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  1. Hi, today on Daniel_kinq host i was 1vs1 with DoctorOrgans and when he lost he just left. his excuse was that i banned him on 1vs1 couple of weeks ago when he was dancing with hero after we agreed not to do that.i mean he didnt even win that game i just paused and asked him to stop 3 times and then when he kept doing that and ignoring my questions i closed the game on equality situation. i want my points - no need to ban him tho. @user1 @Hannibal_Barca @ffm Thanks, Wendy. 2021-01-14_0004.rar
  2. @Boudica @Havran @Unknown_Player @go2die @ValihrAnt @Edwarf @Issh @PhyZik maybe we can rematch today 4vs4 ? i mean not under tournament scores but just for fun same system because i missed game yesterday.
  3. 4 pm gmt+2 ? its ifne on friday / saturday. rest of the days i work
  4. @DerekO in israel fiday saturday is my weekend, im available almost all day so dosent realy matter when
  5. Gmt +2 18:30 - 21:00, on weekends i am available whole day
  6. Since he is not attending to 1vs1, and its hard to find 1vs1 in teamgame, this is the only pure 1vs1 we ever had. I call again for rated 1vs1 so we will have good video.
  7. Well, then he is welcome to prove his skills on 1vs1 rated .
  8. @JC (naval supremacist) yeah.. well im trying to get him on 1vs1 but he chicken 24/7 PS : we fight 1vs1 just in a tg, so it is a 1vs1, but he got 2500 res from his team while i got 0
  9. hi, lately phyzic call me noob but when i suggest a 1vs1 he dissapear. i want to remind @PhyZik what happens when we have 1vs1 without team military help (phyzic got donate of 2500 res and i got 0 but still got rekt in less than 2 min fight xd) also u can clearly see phyzic dancing with hero and still loosing the 1vs1. fights starts around minute 14. tip for players : PhyZic become OP when cav army full upgraded but this never happens before minute 20 and lots of res from team, attack him before minute 15 and u will feel an 1500 level player. great day everyone
  10. @badosu havent play with u for long time, i guess 11 will be fair tho.
  11. Valihrant - 10 Borg- 9.25 Stockfish - 8.75 Phyzic - 8 Boudica - 8 Havran - 8 Faction - 8 Edwarf - 8 Rauls - 8 Fpre - 8 Saidrdz - 8 Chrsgtr - 7.75 Unknown_player - 7.75 Ricsand - 7.75 Dakara - 7.5 Randomid - 7.5 Issh - 7.25 Go2die - 7 When i consider 0.25 as big different. All those players got rating of 8 by me are not equals but +-
  12. @Marcus Areillius @Marcus Aurelius can u add me as 5th player to boudica's team? thanks.
  13. Great win. Really appriciate. u, lordhoi and ceasar did really well. Problem in nomad is that map was imba. We had 1 metal 1 stone for all 3 players while u had 5 metal and lots of stone.. but thats nomad.. congratz! Maybe now u agree to 1vs1? I think u got a chance now
  14. Hey, nice random civils teamgame. i upload this game because there is a player call himself "goat" (greatest of all time -who the hell call him self as third person and that name ? xd) that dancing nonstop in games and claim "passive mod". now there are some players like Decger & @Issh learned from him dancing and claim "passive mod". just to make it clear even a small dance can make a player lose a game because he lose lots of units in short time and boost enemy unites. anyway this player "goat" was border with me (Wendy). some info about game u can check urself: - fi
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