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  1. can we get rid of this idiot ? he ddos in TG when specing or losing. But this time he ddosed me in a 1v1 in rage. I knew he would stop a losing 1v1 but i cant stand he can randomly pollute the lobby with his nolife activities.
  2. I'm afraid it is not. Police are citizens like everyone else and they are just following orders . If those orders are unfair, dumb, orwellian or whatever ... it will trigger a reaction from the citizens who are still standing on their feet and who are still aware what fundamental rights consists of . From there, if the Police has the permission/order to escalate, it will lead undoubtedly leads to "Police Brutality" --> Police Brutality is directly linked to the orders/limits they receive --> those orders are linked to political decisions Do you think you will see Police brutality in a student demonstration for Climate , BLM or LGTB Parade ? The brutality doesnt always mean physical violence, it could also be psychological abuse or intimidation Here, still in Australia https://odysee.com/@TimTruth:b/Crazy-australian-police-compilation:6
  3. ? do you realize i was not including myself in the 0,01% ? Learn to read and don't add another head count to the caravan of dummies that is traveling around in this thread '
  4. and would you mind start read first ? Do you think those links are revealing anything new for me ? Like breakfastburrito, you are just showing up after skipping the whole thread just to put your little poop on top of the stack .. i don't even find motivation to answer 1000 times to a 1000th carbon-copy of the same npc. Just go take your 5 annual shots in family pack and receive congratulations of Borla. The video i posted above will not even make you think twice if you are human and not a total npc I've detailed this here and some other guy add information on this subject. its just a matter how you view the product . It's not because you call a dog a cat, that it will change it to a cat. A name is just a name. There's reasons to not call it "vaccine" for the simple and sufficient reason it doesn't work like a traditional vaccine and the outcome is not the same : true vaccine is meant to gives you immunity against the virus, here, the so-called vaccine is meant to protect you against the severe form of the covid. After that, im' not here to discuss in details about how it works precisely , because as said before, i have no idea. So try also the ticket of the honesty instead of thinking you are a great scientist or investigator for just posting first links referenced by google (Fact checkers .. just self-referencing .. a @#$%ing joke)
  5. all those conspiracy theorists .. doctors, phd , nurse, physicians , immunologist, virologist , nobel prices .. incredible .. (they may secretly be flat earthers ) f6hINcuN2IaK.mp4
  6. - A so called " conspiracy theory " arise when someone is confronted to interrogations and that he feel that some keys to bring answers to them are intentionally hidden . So yes, it's a typical human behavior to try to understand its environment .. one can even say it's linked to survival instinct. Ofc, a sheep with 3 jabs in the ass, doesn't care . As long as there's enough grass in the field , he's happy. But on the other hand, in our covid times, I would say it becomes hard to talk about a " conspiracy theory " since they don't even have to hide their motives and/or agenda .. they just rely on the fact that most of the people are just imbeciles that follow the herd. ... to stay on the line with your post, you will notice that some theories survive while others dies, just like virus they are submitted to test. The weak theories are mocked , some others can bring you in trouble.. its all matter if they are truth or fantasies.
  7. define " conspiracy theories " please explain me how videos of policeman punching an old woman is "disinformation" nice, i see you are into conspiracy theories.. ah yes, sorry.. it only goes in 1 way. after reading all your posts, i would say its normal.
  8. no, actually i have no interest in biochemistry nor, any qualifications in that field. Im just bringing the debate on another level that allows people to talk on things we can commonly comprehend . I'm not qualified to say if the thing i read here and there is right or wrong. And seriously, nobody on this forum could. Even having a phd in biochemistry will not make you able to understand. Even with a lab, a team, you would probably won't be able to reproduce the pfizer vaccine. We just have the information on it in the very great lines and some qualified people can make some links with the theory they have priory learnt. This doesn't makes you able to predict its long term effects.
  9. omg .. just stop posting if its to say non-senses and other stupidities in each of your post. Explain us how exposing facts and video footage of Australian events has anything to do with " right-wing conspiracy-theory " . What's happening in Australia has an pure absolute 0% coverage in my country. Excellent idea , go find any pieces of evidences of that and come back only if found .. By then, good riddance
  10. Australian people are rising . They have my unconditional support Here, a woman of 70 getting smashed and sprayed k7K5AiKv10y_qEnQ.mp4 " A violent protest against mandatory Covid-19 vaccination erupted outside of a Melbourne trade union office on Monday, after it was announced that construction workers would have to be vaccinated to continue doing their jobs. " https://www.rt.com/news/535344-chaos-in-australia-vaccine-protest/ _files_2021.09_61489f74203027595c1a6734.mp4 Good coverage of Australia https://www.@#$%ute.com/channel/thecrowhouse/
  11. -No one is 100% perfectly healthy . But before falling straight dead, there's some symptoms that would show illness . Having , for example, those 4 healthy British airways dying mysteriously after the shot is just very very .. unusual. For any police inspector, his main assumption would be that they have been poisoned . - I dont have the health book of those who died after the shot. But when you compare with the stats that have been made on the other vaccines - assuming they had kept the same measure methodology - there's no reason to assume we were unfortunate in 2020-2021 and all those covid vaccinated that died after having it , were all morbid obese ... -> " In just four months, the COVID-19 vaccines have killed more people than all available vaccines combined from mid-1997 until the end of 2013 — a period of 15.5 years "
  12. thank you for structuring your post but you can also read what ive wrote before. You didn't pay attention enough. " vaccine mandates are mass surveillance " its not the vaccine , the vaccine is the motive of the passport . And since this passport has to be scanned everywhere you go, the idea of tracking people is not far. So is it really the case ? I don't know. But , the same way, if government start to build fences all around your city to protect you. You have reasons to be worry. " The covid vaccine is "deadly" not as deadly as drinking 1 liter of gasoline, but reported as FAR MORE deadly than any else vaccine of our childhood. Let alone all the reported side effects like facial paralysis , blood clots in the brain, low platelet count ... ) . On the lowest scale, all the people saying they feel weak after the shot.. how so ... i didnt remember any of my previous vaccines made me feel sick for many days. " the disease is not deadly " once again, everything is relative. First, there's the problem of measure , diagnosis, reporting and recording a death .. there's as much steps and person involved in the process that there's room to hack the reality. Also, you can put the covid deaths (even if suspicious) with declared deaths for reasons like obesity, cancer, tobacco etc etc .. and keep in mind those deaths overlap much . But politics prefer to stick the covid cause above all others. I dont want to enter this subject for now, but you can just check total deaths in a country and compare years. So yes , a wave of deaths occurred in 2020 but now, the covid cannot justify alone all this Orwellian measures
  13. if its for trolling, you can seriously gtfo and if you are serious, it shows you are an imbecile. So better, say its for trolling and review the way you brings value to the debate.
