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  1. I know it would be reliable, but IMHO better than actual system anyway. I had not thought about maps, so I believe that a solution is: chose mainland as official map for classified games. So we can also take tournaments or fixed teams using discord (or other) for coordination in the team. Thank you very much for the suggestion, I'll try to create something and maybe more than one parameter because the strength of a player can't be defined by a single number.
  2. I think that a multiplayer rating can be very useful to understand real power of a player to make a balanced game. In my experience I met overpower 1100 and weak 1300. I have no doubt that their ratings are real, but a team game is really different from a 1vs1 match. So, I want to propose a multiplayer rating, next to the already existent 1vs1. The main problem is: how to rate players? In my opinion we must take in consideration both who is the victory team and the results obtained by players in each team. calculate the sum of the points of each team: so if the stronger team wins, they gain less points; if the weaker team wins, they gain more points. use the overall ratings each 5 minutes to understand who played better in game (although he/she is in the loser team); create a classification based on previous point and give points to first 4 players, remove from least 4; finally give bonus points to all player of the winner team, based on point 1. In this way a good player of the loser team can earn points and a weak of the winner one can lose them. The only problem is that players on the borders are disadvantaged, because they usually grow slower. It's only a sketch, so can be improved with formulas to define all possible cases, but I think that the previous list contain all essential rules.
  3. I'm on debian sid, so it affect my device. I suddenly checked my xz-utils and liblzma and debian community have already reverted to 5.4.5 For further infos read here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=39866307
  4. A good map, but not great: if you spawn on the small peninsula is very difficult to play. IMHO it can be resolved adding more building land.
  5. I have just tried to install 0 ad on another emulator because Winlator is famous for a good user interface but slower that other emulators. This time I used termux, termux-x11 and proot-distro (is not an emulator, but it does not matter). I followed this simple guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXkXzFqSeYE My GPU is MALI, so I have to use VirGL library, but it isn't supported by alpha 26, and I can't download the source code of alpha 27 beacuse it weight about 30 GB and it's difficult to build on a small screen. With MALI it will go wuth turnip, but it's slow. Can someone with a Snapdragon GPU follow this guide and say to me Mesa driver have good performance? I had an issue with termux: https://www.reddit.com/r/termux/comments/w0ixkp/how_to_solve_process_completed_signal_9_press/ I resolved it following first comment, LADB is downloadable from github without paying on play store. An other possibility is to use my device with a prebuilt version of alpha 27
  6. In the last days, I sent a commit and so my source code is different from the original. If I want to start another ticket, I have to restore all my files to be the same of the original source code or arcanist knows that I had already sent a commit?
  7. I'm on debian sid with experimental repositories. I follow the guide and It worked only without Atlas, using the flag --disable-atlas to update-workspaces.sh When I ran sudo apt install wx3.0-headers libwxbase3.0-dev libwxgtk3.0-gtk3-dev libwxbase3.0-0v5 libwxgtk3.0-gtk3-0v5 it returned the all packages were updated. Now I tried to resolve and I installed more packages from synaptic. I installed almost all, then reboot and cd build/workspaces ./update-workspaces.sh -j12 cd gcc make clean make -j12 I don't know the ones that resolved the problem, but now Atlas works well. It's only a problem that involved me or the guide needs to be changed?
  8. There are some islands, Borneo or Sumatra, that are full of wood, but you can't build a civil center on these ones. You can build a dock and gather the wood. It's to help Australian player, that has less available resources. EDIT: for the same reason I make Australia a bit bigger. I replace here the new file. Chile is too small and I implemented it with the latest update because you could access to Pacific Ocean only from North and Central America and it's unfair. You CAN'T go through tropical rain forest with assault sieges and elephants. It's not a bug, it's a feature World.xml World.pmp
  9. Finally good new: IT'S FINISHED! Here all the screenshots of the map. I will publish another last post to share the files and some tips
  10. Map is ready, I'm doing balancing step
  11. credit: wikipedia commons Remade wrong biomes and added details. If you think that there are errors, please tell me
  12. Map size is giant and almost all the map is buildable. Despite that some countries are too small, as Cuba or Italy. I tried to import an heighmap bigger than 512x512 but Atlas editor crashed
  13. Just to update you. It's still WIP, because I want to make texture more detailed and these colors are only a sketch. I accept all advises about colors and height changes, so I can change now before I add entities.
  14. Hi, I have some suggestion to improve the map making: 1) Create a drop down menu for biomes, because there are about thirty biomes and it's difficult to find one and confront them because you can't see all of them on a single screen; 2) A searching tool for biomes through names; 3) Can be useful, but in my opinion more difficult to make it, another searching tool based on similar colors with a RGB color picker.
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