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  1. Is there more information about the music ? Artists , recorded in studio ? The Carthagian music is really fabulous. The persian music is cool too. It's the same music band that made them all ? edit : found this : https://play0ad.bandcamp.com/ EDIT : not sure about maurya, kushites, seleucides, macedons I selected for seleucides - The Hellespont - coz it refers to istambul (even not exactely in seleucides empire) and sounds like persian for the Macedonians - in the shadow of Olympus - coz close to Pella Some civs have 2 music for them self
  2. bla bla .. why do you assume i read you ? you are so boring . ----- Let's go to the point. I suggest that you make a set of 7 matches vs Wendy. 250 pop . Just do it or will you find excuses to chicken out ? Ngorogoron (medium) Lake (normal) Marshland Rhins (small) Mainland (small) Empire (medium) Migration (medium) little islands (normal) 7 civs : sparta, athen, seleucid, rome, carthage, kushit, persia. Each civ can be played only once. For each map, a civ has to be picked wisely Answers possible : : I have balls, challenge accepted ! : sorry, i'm low IQ can you repeat ? : I withdraw, I'm scared : lol.. like jc thinks i stand a chance
  3. luck/bad luck can happen, you need to make something like 10 matches to know edit : lol, it's not even a 1v1. Shame on you Wendy. Only 1v1 matters
  4. politicians who allow this were elected .. so you have your answer...
  5. why start before ? nubia's good luck vs @Wendy22
  6. @Dakara , "Team France' , c'est nulle. " l'Equipe de France " ├ža aurait eu plus de gueule. To join de conversation about 'dance', i think it's retarded to ban it as it's impossible to define/quantify a sequence of move on time as a dance or a regular move. What's the limit ? Make unit move less than 1 meter so it moonwalk ? How many clicks per sec is allowed before it's considered as dance? Simply formation dance should be allowed? A dance while escaping is ok but then how does it comes it's different when you do it with the hero to lure the ennemies ? Only hero dance should be banned ? Then what about those cavalery champs , they move even faster than hero cavalery. Put Hero on defensive mode is ok ? Ok, then why bring him in front of the battle each time ? Also, how can you realisticly face a group of slingers doing the usual Rauls slinger trick : shoot, retreat in formation, shoot, retreat .. formation dance when too close.. etc .. on the distance of a map ? You are supposed to get shoot and let all your units bump in each other waiting to get killed 1 by 1 ? Make also formation ? then when the skirmishers hit back those behind the formation are too distant to shoot. So you need to get closer, but the skirmishers need 1,25 secs to shoot and the slingers are already on their way to escape in formation dance .. etc ... just to say that if you want to ban a move like dance you should ban also every trick that exploit the game flaws.. And, after all, dancing requires to stop doing everything else : eco, making new units, building Both opponents can dance Also, i noticed that those who hate dance are those who like to group 200 slingers together, put Healer Hero in middle to erase the damage of ennemy towers , so they can go outside for a walk or watch some videos on youtube as the slingers just lead them to victory on sandbox mode
  7. There's 3 variables : pierce, hack and crush . Each unit has an amount of p,h,c for attack and for armor. example Buildings : Far far more 'pierce' armor than 'crush' armor Catapults : Lots of 'crush' attack , Archers : Lots of "pierce' attack , ---> use a catapult vs building
  8. Top1, 100% of the players speak FR (but i think he cheats too much) Top4 , 50% of the players speak FR (but 1 is banned all the time) Top10, 30% of the players speak FR ( he gets the corona, so disabled)
  9. jerome, you will notice that the FR speakers are statistically the best players
  10. @ffm2 , @Stockfish asks to @JC (naval supremacist) to ask @ffm2 to upload the games in which @ffm2 played vs @Stockfish . Could you do that @ffm2 ? thanks
  11. yes, gg. Badosu, game by ip if u want. Just inbox me. Im online, dont be zombie
  12. .. fishie are u scared ? @user1 can unban me for some days and extend that much my ban period
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