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  1. @Genava55 I think an oxybeles with fire darts?
  2. @Lion.Kanzen Rainy and water sound?
  3. Would be nice than the player can personalize the name of his civic center, like Rise of Nations.
  4. The only civ of your civs than might be insert in the game is the Han Dynasty.
  5. @Sergio Almost all your civilizations aren't existed in the 0 A.D. period.
  6. I found some interesting images for hellenic infantry with rectangles shields : In this case i found a nubian rectangle shield, probably influenced by ptolemaics, or a ptolemaic mercenary. Hellenic Rectangle shield like roman shield. General wiew of ptol infantry. Ptol and Sele retangular shield cavalry.
  7. @Lion.Kanzen However the indian archer are too OP like that. In my opinion player could develop research that allows his archers to poison. But in this case ( for me ) archers could use this attack like secondary attack, with a loading of 5 min. - 7 min. between attack.
  8. Ambiental Sound is almost totally absent for me. Some sounds than would could be there: Sound of the Animal Sounds of the Animals in game are weak, and there are only when an animal is produced or clicked. Would be beautifull hear an yowl, chirping's bird, locusts sounds or eagle sound, when you're playing, so to give more intensity to the player. Vegetation Sound In general forest sound is absent, there isn't leaf sound, and there isn't wind sound in all ambients. Water Sound There aren't waves sounds, there isn't rain sound and the same are for waterfa
  9. would be beautiful build these bridges ( in game) in small spaces of water @Stan`
  10. i have did a new small updating.
  11. Would be beautifull than the natural resources of 0ad would have destruction animation: fallen tree , crumbled minerals. It would take also an animation when the catapult's ball explodes or RAM's hits,do topple down the units than after some seconds get up, such as Hyrule Conquest. Sorry for my english.
  12. Recently I've mandate files maps ( Maps than I created in editor ) to an my friend but he doesn't know where insert them in his MAC. Could you send me the file path?
  13. @Stoccafisso download the files and move it in : PC - Documents - My Games - 0ad - mods - user - maps - scenarios. So open 0AD and in your scenario's maps there will be the map " Mappa Europe IV sec. a.C."
  14. @coco88 @badosu - To realize your idea would be to totally create another map, maybe in the future I will, but it takes time especially if you want to make them big. - I tried to make the italian peninsula bigger to make Rome easier, which in my opinion isn't so unmanageable, as far as the CC in the north was concerned, I wanted to represent the war against the Etruscans. - The positions of the players isn't random, the players are in precise point to balance the map, so if I would put all the players in west, the map would be empty to the east, and the player closer to empty wo
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