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  1. @balduin Would it be like the sentry tower to Defense tower upgrade? A visual growth rather than a physical one? That could work...and would be way easier to create. What if: P1 CC's had 750 health (or somthing low). Then, when you upgraded to P2, the only thing that would change would be that your CC's health. It would double to 1500. When upgraded to P3 it would have the normal 3000 health. This could insentivize early a general playstyle of P1 rushing, then P2 eco booming, P3 siege and army counterplay?
  2. Not sure how I did it, but I got a successful run of the svn through VS. I now have the Pyrogenesis.sln working properly ( I think), and can now build and run the latest svn version in VS. The projects (atlas, collada, engine, etc...) you see in the picture from earlier all needed to be manually reloaded in the right-click dropdown menu for each. So, now the question is... What is all of this, and How do I use it to do what I want? Thank you for the help.
  3. Thank you @Stan` I understand the development philosophy behind 0.a.d alot better now, and like it alot. This is the original Idea from my post last year. (TL:DR) What I'm trying to do is create a new mechanic for a players' first Civic Center. How it's supposed to work is when you arrive at phase 2 or 3 the CC doubles in size removing some buildings around it. Then the CC would gain the ability of the buildings that were removed. For example: If a farm was removed at phase up the CC itself could now constantly produce food only limited by if women were garrison
  4. @Lion.Kanzen @Loki1950 Thank you for replying, Now that I understand a bit more, to create my Idea I think I have to go both routes and be a modder and developer. What I need to learn is how to do: 1) to increase the physical size of civil_Centre at phase up 2) Detect and add buildings attributes to the civil_Centre at phase up ~~~~~ The current situation is that I downloaded the svn of the game and have already done most of the things the wiki says to do, but when I tried to build a 0ad.sln output reads that a bunch of things failed (I included the last few li
  5. Hello, Last year I posted an idea for a new civic center mechanic (link below) that I think would be a good addition to the game. I wanted to make it myself, so, for the past year I persisted and tried following the modding guides and forum posts, but realized since I have little experience with the game development process and coding it wouldn’t be possible. Original Idea: Here Now, a year later, I’m coming back to the forums to ask questions and be more involved in the community. Please excuse my ignorance. What is the difference between modding and developing fo
  6. Hello, I’ve been playing 0 A.D for a while and have had a couple of ideas for a new mechanic implemented by mod or otherwise that could give more purpose to early-game aggression and late game strategy. As well as, give more purpose to the Civic Center(CC) itself. Idea: What if your first CC expanded as the game went on. I currently see that this could be accomplished in different 2 ways. Implementation: 1) CC would gain max health throughout the game based on the game timer. Example of 1: At the beginning of the game a player owns a CC with 3000 health. It
  7. crashlog.txt crashlog.dmp Opend the game, then Its crashed.
  8. Hello, I'm Coronaut and i love the rts genre and have been playing 0ad for a little bit. While I was looking at the hotkeys for the game I found the "select wounded units" hotkey "O + left drag." Tried it, and it didnt work. I also tried Right Drag, (With units selected: when the mouse is released, the units will spread out on your drawn line. Same modification options like normal move command.) What does this mean? I assume is means the units follow a specifc line to a target. I tried it and it acted as a regular right click. Are these not implemented yet or old?
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