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  1. (@hyperion if you did that, you would get the following: WARNING: specificName should be an object of civ->name mappings in budhist_evangelism.json) @PyrrhicVictoryGuy It should read something like: ... "specificName": { "bact": "Buddhist Evangelism" }, ...
  2. Pretty self-explanatory. Please specify the correct civ within your structure templates. Either provide the missing template, or provide a suitable alternative under SkirmishReplacements in simulation/data/civs/bact.json.
  3. @Stan` Not yet - at a cursory glance, it looks like https://code.wildfiregames.com/D3613 might resolve it. (I'm a little busy with work right now, so if anyone wishes to commandeer and take it further do feel free.)
  4. Whilst autotools may use CBUILD for the build system and CHOST for the system that the built application is to run on, premake5 uses os.host for the build system and os.target for the system the built application is to run on. Thus, I think you might want to go back to os.istarget("windows") in your patch, as the rest of the file expects arch to be that of the system the built application is to run on, and pulls in the correct architecture-specific headers accordingly. (Of course, I could be getting confused...) (That said, the architecture detection on Windows is broken anyway: our autobuilder is 64-bit but spits out a 32-bit executable... the only thing telling it what arch to build for is what you see in that file.)
  5. @Stan` Ah, I'd forgotten about that. That does clarify things, thank you.
  6. Heh, one thing at a time. (There's also mongoose, tinygettext, and several other things that can be found in source/third_party/) Very easy in the case of valgrind: D3646. Haven't looked into cxxtest at present. We already have our own fork of fcollada: https://code.wildfiregames.com/source/fcollada/, although it's not pulled in like other external dependencies (and in fact there are some differences between that and the code that is currently bundled within library/source/). (There's also #5907 to take into consideration.) Personally, I'd like to see FCollada replaced with something that's actually maintained (by another project I mean, not by us). (Ditto with nvtt.) But it's beyond my ken to suggest possible alternatives. And to refactor code to use said alternative. [...] because I patched in the value of CHOST I require to cross compile. I was a little confused as I haven't had to do that in my own exploratory work. Still not too sure what ${CHOST} is supposed to contain. Then again, I'm largely unfamiliar with autotools, so if it's something specific to that then that might be why.
  7. I myself have been looking into creating a script akin to the current build-osx-libs.sh file, but for Windows; with the hope that it would lead to us debundling the Win32-specific binaries and headers. I'm curious to see where other people have got to in their own attempts. Anyone willing to share a link? The "CHOST hack"?
  8. Moderation: Split the discussion of building a 64-bit pyrogenesis into its own thread, as it had deviated from the original purpose of this one.
  9. Have you altered the Structure Tree within your mod at all? Perhaps increased the amount of "Trainer Units"? (Do you have a file called: gui/reference/structree/Sections/Trainer/TrainerSection.xml ?) If so, you will need to change style="StructNameSpecific" to style="StructNamePrimary". As to the other error, could you check that all templates listed in the StartingEntities section of your simulation/data/civs/{civ}.json files exist? (If they don't then you should also see errors when starting a "Random" (instead of Skirmish or Scenario) map with that civ in play.)
  10. In all seriousness, was that a dig at Microsoft or at me? (History repeating in the sense of Microsoft bringing back Vista-like ideas; or history repeating in the sense of the next wave of comparisons of a new version of Windows to a former, widely disliked, version.)
  11. Subtle. The change to the BSOD screen I'd prefer would be that it wouldn't auto-reboot after a few seconds. (I have a Windows 10 laptop issued to me for work. Sometimes - but not always - when I return to the office I find it powered off. Took me months to realise why - it BSODs, reboots, hits the bitlocker screen and - seeing as I'm not present to enter the code - powers down. I return later and have no idea why it's off.) (Also, when I am present, by the time I've grabbed the nearest device capable of reading a QR code and opened the relevant app... the darn laptop's rebooted, and taken the code with it!) From what I've seen, I'd say it looks more like Microsoft are trying to bring about the second coming of Windows Vista.
  12. We could add a scrollbar... or we could remove the description/history from the Structure Tree - it doesn't really contribute anything (and it can still be read in the "Civilisation Overview" and "Match Setup" pages).
  13. simulation/templates/template_unit_infantry.xml file has "structures/{civ}/elephant_stable" instead of "structures/{civ}/elephant_stables" in its build list. simulation/templates/units/ptol/camelry_scout.xml has an aura of "camel_stench" which should probably be "units/camel_stench".
  14. @GunChleoc, you appear to have an old version of enet installed in /usr/local/include/enet, which is being used instead of the Ubuntu-repository-provided version.
  15. --> https://code.wildfiregames.com/D3219 Committed: r24387 (update of the premake5 files) r24388 (patching our build scripts on *nix systems)
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