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  1. Is all this something different than the 1000 A.D. mod which is available via the 0 A.D. in-game mod download? Is it compatible with a26?
  2. Dear Developers! Can you please provide some guidance when/why the crashlog.txt file (Windows 11) does not contain call stack information? I always only see what I show below (besides all the OS- and game-related information, of course). Should/could there be more? Call stack: (error while dumping stack: No stack frames found) errno = 2 (Error during IO) OS error = 0 (no error code was set) What does it mean if there is only this little (or no) information about the call stack? If there is only so little/no information, does the crashlog.dmp file contain it in lieu? Or is that other information? And how could I read (and understand) the unzipped memory.dmp if I created a memory dump for pyrogenesis.exe in Windows 11? After reading the Wiki about debugging, I am still not sure about it, hence my questions. Thank you so much for your help!
  3. @Stan` Is there a debugging function showing in the console the (local) player's interaction with the user interface? If yes, then maybe that information would already help non-experts to find the right area for the code. I could try and check but don't know how to properly enable a debugging mode.
  4. Thank you both, @Freagarach and @maroder! A bit OT here: Would it be possible to tweak scenarios likewise, so they offer playing with 4-5 (e.g. 3 humans vs. 1-2 AIs), despite they were made for playing with less players? I ask, because there are several scenarios we are interested in but would only be able to play with 3 (and thus against each other, i.e. without additional AIs to conquer).
  5. What do you mean by "censorship to the max"? (I'm not an English native speaker and may have missed the point, sorry)
  6. Hello! How can a player currently know if capturing or attacking a building is faster? I'm assuming a positive result for this question but can imagine that the outcome might also differ (failure vs. success) when comparing capture and attack of the same building with the same units (attackers and garrisoned). However, I have no idea about the mechanics behind, hence my question. What are the variables and calcs that affect the speed and outcome? Thanks for providing me with some hints for further reading!
  7. It's always good to try clarifying emotional stuff via PM first. Cheers!
  8. In some scenarios, this option is not available.
  9. Hello! Is it possible to get a link/path to the code that is responsible for an item (menu, unit) clicked on, e.g. in the console? Thus, one could find the right place in the code quicker if interested in e.g. a menu structure.
  10. Well, the kids complained among each other and - despite having agreed upfront to play together, not against each other - started clicking the button to change allies. I fully understand that most people would rightfully argue that this is normal and that kids need to learn, and I totally agree. However, I admittedly was a bit annoyed about it and then thought how nice it would be to have such an option. Now you see the background of my question. Whether it helps to understand it, I don't know, but I fully understand if this is nothing anyone would invest time in. In case somebody sees other and better reasons to have such an option, feel free to add your thoughts here.
  11. @Mentula Great explanation - thank you! Have you thought about adding it to the Wiki?
  12. Do the buttons have to be centered, or could you place them dynamically (more to the sides, top, or bottom), based on the background? (vertically or horizontally, maybe even depending on the screen ratio & resolution) Is there some generally agreed upon harmonised and documented UX theme? Or are all UX items placed hardcoded as they seem to fit in respective menus?
  13. Hello! We played with 3 humans vs. 1 AI. As per selected scenario, there were 4 separate teams. We 3 declared us allies right at the start (not fair against the AI ). Is it possible to lock the status of allies and foes, e.g. after 5 minutes and until the end of the game?
  14. Do you own the server/VM and can change the FS? Would it be possible to exclude certain assets from forks? If somebody wants to contribute (by forking & PR'ing) to the code but not to SFX or GFX, would that be possible (and save space)?
  15. @maroder All of them are very impressive, and I like them. Thank you very much!
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