ways to exploit a game and gain an advantage. And if someone makes a modification to make playing easier, then I don't see why that is a problem; isn't that the whole poi
  14. No, I modify only the latest stable, i.e. A23, see opening post. Yes, this mod is still under development, there are many things I intend to do.
  15. It's not merged into the svn development version yet, is it?
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