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  1. the funny thing is that anyone can pretend to be jc by creating fake account and make my ban even longer. I have no control on this.
  2. people didnt see me for ages now in lobby. I receive many request off my 0ad followers on Instagram (about 12000 people ) when i'll be back on 0AD. My forum inbox is full. This has to come to an end. I cant keep notify them my return but be banned from the lobby each time i relog after 2 months. They will lose patience. Also, i've heard that Stockfish is getting too far in the ranking. This is insane. How much should i pay to Wildfire games to have a premium pass and get rid of random bans ? monero, bitcoin or just paypal. Choose and communicate me how much you want. kd,
  3. thx fish, i have something to watch until my come back. Be ready fish !
  4. Aqua, post the replay files, i want to figure out why nordsigma has lost
  5. Stockfish , to make it clear, so basicaly you want to multiply everyone's score based on a random number (2857) and a random player (Val) ; player score x 2857/2164 .... okeeey
  6. I want to signal that Aqua ( 50K full resources) is a legend now in 0AD. So please, pay attention on what he's saying because there's no one like him on this planet.
  7. rhaa, remove at least the video, don't duplicate even when using a bad go o.gle trad . What a dual core noob you are.
  8. excellent, i lost so much time trying to pose houses in tight space
  9. @nani ahh u laughting but you probably would like it. And pretty sure you've seen it
  10. i don't understand understand why haters are @#$%ing on this game . Val started with lot of hunt on a map with few trees : with few trees, you cannot spam early soldiers because wood is too precious. Then he had the right unit to harass food prod without taking any damage : archers
  11. Fish ? you have 24h ... 23:59:59 .. 23:59:58 ...
  12. Fish, can u upload our last 1v1 ? I haven't it complete since u banned me
  13. Stockie,  upload our last match with your comments. It was epic.

    1. JC (naval supremacist)

      JC (naval supremacist)

      better, make youtube video.  Or it's ok if i ask  mister sausage @psypherium to make a youtube video of it ?

    2. JC (naval supremacist)

      JC (naval supremacist)

      hey Fish, don't ignore me. Or i will upload our last games ;)

  14. i think there's an update of the 23, so you may re-download the file. Also, the ban hammer is very active, so lot of players are out.
  15. brits vs maurya on youtube me : coming back with a coffee youtube : replay ?
  16. Just PM me the moment you will be online here (i will check once a day) so i will be here that moment so i can give u my IP and then we complete our inter-generational war.
  17. praying for noobs and my haters (not mutually exclusive). We can still play by IP but it seems you go full zombie when I ask you.
  18. ah my old stockie , just go outside and say his name 3 times " JC, JC , JC " then follow the biggest star above your head, don't forget your stick as you getting old, i will land on earth for his birth : the 25th of december ( check over your shoulder that user1 is not following you )
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