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  1. Thank you, Stan! Now, I have found this also in the readme, which is really worth reading.
  2. Ah, then I cannot test it in this scenario - as the kids do not want me to replace their releases with developer versions. But it's good to know what works (and what not). Have a good weekend!
  3. Hello! When 2 PCs run the latest Windows 10 release of 0 A.D., should I expect problems when hosting or joining from a device that runs one of the recent (or future) developer versions? If this has not yet been tested, I can just try it and report back.
  4. Everybody can win from multiple cultures - also in gaming. The art works you guys do, are really impressive!
  5. Now I would like to try feeding 'matchsettings.mp.json' to the mumble client and to have the players join the respective channels... "PlayerData": [{ "Name": "Player 1", "Civ": "spart", "Color": { "r": 21, "g": 55, "b": 149 }, "Team": 0, "AI": false }, { "Name": "Player 2", "Civ": "sele", "Color": { "r": 150, "g": 20, "b": 20 }, "Team": 0, "AI": false }, { "Name": "Player 3", "Civ": "ptol", "Color": { "r": 86, "g": 180, "b": 31 }, "Team": 1, "AI": false Player 1
  6. Well, it still works with GLSL enabled and even with all the other gfx options enabled and set to the maximum, except for the fps limit, which I set to slightly above 60, because my monitor runs at 60 Hz (1920x1080 pixels); vertical sync is also enabled. The fps is then miserable (avg. 15, max. 20), but the game does not crash anymore on that PC. It seems to be likely that the Intel iGPU driver update (version, dated 16 Apr 2021) plays a role, but I am not sure, nor would I know what exactly could have contributed. Do you have some further hints or thoughts what I could do
  7. Maybe putting the PCs to sleep would be an option. However, when we did that and later woke them up again, it was not possible to continue the multiplayer game. The message was about a player behind or something like this. I can check again.
  8. Thank you! I found the file there (also as a note for myself): https://github.com/0ad/0ad/blob/f314b5b9d2be852a4d25f4b9ef40ab4acf4f2002/binaries/data/mods/public/gui/gamesetup/Persistence/PersistentMatchSettings.js ... PersistentMatchSettings.prototype.ConfigName = "persistmatchsettings"; PersistentMatchSettings.prototype.PersistedSettingsFileSingleplayer = "config/matchsettings.json"; PersistentMatchSettings.prototype.PersistedSettingsFileMultiplayer = "config/matchsettings.mp.json"; PS also for others interested - in Windows (10), the files are there:
  9. Would it be feasible to add an option that pauses any drawing and looking-around-possibilities when the game is paused? Pause vs. "Sleep"?
  10. @m7600 Cool! Which tool do you use for these great works?
  11. Hm, yes, there was a driver update from Intel. I will look into this and also about the other options. Don't get me wrong - I will still post here in this thread and let you know what I found. Just for today, I would like to call it a day. Have a nice evening!
  12. Sorry, this was not correct, I guess. I meant the latest available exe file for download on the play0ad website.
  13. What shall I say? Believe it or not, but now the last auto-built version works also on that PC with GLSL enabled. This drives me crazy. I have not changed anything about the game. The PC windows resolution is also the same etc. I feel really embarassed that I have stolen your precious time for replying so kindly and patiently to my many questions. Even more I want to express my sincerest thanks for your help. And I have not yet given up, because I have already learnt a lot, want to give something back to the community, and also because I am really curious to find out what in fact was the pro
  14. Is it possible for testing purposes to have public.zip extracted when running pyrogenesis.exe? I ask because public.zip is always repacked when I replace files by earlier changesets. Or shall I use "pack-only" without compression? Would that work?
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