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  1. That looks like it's because it's made for a23 version of the game, you'd need to down load it and install to play. I have two more missions to make, then it's conversion time. I will still keep the a23 version for noobs like me who just do sudo apt-get install 0ad.
  2. Macedonia 43 - The Gedrosian Desert (325 BC) Gedrosia is the Hellenized name of the part of coastal Balochistan that roughly corresponds to today's Makran. The region is mostly a desert, with few resources available. While Nearchus' navy sailed along the Persian coast, Alexnader too the path across the desert, where the marching conditions for his army were brutal, to say the least. It is not clear why Alexander chose such a treacherous path, some hypothesize that he was indirectly exacting revenge upon his troops for their refusal to follow him deeper into India. You are in charge of a small band of elite soldiers and your primary objectives are: 1) keep the army supplied with food; we lose food in fixed interval and if we ever approach 0, soldiers will start dying; and 2) keep the army safe while it crosses the desert; the soldiers are so weak, they will not be able to put up much of a fight if attacked; we must destroy the fortifications of some local Persian rebels, if they stay up for too long our army will be too vulnerable. Local traders may be of some assistance. We should immediately seek to make contact with monastery not too far from our starting point, as we'll need food and healers from them. We should also make sure the path towards the other side of the desert is clear of any immediate dangers. Our scouts report that a small band of mercenaries may be available for hire, they are residing in a tent camp in the desert. A trading village with an elephant stables may also be willing to sell us some elephants. Most of the locals up in the mountain will be hostile but we must seek them out as their food supply will surely come handy. One tribe is known for its large goat herds. Good luck! AI Settings: All AIs should be set to Sandbox Notes: 1. you must be constantly on the lookout for food. It is possible to store too much too quickly and some of it will go to waste. But it is probably better to have too much than too little. 2. If any of the Persian rebel fortifications remain standing after 1 hour of game time, you lose the game. 3. If more than 1200 army soldiers die (either due to starvation or enemies), you lose the game. Note that the number of units lost shown by the UI does not include starvation deaths. 4. Act quickly and save often!
  3. Macedonia 42 - Nearchus' Journey: The Fisheaters (325 BC) Nearchus' navy continues to sail West along the Persian coast, occasionally making a landing to secure supplies. On one such occasion, the Macedonians encountered a local tribe, which they described as the Fisheaters (the ancient Greeks often called people by the food they ate). While Nearchus explores to local waterways, one of his generals, Onesicritus, has established a beach head prepared to take on the Fisheaters. Our scouts report that most of the Fisheaters reside in the mountains north of the coast. A small fishing village is located to the West while a goat-herding village lies to the East. Your mission is to subjugate the Fisheaters as to acquire access to local game and fish, as well as their resources. The Fisheaters are primitive people, living in houses made of straw. Nevertheless, they clearly have access to iron-made weaponry. Our biggest hurdle is our lack of siege weapons or materials to construct them. Your officers suggest that we seek the Fisheaters' workshop -- should we capture or destroy it, we may be able to construct a few rams to make our job easier. Objectives: Destroy the three Fisheaters fortresses to subjugate the tribe. Do not lose more than 15 champion soldiers (we are very short on troops!)
  4. Macedonia 41 - Nearchus' Journey: The Hingol River (325 BC) After the Brahmin rebels were defeated, Alexander decided to return to Babylonia. In June, general Craterus had already left for Carmania with a third of the soldiers. In August, Alexander and three quarters of what remained of the army set out for a long and difficult march through the Gedrosian desert. Nearchus was to ship the remaining quarter of the soldiers, 17,000 - 20,000 men, to Carmania and Babylonia. The voyage down the Indus lasted from November 326 to July 325. It was not an easy cruise: several times, the Macedonians had to fight their way past resisting native towns. Finally, the reached Patala (Old Indian for "camp for ships"), modern Bahmanabad, 75 kilometers north-east of Hyderabad. While sailing westward along the Persian coast, Nearchus often had to go up rivers to seek supplies as the coastline was barren. At the Hingol river, he made one such expedition in order to procure supplies and forage for the food needed for the remainder of the journey. As you sail up the river, you find that hostile native tribes, the Oreitans, occupy both banks. Our scouts report that up the river lies a fork, where two smaller rivers join, and that at that fork, there is a native settlement, whose inhabitants recently killed one of our messengers. There are also friendly traders in this region, but beware of river raiders who are used to being unchallenged in the water. Objective: establish or capture a base and pacify the area -- destroy all Oreitans. AI Settings: Players 2 and 3 should be set to Petra with a difficulty of your choice (Medium for casual play); all others should be Sandbox.
  5. Thanks so much for taking a lead on this. I have 4 more missions to complete (the plan is to end at 44) and after that I'll get to updating. Currently, when I do "sudo apt-get install 0ad" on a linux system, the version I get is a23 so I wanted to make the campaign for the typical user. In a few weeks once I've finished all the missions, I will go back from the beginning and start converting them. If template names have changed and if the API has changed significantly, it may be some work. Quick question, do you think it makes sense to move to a24 or just go to a25 directly?
