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  1. 1* you don't need to be in passive mode to lure ennemy units 2* luring always been a tactic deployed by smart strategists on battlefields (napoleon and gengis khan) .. opposite to tactical cosmic that sends all and cross fingers 3* nobody can come with a clear line between "dance" , "micro" and moving units .. if your hero lost him self on the front lines , would you sacrifice it ? What's dance , moving the same unit 2 times per second ? Seems that moving back all the front melee is already too much dance for you 4* "dance" has been removed already some versions ago .. the 'dance' will get some damage no matter what whilst it was possible to have any unit moonwalking taking 0 damages 5* micro units is the answer that address the problem of short distance units bumping in each other. Slingers are still superior to skirmishers if the terrain is not total clear. 6* anti-"dancers" are those who are generally angry to see their op ranged units losing a battle ... " meeh, let me auto-spam units from 20 cheap wood barracks" 7* yes, "dance" is more clicks .. you can still play simcity if you think that 0ad should be nothing else that ecobotting the fastest, send all and win on auto-pilot bad idea for 2 reasons : - you may want the AI to compute at each frame - instead of each command - the closest enemy unit and this for each unit .. - you really want the AI to cancel each of your command so that your units will run after the enemy hero dancing behind your lines ?
  2. yes, most easy way to implement . I created this thread because i think that in any aspect of a strategic game, an advantage should carry somehow a downside .. so the team/player losing could recover and not play a game that is rigged to be gg within the next 10 mins . An example in 0ad would be territory expansion with CC , thats as many as CC to defend and with bad coordinations you can lose them 1 by 1 as your army is scattered everywhere on the map .. All elements of a strategic game that favor braindead spam should be weighted or removed. A good thing in 0ad is that stone-paper-scissor aspect with that hack,pierce,crush ... i couldn't imagine 0ad without that . So about cav, one can say that Cav are not able to farm, mine or cut wood .. ok, but as i said, once you got like 120 cavs, u really dont need lot of citizens to replace casualties since you use allies as meat shield .. it goes to an extend that looting makes cav eco-self-sufficient to keep the spamming .. With op units like Firecav, the damage taken are so slow u can offer the luxury to micro damaged firecav and heal them back in a captured temple. Just unstoppable .. so really there's no downside - or too few - in having a bunch of cavs in the middle of a TG. Cavalery = 2 pop is good idea
  3. vincel, why didn't u posted the chat of the lobby too ? I told u in the lobby that i had resign while u was pausing u did even respond . But u didnt unpause and u went with no points.
  4. There's 2 things that comes on my mind to keep CAV as it should remain to be : a rushing unit and not a darn spam unit -> remove their ability to capture ( debatable ) --> Limit their pop cap to 15%-20% of total pop (undebatable , it must be) People gonna say, yes but cav cost 50 food more .. i would answer that since you lose your cav at very slower rate than infantery, they cost on the field, less.
  5. can we get rid of this idiot ? he ddos in TG when specing or losing. But this time he ddosed me in a 1v1 in rage. I knew he would stop a losing 1v1 but i cant stand he can randomly pollute the lobby with his nolife activities.
  6. You can't submit empty content here. Please enter some content and try again.
  7. https://www.ilmeridianonews.it/2019/02/tragedia-in-casa-giuseppe-precipita-dal-balcone-e-muore-a-29-anni/
  8. maybe StarAtt is gold ? But he doesnt play anymore.
  9. i saw the replay and borgus played like he was playing vs a Ceramic (trolling). But berhudar is bronze and surprised borgus. Also, there's a bit too few seats in silver bracket - only 7, i dont see one of those players leaving his seat for Berhudar for now) I think that a Silver championship should be organized to see if any bronze/silver should upgrade/downgrade. I see no silver players challenging the top3 for the moment.
  10. me vs staratt 2020-08-22_0011.zip (haters honey pot)
  11. you should precise it happend twice in a row. . So gimme points 2 times and im agree to resign once.
  12. @Stockfish , how do you say "i will not wait all night long you finish your business call" ?
  13. @Stockfish, how do you say chicken in spanish ?
  14. Physic, since i dont keep all my replays i wouldnt be able to find out ..... oh .. but .. let me see ... Marine ... naval .. aaah i see , you talking once again that naval map i gave all my metal to allies because they had none - while you were feeded like foie-gras to spam boats in order to take over all the islands. Please be fair physic, and show what a fair naval 2v2 gives
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