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  1. Judging nowadays society, 0 A.D must change all actors into genderless, non-binary Humans soon.
  2. The game has a mechanism that allows to load models and apply textures later meaning that no .dae file contains any directly. The variants add a randomized texture and/or props to the model. As for the quadraped files, those are animations that a model is capable of doing and are defined in the .dae. You can find every single texture in the following path: 0.A.D -> binaries -> data -> mods -> puplic -> art -> textures If you can't figure out which is which, go into the actors folder and read the .xml file you need as it contains the path to the texture of
  3. 0 A.D uses it's own packer which is why .zip files are not visible, however, there is no need to archive anything. Just paste the unpacked folder inside and re-start the game.
  4. Panther

    Game Crash

    Are you using the Svn or default version, and what are your PC specs? Try launching 0 A.D with admin permissions.
  5. Overall not a bad idea. It might induce more people to donate. +1
  6. This simple mod removes animals from the game: no animals.zip It's not the best solution, as it causes some error messages to pop up, but it works. To use it, simply unzip and past the folder inside 0.A.D\binaries\data\mods Then enable it in-game via options -> mod-selection
  7. This is for sure the best thing I read today
  8. Thanks; it's working now!
  9. The process itself is working now (after I started Powershell as admin) but the game doesn't detect the .pyromod nor .zip. I'll just give up for now.
  10. I followed these steps without using your package_mod. Is it possible that I just didn't wait long enough the one time it created a folder? binaries/system/pyrogenesis -mod=bluegui -archivebuild="binaries/data/mods/bluegui" -archivebuild-output="bluegui.pyromod" -archivebuild-compress
  11. I will as soon I figure out how to avoid a crash when I try packing it into .pyromod. Strangely I managed to create it once but it was empty, any suggestions?
  12. Changes the default game interface into a simple bluish transparent one. Feel free to add suggestions or requests. To use it unzip the folder and drag it into binaries\data\mods bluegui.zip
  13. Sounds great! I hope it's done soon.
  14. Open your map .xml with a text editor of choice, I recommend Notepad++. Add the following line: Create your trigger script.js based on this code: Lastly add trigger objects to your map by using Atlas: It is not possible to place units in buildings using Atlas.
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