  6. Macedonia 40 - The Underground Assault (325 BC) During a siege on a Brahmin-held town, Alexander used a genius tactic -- rather than assaulting the town directly, which had strong natural defenses, his men dug tunnels underneath the city and to the surprise of the Indian defenders, emerged seemingly out of nowhere to take the town. Your soldiers have just completed digging 4 tunnels into the city. But we're not quite ready for the assault just yet. We must scour the land to find resources (and trading partners) to procure supplies, as to raise a bigger army. In addition, one of our scouts has been captured by a group of desert raiders -- we must investigate. We have also heard a small monastery nearby that may be able to assist us. Finally, there are rumors that on the mountains on the far side of the town, there may be a secret path into the city used by smugglers. Once inside the town, we'll be facing a large Brahmin guard -- we must eliminate their defensive and military buildings as quick as possible. We do not have siege weapons and therefore, we must capture the siege workshop inside the town so we can deal with any fortifications we may encounter. AI Settings: All AIs should be set to Sandbox Note that each time this mission is played, the tunnel outlets are randomly positioned inside the city. Not surprisingly, this scenario features a custom-built teleportation mechanic. Enjoy!
  7. Thanks for the help. Yes, I am currently using 23, it's what's installed by default on Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04 I believe. Does anyone know what it takes to convert these so they're compatible with 24?
  8. Macedonia 39 - The Brahmin Rebellion (325 BC) In April of 325 BC, the Brahmin went into open rebellion against Alexander's forces. While the rebellion was ultimately unsuccessful, many of the Greek colonies suffered attacks and massacres. You have been dispatched by Alexander to help defend Sparta-on-the-Indus, a colony founded recently by veterans, mostly from the Peloponnese region. The colony is headed by Agis and his warrior wife, who will be at your service. Many of the veterans have married warrior maidens, who will also help in the defense. Our scouts report that two rebel armies are headed our way. Your job is to boost the defense of the colony and battle the attackers until they are destroyed. The first rebel army is expected to arrive in about a week (about 18 game minutes). There are several nearby trading posts that we can use for supplies in addition to gathering resources. To the south west, there reside a group of bandits which have recently stolen goods from the colony -- if we recover them, we should be able to build up our defense much quicker. The colony's militia will aid in the defense. You can "donate" soldiers to the militia by moving the unit behind the militia's outpost, right next to the militia camp in the back of the town. Good luck! AI Settings: All AIs should be set to Sandbox
  9. Macedonia 38 - The Mallian Campaign (326 BC) The Mallian campaign was conducted by Alexander the Great from November 326 to February 325 BC, against the Malli of the Punjab. Once the mutiny situation was resolved, Alexander decided to head south, following the river Hydaspes, after the omens ostensibly declared it unfavorable to march further east. Initially, the fleet and army just sailed down the river, occasionally marching short distances inland. Only slight opposition was experienced. However, the Malli and the Oxydraci combined to refuse passage through their territory. Alexander sought to prevent their forces meeting, and made a swift campaign against them. Our forces have just reached the point where the Hydaspes merges into the Acesinea river. Craterus has already established a based on the western bank. We need to find a suitable place to make camp as soon as possible as our enemies have received word of our arrival and will be preparing accordingly. Further to the west, lies the tribe of Sibea and their capital city. South, across the Acesinea, lies a desert with the town of Kot Kamalia, another enemy base that needs to be destroyed. Past the desert, is the river of Hydraotis, with two enemy towns nearby, Multan and Tulambo. Our also scouts report that a band of Persian mercenaries are in the service of the Mallians. We must locate their base and destroy their fortress to eliminate their ability to support the Mallians. There may also be neutral traders in the area that we can use to secure additional supplies for the war effort. Your advisors also suggest that disrupting our enemies' trade may be crucial to winning the campaign. Finally, we can directly supply Cratarus' advance with fresh troops by moving them to the little walled off area to the north-east of his camp. Good luck! AI Settings: Players 7 and 8 should be set to Sandbox. All others should go with Petra with a difficulty and personality of your choice (tested with Medium and Balanced personality for a fairly easy win).
  10. Thanks, just did. I noticed that the json file only lists the first 5 missions while there are now 37. My plan is to end at 42 missions, once there, I can edit the json file to include all.
  11. Not that many But it worked fine on turtle speed on a laptop that's about 4 years old
  12. Macedonia 37 - The Mutiny (326 BC) After the battle at the Hydaspes, Alexander wanted to press further East into India. Alexander voiced plans for further conquests in the Indian subcontinent, however, when his men reached the river Hyphasis, there was an open revolt. Beyond the Hyphasis, was the Nanda empire, a vast kingdom rumored to have armies in the hundreds of thousands. Coenus, son of Polemokrates, stepped in to negotiate and achieve an agreement between Alexander and his many Macedon and Greek soldiers who did not want to follow further East. While the negotiations take place, Alexander was left with establishing a base that would either server as the eastern-most border of his empire, or a stepping stone further into India. Objective: constructs 2 Civil Centers to establish your base. Intelligence Reports: on the other side of the river, lie the realms of the Nanda empire. The Gangaridai and Prasii tribes, vassals of the Nanda, hold formidable settlements, but for now, have invited us to trade with them. To the north, there is a Nanda fortress on top of a hill. Further, a Nanda garrison far to the East provides fresh troops to the vassal tribes. We should do what we can to establish a base while being aware that the situation may change quickly. A number of small trading posts scatter the land and should provide us with good opportunities to secure supplies, especially metal which is in short supply in the area. AI Settings: Players 2 and 5 should be Petra with a difficulty of your choice (medium for casual game play). All others should be Sandbox.
