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  1. Welcome! Maybe we can help you. What exactly doesn't do well? What is the order of the enabled mods you have? Any error messages? Windows or Linux?
  2. Dommage! I hoped that no map update was needed but that it could be "auto-guessed" where such a spot should be set.
  3. Re-Volt/RVGL is a fun car racing game for multiple players (splitscreen or LAN), with tons of tracks, cars, various racing modes (incl. battle tag), and supporting all kinds of controllers. It's available for multiple platforms, incl. Linux, Windows, and Android (the latter without splitscreen mode, though, but also over LAN). It runs smoothly even on an old Amazon FireTV box (Android) and an old Intel Core2 Duo PC (Windows 10).
  4. Oh, went I thought that "collecting" them, I didn't mean to just "delete" them. Of course, one would have to attack them first, but instead of converting them to useless debris, one could use the wood as a resource. If this doesn't make sense, no problem for me. BTW, I completely agree that good placement of wooden palisades in the right spots with archers etc. behind can help to slow down an enemy's attack and give him a really hard time.
  5. @Stan` Maybe you would like considering some advertising of this "citybuilder/ pure educational" way to use 0 A.D. at school etc.
  6. Would this mean that every map has to be updated to have such an invisible entity/ actor added in (certain denser) forest spots? I assume that we don't want to have decreased vision range in only light forest parts or even single trees, right?
  7. Imagine a catapult being aimed at a building with lots of units standing in front. Depending on what is thrown at building and units, they will take damage. Units should not function as protective shield of an attacked building, IMO. If there is agreement that the current situation is not ideal, you could consider if units should take no or definitely more damage. I'm not sure if aiming at a building only should always only hit the building and no units in front, though.
  8. Thank you both. And I will definitely check the stats. It's always amazing to learn some new mechanics in 0 A.D.
  9. Interesting, thank you. I'm just thinking about things like web of trust, certs, etc.
  10. For clarification: Do these DDOS attacks happen to the affected people in general or only when playing/ hosting 0 A.D.? Sorry that I ask this only now. @Dizaka @Yekaterina What are your thoughts about my "Ad 2)" before?
  11. Ad 1) Only changing the IP might help, plus other measures on the private network. Ad 2) I agree. The hurdle for new players should not be too high to join. On the other hand, they would maybe feel even more attracted to 0 A.D. when they learnt that some extra layer helps to protect themselves and other players.
  12. How and where are the strctures referred to elsewhere in the code? I see some there in connection with auras and wonder if to put forests/trees there is the right way to go: D:\repos\0ad\binaries\data\mods\public\simulation\data\auras\structures Sorry that I'm likely writing nonsense, which is due to my lack of knowledge where to find what. I guess I would need to draw a Le Métro map for this.
  13. For my understanding about auras etc.: Units A + B both have the same vision range. Now unit A goes into a forest. This must be flagged somehow. When unit B approaches the forest, where/who gets an aura? Unit A, unit B, or the forest? Will a vision/range of unit B be set to zero, so it cannot see unit A, until it gets really close? But would then unit B not also see nothing else in its surroundings, i.e. not even buildings in that forest? How could they be distinguished? Or will an aura of the hidden unit A be relevant?
  14. So it would be 'Vision/Range' to deal with, right? EDIT: Something like this? (outpostvision.json) { "genericName": "Carrier Pigeons", "description": "Increases outpost vision.", "cost": { "food": 300 }, "requirements": { "tech": "phase_village" }, "icon": "pigeon.png", "researchTime": 40, "tooltip": "Outposts +33% vision range.", "modifications": [ { "value": "Vision/Range", "multiply": 1.333333 } ], "affects": ["Outpost"], "soundComplete": "interface/alarm/alarm_upgradearmory.xml" } BTW, can wiki content by dynamically updated with updates code/js/xml? Then one would not have to bother anymore about the wiki not being up to date in some areas.
  15. My camels don't automatically go on board of a trade ship when it's there. If it's intended to keep this manual, that's perfectly fine with me. I justed wondered if I have overseen something. I thought that when camels can go on an autoroute over land from one market to another, they could do this also across water (ships of course being a preriquisite). If you mean that the trading ships themselves are good for the same purpose (i.e. trading between harbours), I understand and now this. My question is still with the "land traders" and if they could cross water on ships automatically without manual un/garrisoning. But I will be sure to try it myself.
  16. It's very likely that I misunderstood or not understood previous explanations, so please forgive me that I ask a similar question once more: Why couldn't whitelists help here? When people who like to play online have an account in this forum, they can PM their IPs, and 0 A.D. could use them and block all others. No?
  17. Why would somebody with a botnet care to DDOS 0 A.D.? Instead, they could send spoof mails to collect personal data that can be turned into money. Is there a possibility that 0 A.D. gets abused via some "stack overflow" (I don't know the exact and correct term), so malicious code gets executed on host and guests?
  18. Inspired by this post in another thread: Is it possible to route traders across water if trading or other large enough ships are available, without manually garrisoning them onto a ship and ungarrison them from that ship on arrival? This could be a nice feature (less micro management). If it is not yet possible (admittedly, I have not tried it), could it be added? Or would it be too much automatism?
  19. When tearing down palisades, could that add to the "collector's" wood supplies if taken to his CC or other appropriate collection point?
  20. @Stan` Can vision be limited for certain units and/or on certain grounds/vegetation, e.g. woods?
  21. Has anyone ever cared where the IPs come from? I don't mean to have countries or other details mentioned here in the public forum, but think about something else: Do these IPs maybe belong to a certain segment that can be completely blocked? I understand that innocent people might thus get banned, too, but then there's maybe a solution for this, too. Could it be that the IPs of the attackers belong to people that have a special interest to harm a free open source software game like 0 A.D., as they see it as a competitive game to some commercial ones (about which they have interests)? I don't understand why else someone could be so ill behaving, having fun to mess with other peoples' joy, but maybe I'm just too naive. These ugly things (besides having kids, whom I certainly don't want to expose to all this) are the main reason why I never play online (WAN). BTW, is using a VPN-secured line between host and whitelisted chaps maybe a way to filter out the dirt? Anyway, I wish you success with this. Don't let yourself get down by stupid people.
  22. Please accept my apologies for my ignorance about these IT-related specifities, but I wonder if 0 A.D. could get an IP blocker implemented, just like a router has. Or is it too late or impossible at this layer to block or ignore traffic from a "banned IP"?
  23. Would it help to increased the default max. of tilting the map, so one can see that the sky is really there by tilting more up? My initial post here was because I (mistakenly) thought that there was no sky at all. Again, if this is only something I stumbled over, then please don't waste your precious time over it.
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