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  1. well i can join some players but like 30% of hosts ;/
  2. update : there are some players i can join but only few. like 70% of the players i can't
  3. Hi, after a month off i tried to play today but i can't join other hosts and they can't join mine. using windows 10, any idea what can i do to fix that ? Thanks.
  4. Hi, today on Daniel_kinq host i was 1vs1 with DoctorOrgans and when he lost he just left. his excuse was that i banned him on 1vs1 couple of weeks ago when he was dancing with hero after we agreed not to do that.i mean he didnt even win that game i just paused and asked him to stop 3 times and then when he kept doing that and ignoring my questions i closed the game on equality situation. i want my points - no need to ban him tho. @user1 @Hannibal_Barca @ffm Thanks, Wendy. 2021-01-14_0004.rar
  5. @Boudica @Havran @Unknown_Player @go2die @ValihrAnt @Edwarf @Issh @PhyZik maybe we can rematch today 4vs4 ? i mean not under tournament scores but just for fun same system because i missed game yesterday.
  6. 4 pm gmt+2 ? its ifne on friday / saturday. rest of the days i work
  7. @DerekO in israel fiday saturday is my weekend, im available almost all day so dosent realy matter when
  8. Gmt +2 18:30 - 21:00, on weekends i am available whole day
  9. Since he is not attending to 1vs1, and its hard to find 1vs1 in teamgame, this is the only pure 1vs1 we ever had. I call again for rated 1vs1 so we will have good video.
  10. Well, then he is welcome to prove his skills on 1vs1 rated .
  11. @JC (naval supremacist) yeah.. well im trying to get him on 1vs1 but he chicken 24/7 PS : we fight 1vs1 just in a tg, so it is a 1vs1, but he got 2500 res from his team while i got 0
  12. hi, lately phyzic call me noob but when i suggest a 1vs1 he dissapear. i want to remind @PhyZik what happens when we have 1vs1 without team military help (phyzic got donate of 2500 res and i got 0 but still got rekt in less than 2 min fight xd) also u can clearly see phyzic dancing with hero and still loosing the 1vs1. fights starts around minute 14. tip for players : PhyZic become OP when cav army full upgraded but this never happens before minute 20 and lots of res from team, attack him before minute 15 and u will feel an 1500 level player. great day everyone
  13. @badosu havent play with u for long time, i guess 11 will be fair tho.
  14. Valihrant - 10 Borg- 9.25 Stockfish - 8.75 Phyzic - 8 Boudica - 8 Havran - 8 Faction - 8 Edwarf - 8 Rauls - 8 Fpre - 8 Saidrdz - 8 Chrsgtr - 7.75 Unknown_player - 7.75 Ricsand - 7.75 Dakara - 7.5 Randomid - 7.5 Issh - 7.25 Go2die - 7 When i consider 0.25 as big different. All those players got rating of 8 by me are not equals but +-
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