  13. Macedonia 36 - Battle of the Hydaspes (326 BC) In May 326, the Macedonian king Alexander the Great and his ally, raja Ambhi of Taxila, battled Porus, a raja who had not been able to surrender himself to Alexander. There were heavy rains - the monsoon seems to have started early - and the river Jhelum, already wide in May because of the melting waters of the Himalayas, became very wide. Porus thought he'd have a chance, if only he could win time and keep the river between his own army and that of his enemy. What Alexnader needed was a surprise crossing, and the rain offered sufficient opportunity. Another element of surprise was that the Macedonian officer Coenus had brought the ships (which had been used to cross the Indus) all the way to the Jhelum. During a stormy night, Alexander and his army slipped away from the Jhelum through a hidden valley, out of sight of Porus. At dawn, Alexander crossed the Jhelum, a considerable distance upstream from his initial camp. Unaware of what had happened, and seeing a substantial part of Alexander's army (commanded by Craterus) still on the opposite shore, Porus could not believe the news that the Macedonians had reached the east bank. He sent his son to find out what had happened, but he was killed in action. The fact that it had been raining made it very hard to fight from chariots, a factor that contributed to the defeat of the prince. Alexander proceeded along the river, downstream, towards Porus' army. You, playing as Coenus, are in charge of elite cavalry units, as well as the Dahae horse archers. Alexander's officers advise that our left flank is vulnerably and may need assistance. You are to do anything you can to ensure we are victorious. Alexander and Coenus must survive, and in addition, if too many of our infantry perish, we may have no choice but to put a hold on our Indian expeditions. AI Settings: all AIs should be Sandbox. Reference image I used for the battle is the following: https://www.livius.org/site/assets/files/2552/hydaspes_map1.gif
  14. Macedonia 35 - Taxila (326 BC) Taxila was the capital of a kingdom that was called Hindus (or Indus-country) and consisted of the western half of the Punjab. It was added to the Achaemenid empire under king Darius I the Great, but the Persian occupation did not last long. When the Macedonian conqueror Alexander the Great occupied Gandara and the Punjab in 326 BC, the Indian kingdoms had already regained their independence. King Ambhi of Taxila, who is called Taxiles ("the man from Taxila") and Omphis in the Greek sources, had invited Alexander in 329 BC, because he needed support against king Porus of Pauravas, a state that was situated in the eastern Punjab. To establish an alliance with Taxila against Porus, Alexander sent Hephaestion with an advance army to meet Ambhi and negotiate a deal. Taxila was more than happy to ally itself with Alexander. To seal the deal, Hephaestion agreed to advance to the town of Tarnawa, where Porus was expected to strike. As Hephaestion arrives, the news is bleak -- a large army of King Porus is on its way. Hephaestion immediately sends a messenger to Alexander to request backup while taking on the role as the town's defender. Objectives: Fortify the town of Tarnawa in anticipation of the attack. Nothing short of a full wall will do. Defend the town and wait for Alexander's cavalry to arrive. Intelligence Reports: Deposits of metal are extremely rare in this area. You will need to find trading partners to secure supplies. The locals speak of a trading post south to the town as well as one much further north. In addition, a friendly dock is positioned across the lake. North-west of our position, there lies a mountain with an abandoned siege shop -- perhaps we can secure some defensive siege equipment there. The town's farmsteads are east of town along the river. They will provide us with food for as long as they are safe. Porus' armies are poised to strike from the east and north. AI Settings: all AIs should be set to Sandbox.
  15. Macedonia 34 - The Hiding Place (326 BC) After conquering the valleys of the Kunar and Swat, Alexander the Great crossed to the river Indus, probably through the Shang-La pass. He wanted to capture the last stand of the native population in this part of India, Aornus (the name translates to "hiding place"). A local myth told that a god, probably Krishna, had been unable to capture this rock, which is 1500 meters high; this was enough to make Alexander decide that he had to capture it. Ptolemy is currently occupying the Western summit while the Indians hold the Eastern one. You are to meet up with Ptolemy and help launch the assault on the Indian fort. Marching up the rock will be a challenge as the Indians have built a large number of towers and small forts. Your scouts have reported a sighting of an abandoned catapult in the area. The Indian defenders are numerous but your intelligence officers suggest you can severely limit their morale and ability to defend should we destroy the enemy's civilian houses (as they would be worried about getting their families out to safety). Primary Objective: Destroy the Indian civil centre within 25 minutes of meeting up with Ptolemy (note: taking longer will result in defeat!) AI Settings: All AIs should be set to Sandbox
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