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  1. hi i did try the last svn version and saw some market sale-buy boxes are missing. ps: I like the new one-click formation feature for the army.
  2. hi i am use the latest svn version and i canĀ“t put units on the wall towers (only inside). How to set units on the roof of wall towers? Doors and walls work fine.
  3. hi if i play kush i noticed, that the wall texture of kush wonder is on head (inside, but only one wall), its possible to fix this?
  4. Hi There are three individual embassies (iber,gaul,ital) in game. Would get better if there be big one embassy for all cart mercenaries (like in atlas)? its only a consideration. 300 wood - 300 stone - 300 metal ressource @borg- or @wraitii ? nice day
  5. Hidan


    After SVN update: catapults are shooting snowballs
  6. I would like if will add some elephant techs like body armor - increase armor but reduce walk and run speed - or tower on back - for standing archers / javelins for feature in future - or elephant bridles for increase rotating speed if will reduce in default. but this techs should be very expensive.
  7. Hi wuts about adding roman slingers to 0 a.d.?
  8. Alpha XXV : Yama or Yamaraja https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yama
  9. @wackyserious nice work its possible to add sword scabbard to brit/infantry_spearman_e (green ground) and brit/champion_infantry_swordman (green ground) like gauls spearman_e and champion_infantry_swordman (red ground)? Britons look naked without scabberd have nice day
  10. hi i do remember there are another one gaul and brit fortress in 23. is this a bug?
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