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  1. I almost didn't post this, but I changed my mind. Introducing a new resource? This could be something showing the strength, sophistication and influence of the player's civilization. You gain it by training new and better units, building, expanding territory and completing researches. You lose it when enemies destroy your buildings, kill your units and when you lose territory. A certain amount of this resource can be a requirement for defensive structures such as walls, towers and fortresses as well as special buildings and wonders and even heroes and special units. Different factions can have different requirements of this resource to unlock features so it will allow diversification between factions. Cultural aspects of each faction can be included as gameplay elements which grant this new resource to players. @Lion.Kanzen has mentioned earlier about factions having more of their cultural elements but there may be difficulty in determining functional purpose of such cultural elements in the game. I believe introducing a new resource could be a good framework to integrate them meaningfully.
  2. I've played 0ad on and off since A23 even though I've joined the forum recently. I'm a fan of AOE 2 and in my opinion 0ad is like a more visually appealing and interesting version of AOE 2 (I haven't played the definitive edition of AOE 2 so don't know how it compares). However the attention to detail is impressive, whether it's graphics or historical compatibility. For an open source project I'm pleasantly surprised this many people are working hard to make it better. I've only ever played games to get something out of them, but since playing 0ad I believe it's turned the other way round and now I feel like giving back. So I guess I won't be getting tired of it anytime soon.
  3. Hey guys! I'm totally new to modding 0AD, but would love to help out. I really miss the Terra Magna mod in A25, so if any help is needed there I'm more than happy to take part.
  4. Greetings! I'm from Sri Lanka. I speak Sinhalese and a little Tamil. I'm happy to help you if you plan on developing this civ in the future and I think adding the Tamils is a great idea because they were the biggest power in Southern India. However they don't achieve the height of their power until until the medieval age (900 AD - 1300 AD). The same could be said about the Sinhalese. In my opinion both these civs would be more fitting in a millennium AD mod. But still they both did exist in the 500 BC - 500 AD time frame and had a good level of sophistication.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm from Sri Lanka. My nickname derives from "දිය රකුසා" (water demon) in Sinhala, which is my mother tongue. My timezone is +5:30, same as India. I would like to thank all the people involved in the development of 0AD for giving the world such an awesome game Looking forward to contribute in the future.
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