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  2. https://www.ilmeridianonews.it/2019/02/tragedia-in-casa-giuseppe-precipita-dal-balcone-e-muore-a-29-anni/
  3. maybe StarAtt is gold ? But he doesnt play anymore.
  4. i saw the replay and borgus played like he was playing vs a Ceramic (trolling). But berhudar is bronze and surprised borgus. Also, there's a bit too few seats in silver bracket - only 7, i dont see one of those players leaving his seat for Berhudar for now) I think that a Silver championship should be organized to see if any bronze/silver should upgrade/downgrade. I see no silver players challenging the top3 for the moment.
  5. me vs staratt 2020-08-22_0011.zip (haters honey pot)
  6. you should precise it happend twice in a row. . So gimme points 2 times and im agree to resign once.
  7. @Stockfish , how do you say "i will not wait all night long you finish your business call" ?
  8. @Stockfish, how do you say chicken in spanish ?
  9. Physic, since i dont keep all my replays i wouldnt be able to find out ..... oh .. but .. let me see ... Marine ... naval .. aaah i see , you talking once again that naval map i gave all my metal to allies because they had none - while you were feeded like foie-gras to spam boats in order to take over all the islands. Please be fair physic, and show what a fair naval 2v2 gives
  10. the idea of gold , silver, bronze and ceramic , is that any level is about being roughly twice more numerous than the sum of the previous ones gold : 3 players - top3 - Feld , borgus, Val silver : 7 players - top10 - JC, Fish, Schweinpriest, decger, physic, fpre , bodusa bronze : 20 players - top30 - chrstgtr, Boudica, Wendy, Havran, Ricsand, berhudar, dakeyras, Obry, faction02, ElDragon, eskro, phoenixdesk, Rorrosaar, SaidRdz, Rauls, roscany, Carthage, xtreme022, Obi, Rollo ceramic : 70 players - top100 - .... But yes, i think a competition could be nice to elect the 7 silver players of 0ad could be a great idea. I accept the challenge
  11. boudica, bronze player get in mind once for all, that im not even interested to know who is better in TG( did i even started a single debate on the subject) My upper posts are just motivated to demonstrate that your radical views ( pathological jc's hate) cannot be reasonnable for anyone that has some common sense. Trying to convince people im not a top player (im not saying im the best) just makes you look stupid. And even more stupid if you are too scared to 1v1 me after . Just relax, find a job, stop living the night and seek some sun light time to time. peace jc, silver player
  12. No , you will not go into details because you are just displaying a facade of knowledges - when actually, you had probably just googled it. me : Ah, this is not true ? because Cntrl-F didnt return any results on the wiki page ? lol . It's normal because it's often related to what is commonly refereed as "Mathematical expectation" (Mean of probabilities) . So you being uneducated on the subject couldnt help you making the link between theory and put into pratice. So, let me educate you once again with a basic exemple : - a coin, heads (jc) or tails (boudy) - your assumption : the coin will almost always flip on "tails" (because boudy is stonk ! jc is all fake .. jc only 10 % chance to win ! ) - results : one gets "heads" 6 times on 9 .. ahh too bad for boudy .. - probability that your assumption is still "True" and it was just "luck" for JC .... veeery unlikely .. more easy to understand ? or you need some bla bla bla ? I can compute some exacts probabilities if you want. And so it goes the same with team balance ... very unlikely they are made uneven each time.. Because, precisely, teams are balanced taking in prior the performance of each player in TG's .. the more a player is strong .. the more he will be put with weaker players ... (you can see the evidence of this in the 9 games - im alwys the best by far - whilst its not so evident with you) Always trying deseperatly to grab any argument ? Feel free to make a complete analysis, we all know you have much of time to spend. But at the end of the game, kills can be seen roughly as the final result, since, time > eco > making units > units kill .. (it's impossible to kill armies with 10 soldiers, just like its impossible to make armies with the eco made by 10 units). ( ok readers, this is the only thing to remember , you can skip all the cries , bs and bla bla bla around) Boudy, just send message me and add @user1 and some people if you want.
