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  1. Seleucids have athenian javelin cavalry, not persian.
  2. Macedonians cannot build library and seleucid library can build by thracian sword mercenary only. its a bug?
  3. hi i am big 0 a.d. fan, its possible to replace camel javelins instead horse javelins for seleucids? Their cover looks other as in game. Seleucids did use camels in some battles: (wikipedia) @Stan` @borg- @Nescio Thx for read. keep healthy
  4. I like new farming with more animals in A24
  5. Hi i like new stables, but chariots (pers, maur, sele) and dogs (brit) are missing move there.
  6. Wanna wish nice christmas to 0 a.d. community, programmers and artists. Thx to @Stan he is helping other players in forum everyday and other programmers / modders because their amazing work for spend much time in this game. Artists @LordGood @wackyserious @Alexandermb(hope he will have better internet some day) and @OmriLahav make the game look amazing. I am hoping that @Lion.Kanzen and @Sundiata will come back soon. Keep healthy
  7. Hi whats graphic card has your pc? If u are use NVIDIA you can fix it about nvidia contol panel: Go to program setting and add exe (link for game start) and change to High-performance NVIDIA processor, and save it. At next time the game will running normal.
  8. new thracians by @wackyserious look very nice
  9. Nice job have did wait long time for this. hope the new caps of advanced warrior will add. Actually there are the old caps. Nice day
  10. Hello there , i noticed in normal game some differences between all cretan archers of Athenains, Macedonains and Ptolemains since my last svn update. - archer_a (mace, ptol) have not the new texture skins like archers of athen (archer_a) - @wackyserious - archer_a and archer_e (mace, ptol) have not the new shields like archers of athen (archer_a and archer_e) - @Alexandermb Would be nice if change it to the right one and thx to notice my post . nice day!
  11. Its possible to add this peltes to ptol_infantry_archer and mace_infantry_archer. They have cretan archers to
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