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  1. SomeGuy just host a game by your own and play with the settings, then u will see where is that red line when u mark "Rated" and how it disapear when u unmark the option. best is to see it yourself. gl
  2. @SomeGuy i suggest you start playing with real players, first team games / unrated 1vs1. its pretty different vs real players than AI
  3. Hi, i think its time to reset all ratings and change the system, nobody cares about rating anymore since there are lot of weak players with 19xx / 2k ratings... my suggest is to reset all ratings and change the system to that: -all 1vs1 games will be Rated. -u can't lose points (but u will lose your statistics), the points u will get will depends on your oponent rank. - if your oponent is lower than 200 points than yours, u will win no rating points (only statistics) i think this will drive again the passion to play 1vs1 games, anyway this is my opinion it could be bad idea tho
  4. also seems like i had to relax the fan speed in Bios, the default settings was too agressive. thanks for help and time
  5. well its still not perfect but better. my new mouse is some microsoft mouse. my old mouse is logitech gaming mouse which i forgot the specific series.
  6. thanks for help guys. i will do upload soon. anyway i had 1 game today and it seems like it worked fine, i dont know if it make sense but i connected a new mouse.
  7. will try today and update, thx.
  8. i never had lag when played as single player, even when played on 2x / 5x speed. i think its a cpu lag because of 2 reasons: 1. i dont see ping issue on the screen 2. i can hear my fans working very hard
  9. when downloading this version it seems like me and the moderators are only ones in lobby
  10. my drivers are up to date and i have always nvidia control panel open..
  11. nope, it kidna start from minute 0 and getting worst as pop grow
  12. ofc im using nvidia gpu and not the intel 1. im using desktop, i will upload the needed files.
  13. hi Khan, how do i check which CPU 0ad game make use of ?
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