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  1. Press Alt+D in-game to toggle the developer panel and deactivate the limited camera for even more freedom.
  2. Exactly, it's just a placeholder. :) No such thing as unnecessary traffic, after all this is the whole purpose of a forum and same to you.
  3. Sounds boring - might aswell limit the game to only one civilisation in that case. The whole idea of maintaining multiple nations is different capabilities and adjusting your play wise. Therefore, I don't observe any problem with retaining more established and weaker cultures, in the end they have different bonuses that get them balanced anyway.
  4. Do I understand correctly that you aren't interested in 1v1- games? Because otherwise there is no need to enter the lobby in the first place, just click multiplayer -> host game and get your friend to join your IP. As for the other part I'm not quite sure since accounts are hooked to your IP and not the wifi directly - so what exactly is the problem? Which version are you playing? Do you have any mods installed? What happens when you try connecting to a game?
  5. Good luck to you, Stan. The forum is going to miss it's best mod.
  6. One thing people in this thread need to start realizing is; that everyone is working on a similar side. The goal is producing an excellent game, which many other, much bigger and financially supported companies have failed at creating. We all desire it to be nice, but everyone has diverse ways and thoughts of how he processes these actions. Why don't we set them together instead of declining the opposite and create a 'middle - solution for all those, that appreciate the game and aren't fixated on establishing their mindset?
  7. It'd be nice if you'd offer both, the Pyromod version and the standalone files; as I prefer including them manually in my mod and nevertheless get to play around with them.
  8. Right click the Pyromod -> open with -> select Pyrogenesis.exe - once you've done that, you can activate it like any other mod in-game.
  9. Eigentlich macht die Einstellung im Menü kaum einen unterschied, da kannst du es ruhig auf minimum stellen. Ich empfehle im Spiel 60 zu verwenden sofern dein PC dies problemlos ohne große Sch@#$%ungen erziehlen kann. Am besten FPS Anzeige aktivieren und sehen wie flüssig das ganze laufen tut.
  10. terrain_common.fs + model_common.vs only with a custom bloom as I personally don't like the metallic effect that gets created on the roofs. Here some pictures using terrain_common.fs + model_common.vs + model_common.fs:
  11. It's nice seeing there are still people in this community that spend much time and effort in improving this game. Keep up the good work.
  12. Just a small addition; having V-sync enabled while the goal is to achieve as many frames as possible, doesn't make any sense. Asides from that, this topic is nearly 1 month old - why revive it?
  13. I'm not sure, since the edit is based on a picture without any description, however, this version is 100% CC0. Sadly more bland too. Is it useable?
  14. Here's a simple fix for this. gui.rar
  15. Not sure if this will actually solve the problem, but you can download the latest (SVN) version here: https://github.com/0ad/0ad
  16. Love the new cliff textures DE offers
  17. In case you're using Alpha-23b and don't feel like manually patching anything, download the Developer-Version - it already contains the Ryzen fix.
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