  14. Counting deaths is not as simple as counting the cars in a parking - did the dude died from the covid only or some comorbidity influence the outcome all along ? (he was healthy ?) - did the dude died during, after and how long after the covid ? (after 6 months ?) - how do you define a covid ill person ? a covid case .. ( i can diagnostic anyone carrying the flu if i dig deep) A possible thing to do for any "non-scientist" is to compare total weekly mortality through 2018,2019,2020,2021 .. and see how the covid had bumped the curves - and even so : the lockdown , the vaccine and so other many else social effects would impact the mortality later .. (never guess that all those people refused to get treatment in 2020 would maybe die in 2021 ?) - im not even talking about things like : the fertility that has drop , economy breakdown, the total academic mess, etc etc etc .. all those things will have incredible effects later.
  15. you both STOP SPAM ! go talk on private if you want to chat. Here, remind , its for people that want to read about the subject , not your debates around politeness or humility
  16. @vinme @BreakfastBurrito_007 please, don't start to go free wheel mode and flood the thread with chat. Its already a mess . This is not Discord
  17. There's hundreds and hundreds of testimonials of professional on social medias (just talking about those who are not censored by big techs) .. Why suddenly one observe a huge wave or testimonials of journalists, doctors, epidemiologists . etc.. that will brave their social and professional reputation for publishing non-senses online with their real names ?? Just tell me ? Are they all actors ? It's not because you don't want to watch, it doesn't exist https://odysee.com/@thesearethedarned:1/Gemma-O'Doherty---IRISH-JOURNALIST’S-LAST-VIDEO---THREATENED-WITH-JAIL-AND-WEBSITE-WIPED-FROM-THE-WEB-8a6e19992ff7eef94253f821957fa27e14f4c1dd_x264:e https://www.@#$%ute.com/video/gigUyK3yLtMU/ there's tons of these.. just find them
  18. " bro, just stop inventing that round circular thing bro .. just ride a mammoth bro " okey " just take your 4 shots bro , why bother bro "
  19. Ask him : knowing there's 20% of black balls and 80% red balls in Box A and there's 50%,50% in Box B ... how do you evaluate the probability the ball comes from box B if you have a red one in your hand ? that's right, you assume .. Just check out how his Foundation spends its billions .. (like being the biggest donator of the WHO)
  20. i just said that thing is new and no long term studies have been carry on it .. and despite that, the vaccine is forced down in our throats while existing old treatments have been aggressively pushed away or declared nonexistent ( Remdesivir Remdesivir , Hydroxychloriquine, Ivermectine ..) by the mass medias while those are already used in the world. And so, obviously, people are testing it right now on a very large scale : there's a name for it : labs guinea pigs.. Please, keep in mind for future post, that im not against vaccines or 'progress' but when you see the outcome of all this : Orwellian state . It's normal, on a crime scene, to look after the weapon
  21. we would almost need a whole wiki to catch up and organize all those subjects . I feel that we were sleepy during 18 months and now we are waking up with some unbelievable jaw dropping Orwellian laws Stunning of the masses with daily fear, lies and propaganda... " those who control people by fear, becomes master of their souls"
  22. Precisely, correlation "could" imply "causation" when the vaccination occurs prior to the death (the opposite would be funny) and creates an abrupt modification in a status ( life/death) When it occurs in a very short time span , any else possible causes are , thus, very unlikely : example, perfectly healthy man died 1 week after the jab .. what would be the primary source of investigation, the jab or something like the quality of air in the city ? My data are those who have been reported to the competent authorities on that matter (VAERS) and so , you can guess the deaths reported were not those of the people dead in a car accident More info https://theexpose.uk/2021/07/13/30-of-deaths-reported-to-vaers-after-covid-19-vaccines-occurred-in-one-week-2000-more-deaths/
  23. Believe .. why not simply make a websearch ? There's thousands of testimonials .. One of the most famous https://www.worldtribune.com/unreported-4-british-airline-pilots-die-after-getting-covid-jab/ And what does "science" whispers in your ears ? You had invite him for breakfast for having a serious talk on all those subjects ? Let me put it right back in place. For most of people (are you one of them ?) science is nothing else than a lazy comprehension of what is exposed in medias. Nothing else. Those people will never check sources, will never read or even care the single existence of an opposition .. So i don't even question if they have study the subject by themselves. For people watching 3 hours of TV each day, being for "science" today is roughly the same than being for "god" for the average illiterate farmer that goes to the church every Sunday to listen the priest's sermon in latin ... thank you , you have clearly explained how they inflated the "covid" deaths :)
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