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  1. Really nice. Can I ask you how did you generate the images? Some details on the AI system used?
  2. I want to thank Minister Sangiuliano for his kindness and willingness to organize an entertainment, cultural and charity event in Italy. We wanted to promote the history of Ancient Rome with the support of experts and at the same time raise money for American veterans and children's hospitals in Italy. Zuckerberg declined the offer because he is not interested in this approach. He only wants to fight if the UFC organizes the fight. I'm always ready to fight anyway ⚔️
  3. Elon chickened out, replying (in Italian) to Italy Minister:
  4. So, it looks like Musk vs. Zuckerberg duel will be held in Italy, in an ancient Rome location (not in the Colosseum or Rome). Source: Place your bet on the location!
  5. It's a bit I don't play, are women and traders still required to be killed to win? Maybe removing them from victory conditions would help for this? EDIT: also civilian structures like houses. From https://playbytherules.icrc.org/ :
  6. It looks like this was addressed in 27652, right? Are there any other occurrences of the original (fasces) symbol remaining in the game?
  7. BTW, you are right that that word may have different meanings depending on how it's used. It may also be used to describe a person who is brave, as in the cited article. BTW2:
  8. The two words have the same meaning, it is used as an offensive word, and Bakixeddu also used it in this way.
  9. These strings are all Italian, BTW.
  10. What I said was for a26, a25 is probably too old and has its own issues...
  11. Yes. But as I said before, you can just apply the 2 patches I pointed to with 3.11.
  12. Debian has patches here: https://salsa.debian.org/games-team/0ad/-/tree/master/debian/patches (The two newer ones)
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