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  1. Nice job have did wait long time for this. hope the new caps of advanced warrior will add. Actually there are the old caps. Nice day
  2. Hello there , i noticed in normal game some differences between all cretan archers of Athenains, Macedonains and Ptolemains since my last svn update. - archer_a (mace, ptol) have not the new texture skins like archers of athen (archer_a) - @wackyserious - archer_a and archer_e (mace, ptol) have not the new shields like archers of athen (archer_a and archer_e) - @Alexandermb Would be nice if change it to the right one and thx to notice my post . nice day!
  3. Its possible to add this peltes to ptol_infantry_archer and mace_infantry_archer. They have cretan archers to
  4. cartiaginian wall is expensive and needs more time for build. 3x more HP is nice but its useless in most (rush) matches. enemies (ai and/or humans) will arrive own territory before the heavy wall can build before. nobody uses this walls in multiplayer. long walls inclusive wall towers cost 1000 stone > . its not easier to update wall health or armor maybe in city centres of carthaginians or fortess and set carthaginian wall to default wall vars? greetings Hidan
  5. macedonian phalanx looks very nice
  6. If i played seleucids i noticed there are greek horse javelineer (athenian), and his cover looks persian horse javelineer. I think its better for arabic camel javelineer or lancer to implanted. The seleucids use them in great battles, u can read this in wikipedia: Dromedaries Camels are attested in use in the Seleucid army at the battle of Magnesia, but their small number (500) suggests they were not a regular addition.[51] According to Xenophon, their scent scared off horses. Some ideas :
  7. bug? but would be nice if seleucids can use this tech too like persian archers
  8. perhaps nice working with fire arrows or other fire projectiles for get some damage per sec on buildings (no direct damage if mass attacks)
  9. Nice job. Are these flags for athenian and spartian shields?
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