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  1. @wowgetoffyourcellphone I hope my post finds you well. One of our kids just saw this and asked me why the "Hero War Elephant" shows a horse: I assume that this is still WIP, or is there something wrong with our installation? We installed DE via the in-game menu. Wishing all of you a nice weekend!
  2. You can set up different channels/teams in Mumble, and by using ACLs (access control lists), you can finetune who can talk to whom etc. Is this maybe what you are looking for? https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/ACL_and_Groups/English
  3. The more you try teaching kids (or even adults) something, the less they are eager to learn. (SCNR)
  4. Really cool stuff! And yes, you've answered my question about interaction (bonus), which I also like very much - thank you.
  5. Well, personally I found this thread and @Micfild 's calcs and discussion so elaborate and helpful to understand the pros and cons of 1b1, batch, and autoQtraining that I thought it would be worth placing it at the top of the subforum about general 0ad gaming. I know that there are plenty of other highly appreciated posts and not all of them can be pinned.
  6. If I remember correctly, territory is all the same for the code; therefore, currently it's impossible to e.g. slow down units in swamps, water, or marshland. I don't know what it takes to make this happen. Maybe it's different when looking at trees/forests, though, about which there's also a discussion somewhere in the forum (about making units in deeper forests "invisible"). @Stan`
  7. Oh my bad, I didn't look at the bottom but at the top of a thread. Maybe it's too early in the day for me. Thank you!
  8. @Gurken Khan asked for a better discernability of resources on the minimap, which I would also like.
  9. @Lion.Kanzen Is this what you wrote about in that other post about interactive eye candy? Interesting idea!
  10. Really nice and good idea to create something interactive. What exactly should the interaction be like?
  11. @andy5995 Very nice thank you! Echoing @alre 's comment, you could have an almost "sibling" map without water or with steep cliffs as @wowgetoffyourcellphone already mentioned (if it's worth the effort).
  12. @Stan` Is it possible to unfollow a topic on the forum with a mobile browser without temporarily switching to the desktop view? On a mobile browser, I don't see the un/follow button, which seems to be visible only in desktop view. Wishing you and everybody a nice weekend!
  13. Thank you both! I'll check and complete the transitions. @Gurken Khan I use a period only at the end of a complete sentence. Therefore, I intentionally left it away despite there's a period in the English text.
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