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  1. @Lunari8546 any progress? What kind of mod are you planning to create?
  2. @Roburetto thanks. I might give it another try.
  3. I was able to play 0 A.D. on the Raspberry Pi 4. My setup and hardware: Raspberry Pi 4 with 4 GB of RAM Raspbian (based on Debian 10) 0 A.D. installed via package manager version Kennwood re-release 23b. OpenGL 2.1 first I tried to play 0 A.D. with the standard settings. However, the Frames Per Second (FPS) rate was very low, therefore I set all the graphics settings to the lowest settings possible. My FPS number increased slightly. However, my FPS rate was between 5-15 FPS. Most of the times it was around 10 FPS. Furthermore, there are other topics in this forum regarding 0 A.D. on the Raspberry Pi 4 or the Raspberry Pi 3. The reason why I created another post is to discuss 0 A.D. on the Raspberry Pi in general. My objective in this post is not to overwhelm the reader with compiler flags and other optimizations. I only want to report my experience as a normal user.
  4. GitLab is the software which allows you to host a git repository. GitLab has features like a web interface with issue tracking and merge request management. GitLab is used by the Debian project and FramaGit. GitLab.com is a service by the company GitLab Inc. GitLab.com is similar to GitHub as you can create repositories for free. However, you can do the same on FramaGit which is part of the french non profit organization FramaSoft. In short: Git -> distributed version control tool GitLab -> Web based self hosting software frontent for Git GitLab.com -> GitLab hosted by GitLab Inc. (company) FramaGit -> GitLab hosted by FramaSoft (ngo)
  5. @Lion.Kanzen Many people - me included - do not want to have a photo taken of them.
  6. @Lion.Kanzen FOSDEM attracts thousands of people. The campus of the Université libre de Bruxelles is not small. The campus was crowded. Most of the talks I wanted to go to were full. Once I was able to go into a talk the I was sitting with many people in a small room or auditorium to watch a talk. The expo was far more crowded than a business expo, people where everywhere. At the stand of 0 A.D. there were several people passing by, asking questions and looking at the material. However, the stands were smaller and just in the entry hall of one of the buildings.
  7. @Nescio yes, it might have been proposed multiple times. The difference is that @Coronaut wants to put the effort in to actually implement it. It is not necessary to make it overly complex at the beginning. I would be happy if he can implement the logic to increase the points and implement the new CC styles for 1-2 factions. Then test it with those modified factions. The best way to start would be with a mod who introduces the new upgrade mechanism. Once upgrading the CC works @Coronaut or we as a community can suggest more complex mechanics. I do like the village, town and city idea. However, there could be unintended consequences like players expanding too fast, because building villages is too cheap and so on. The 100m radius mechanism is more difficult to implement, because you have to evaluate constantly the entire radius to ensure the CC can be upgraded.
  8. @Coronaut Yes, you understood my comment. That is exactly what I meant. Your proposal sounds good. However, you have to find out while testing it, if you achieve what you want to achieve with the proposed point structure. Maybe you will need to adjust it later after some testing and verifying. For the beginning I would start with that point structure.
  9. How about the Civic Center (CC) changes it's "size" while upgrading from one phase to the other? On every phase upgrade the health points double. To increase the size I would simply start with a small/basic model of the CC and on every level up from one phase to the other I would make the model bigger and look more powerful. However, I would not change the size of actual space the CC occupies. This sort of behavior is simpler to implement. You only need 3 different models of the CC and some logic to change the models on every upgrade.
  10. @gameboy as @Stan` mentioned it is waiting for review. Meaning another team member will look over the patch. Have some patience. We do pay attention and I think it is an important feature, but please understand people are not getting payed to work on 0 A.D. so they do it in their free time, therefore it might take a little longer to be implemented. I appreciate that you brought the topic up again, keep an eye on the patch that is important, but please have some patience.
  11. @avensis PeerTube is more than just a YouTube alternative. PeerTube is based on a decentralized and federated network. PeerTube does many things different compared to YouTube, both from a technical and user perspective. One key difference of PeerTube is, that PeerTube is Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS). Checkout the repository: https://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube
  12. @AeternaTristitia yeah, you can advertise stuff. However, each instance has there own rules maybe some do not allow certain content. If you have your own instance you can do whatever you want.
  13. PeerTube is a decentralized video hosting platform. You can upload videos to an existing server (instance) and present your videos to the world. In addition, you can setup your own server and connect it to other servers (instances), if you want. PeerTube is federated. Federated means a network of different instances connected to one large platform. PeerTube does not have advertisement or tracks you around the internet. Try it out. Upload your latest 0 A.D. clips and show it to the community.
  14. Spellforce III looks really good. The contrast could be a little better, but other than that it looks great. I would love to see 0 A.D. evolving into a similar direction. I do like 0 A.D.'s look and feel. The 0 A.D. artists are doing a great job.
  15. In the article A German Museum Tried To Hide This Stunning 3D Scan of an Iconic Egyptian Artifact. Today You Can See It for the First Time Cosmo Wenman points out that other museums have made their 3D scans public: 1. Smithsonian Institution made their scans available here: https://3d.si.edu/browser 2. The National Gallery of Denmark released their scans under CC0: https://www.smk.dk/en/article/digitale-casts/ In addition, there is a project by MyMiniFactory called "scan the world", which contains 3D models from different museums: https://www.myminifactory.com/scantheworld/ One of the participating museums is the National Gallery of Denmark (Statens Museum for Kunst, also known as "SMK"). Maybe, 0 A.D. artists can find something in those collections.
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