  13. There's a thing you obviously don't understand. I'm posting this NOT to prove that I'm better than you (ofc i am, 1v1 would be enough but u won't dare to face brutal reality) but simply to demonstrate you were just blatantly lying or talking non-senses BS since the beginning. And how ? There's a statistical thing named : "law of the great numbers" that basically, says a truth couldnt been hidden by luck for too long , even under a stack of twisted BS you seem some eager to profer. So i just had to pick up a sample of my 9 last games to make your theories bit the dust without having to make a deep analysis. I just see that i lead my team to victory more often that you did and being always first in my team (whilst you were just a random second player in 3-4 games) "0 Lost" ...
  14. Boudy, im surgeon, not psychologist, i cant heal your pathological trait to blatant lying But Ok, lets the Doctor make a diagnosis, but trust me, you cannot dirt all alone my excellent reputation and my fame in 0ad community. Everybody knows me as being reliable and honest. Whilst, you write tons of BS after spending hours on your comments editing/reviewing/correcting in hope people will think you are an Oxford academic So in december i played 3 days only, and battle you 9 games ... Now the autopsy ! I basicaly out-perform you 6 games on 9 And the 3 times " I lost " i was still first in the team. Special mention to the game jc (kush) > Boudy (Gauls with iber bonus ! ) . Seriously, boudy, accept you the league below me. You are good bronze, but definively not a silver. Accept your social status on 0ad and your hate will disapear. Be humble and your life will get brighter.
  15. congratulations boudy... so i really dont get why you are so scared to 1v1 me .. I don't even know what you talking about. You started to become emotional about scores made by someone i dont even know. I could just "elaborate" on the booming thing reminding that i play very often the slowest civ and that when i play like every celts-eco-bot i just boom as much and on the defending topic. The whole topic is retarded anyway as only the final records of 1v1 matters which is roughly rendered on the lobby score. Btw, i dont understand why i have so much hard times removing that strange idea , sticking on your brain like an oyster on its rock, that records of team games does matter ; coz according to them, top 3 players are average players since they win roughly 50% of their TG, since, the balance made takes in consideration the prior of their previous records.. gnééé
  16. oh, if you felt disrespected or offended during games, i apologize and promise to respect a safe space around your CC
  17. lol, boudy triggered again.... extending/writing/editing/reviewing another worthless,endless,useless post .. just to not make his obsessional hate on me .. so obvious. Get over it boudy, if you refuse to 1v1 me its because you know you cant compete. Let's make 7 1v1 if you win a single one, then i will start to respect you :) But this will never happen
  18. im back haters ! just waiting user1 to unban me today .. Let's pray my return edit : our wishes have been carried out .. jc is in the lobby his aura , a coat of velvety dark sky glittering with the gleam of uncountable galaxies
  19. Is there more information about the music ? Artists , recorded in studio ? The Carthagian music is really fabulous. The persian music is cool too. It's the same music band that made them all ? edit : found this : https://play0ad.bandcamp.com/ EDIT : not sure about maurya, kushites, seleucides, macedons I selected for seleucides - The Hellespont - coz it refers to istambul (even not exactely in seleucides empire) and sounds like persian for the Macedonians - in the shadow of Olympus - coz close to Pella Some civs have 2 music for them self
  20. bla bla .. why do you assume i read you ? you are so boring . ----- Let's go to the point. I suggest that you make a set of 7 matches vs Wendy. 250 pop . Just do it or will you find excuses to chicken out ? Ngorogoron (medium) Lake (normal) Marshland Rhins (small) Mainland (small) Empire (medium) Migration (medium) little islands (normal) 7 civs : sparta, athen, seleucid, rome, carthage, kushit, persia. Each civ can be played only once. For each map, a civ has to be picked wisely Answers possible : : I have balls, challenge accepted ! : sorry, i'm low IQ can you repeat ? : I withdraw, I'm scared : lol.. like jc thinks i stand a chance
  21. luck/bad luck can happen, you need to make something like 10 matches to know edit : lol, it's not even a 1v1. Shame on you Wendy. Only 1v1 matters
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