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  1. @Nescio @Panther Thanks for your replies, I figured it out why the errors occurred. It's because I created many civ.xmls but it was empty inside. The main problem now is that "StartEntities": [] seems to be not working. When I start the game using my civ. It said that it cannot load the unit file, but the unit file exists. Also removing the units in StartEntities, only leaving civil_centre not work as well.
  2. I can't find any tutorials out there about how to create a new civ. I downloaded Delenda_Est Mod and look through it's files. I saw a civs folder within simulation/data/, I copied one of their civs into my mod and modified. I can open the game normally but when I press Singleplayer > Matches, it stuck in "Loading map data. Please wait..." and with bunch of errors on the top-left side.
  3. @Angen Thx, I figured it out. The resolution of the picture is too big. I cropped it and then it worked.
  4. I followed this tutorial ->How to Mod #1 Mudando a Tela Inicial | 0 A.D. Alfa 23 Ken Wood - YouTube and when I open the game it showed this error.
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