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  1. im back haters ! just waiting user1 to unban me today .. Let's pray my return edit : our wishes have been carried out .. jc is in the lobby his aura , a coat of velvety dark sky glittering with the gleam of uncountable galaxies
  2. Is there more information about the music ? Artists , recorded in studio ? The Carthagian music is really fabulous. The persian music is cool too. It's the same music band that made them all ? edit : found this : https://play0ad.bandcamp.com/ EDIT : not sure about maurya, kushites, seleucides, macedons I selected for seleucides - The Hellespont - coz it refers to istambul (even not exactely in seleucides empire) and sounds like persian for the Macedonians - in the shadow of Olympus - coz close to Pella Some civs have 2 music for them self
  3. bla bla .. why do you assume i read you ? you are so boring . ----- Let's go to the point. I suggest that you make a set of 7 matches vs Wendy. 250 pop . Just do it or will you find excuses to chicken out ? Ngorogoron (medium) Lake (normal) Marshland Rhins (small) Mainland (small) Empire (medium) Migration (medium) little islands (normal) 7 civs : sparta, athen, seleucid, rome, carthage, kushit, persia. Each civ can be played only once. For each map, a civ has to be picked wisely Answers possible : : I h
  4. luck/bad luck can happen, you need to make something like 10 matches to know edit : lol, it's not even a 1v1. Shame on you Wendy. Only 1v1 matters
  5. politicians who allow this were elected .. so you have your answer...
  6. why start before ? nubia's good luck vs @Wendy22
  7. since when the lives of blacks don't matter ?
  8. @Dakara , "Team France' , c'est nulle. " l'Equipe de France " ├ža aurait eu plus de gueule. To join de conversation about 'dance', i think it's retarded to ban it as it's impossible to define/quantify a sequence of move on time as a dance or a regular move. What's the limit ? Make unit move less than 1 meter so it moonwalk ? How many clicks per sec is allowed before it's considered as dance? Simply formation dance should be allowed? A dance while escaping is ok but then how does it comes it's different when you do it with the hero to lure the ennemies ? Only hero dance
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