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  1. I've Norton, but i don't think the problem is antivirus, because the game worked with this antivirus for a long time.
  2. @Stan` yeah i have an antivirus software, i never change the install location.
  3. @game Boy Yeah i use this operating system. How i can upgrade the code?
  4. @game Boy If for SVN code, you mean personal update, answer is no, i play always the version 23b, i never made updates.
  5. @game Boy Windows 10. @Stan` From 0 AD's home page.
  6. @nani i deleted all files and reinstalled the game more than 1 time, but it doesn't work same.
  7. I have tried from a little time to unclock this error, but i didn't succeed. This problem go on from some month, i reported in this post the error : So, i press continue, but at this point it open another page. So, i click continue, but it open the previous page and it's a infinite circle of error, the game is inaccessible. I would be very gratified that you will be able to resolve this problem.
  8. @Enrique will be possible insert this models in vanilla game? It would be gorgeus.
  9. @Genava55 I think an oxybeles with fire darts?
  10. @Lion.Kanzen Rainy and water sound?
  11. Would be nice than the player can personalize the name of his civic center, like Rise of Nations.
  12. The only civ of your civs than might be insert in the game is the Han Dynasty.
  13. @Sergio Almost all your civilizations aren't existed in the 0 A.D. period.
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