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  1. mmh no , since it can work differently , it can be something that decreases over time and has limited stocks (like pop) Imagine that having 0 water stocks decreases the hp of your units slowly ( like the fire effect but slower) . Losing units by thirst . Water is life after all Also, there's a real tactical implications : forcing a turtle player to go out of his walls to defend its city weak point : water supply arrival Water buildings type : those that collect and bring water : Wells, Bridge, Pump near river (similar to a dock - it's ok for storage) , Rain captors , Mobile unit (just like maurya worker elephant) those that stock water and have limited capacity (basically to secure long siege ) -> The stocks of water will go down as soon as the water supply is inferior to the demand -> Each unit will require a certain amount of water over time. Op elephants will require a lot The downside of having a great pop can be materialized by having big needs in water and so it would act like the weakest link in a strategic game. Also, since early rush is becoming too risky to beat the celts-mainland-ecobot-spam-cav "strategy" in TG, We need something that needs to reward early attacks more. 0ad needs really needs some innovations. Game has stagnated since 5 years
  2. With Giving more pop cost it would not change anything before you reach pop max anyway,.. But later, this would prevent the spam of those at late game as they virtually cost far less than regular units since you don't lose/replace them (hit and run) . Cavalry should be meant to be used as some skirmisher forces that will operate beside , sneaky and mobile.. But now, it just operates as the main component of a stupid spam game. The cav champs are so good that they don't even bother to avoid spearmen Just like Rams ability to kill humans was removed for the sake of strategy , cavalry cannot be plain and simply just better than regular units
  3. i think that having a great pop should have somehow a downside .. water shortage could work for this
  4. Stockfish when discovering that the next release will block any cheating modd and he will go back to 1700 stockfish.mp4
  5. ok, he just ddosed my game in the lobby right now . He even admitted it in the Lobby chat Players : PhilippeTheSwaggerless, Sniper12 , reza-nubia, effervescent , OrangeBiggie, me
  6. What about implementing a feature that bans someone from the lobby for 24h if something like 3 or 4 users vote "/ban Larsvandijk" within 10 mins That guy joins the lobby with no other purpose than ruining games (he doesn't even bother hide it) and the current questionable moderator seems to be very happy with it (unless he's busy muting people for not reason) Other user's command ideas : - "/block Larsvandijk" : to block his IP - "/ghost Larsvandijk" : your appear to him (only him) with another name (random generated or picked in the old users database) -"/mask Larsvandijk" : you will be invisible to him and so are your games your are hosting.
  7. If not , would the devs be able to make a FPS out of it in a 1 week challenge ? Example : controlling an archer unit and be able to shoot arrows , reload , straf, jump ..
  8. sad cesar fall into that trick .. was pretty obvious who was the responsible .. all this is possible because devs are doing nothing to address the issue of having those subhumans around. Lobby moderation is limited to mute people randomly.
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