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  1. Thank you for the report. A fix is being prepared... has been applied.
  2. Ok people: cool it. I think we can all agree that the #BlackLivesMatter campaign is important, particularly after the events of the past couple of weeks. And yes, it is a pity that the actions of a select few spoil it for everyone. I think we can also all agree that all lives matter: regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, religion, disability, place in history, or any other factor. However, this message is getting lost as this thread continues. Whilst we welcome constructive and reasoned discussion, the three posts immediately before this one did not meet this criteria, hence why
  3. Those three are used by the rmgen wall builder to, well, build walls. AFAIK, none of them are used by the in-game user wall-placer. indent: Specifies offset from the centre of the wall line. Allows wall elements to be placed in front of (e.g. palisade spikes), behind of (most buildings), or inline with (e.g. fortresses) the line of a wall. orientation: Each wall-piece has a side that faces "in" and a side that faces "out" (important for gates, and wall-towers that have doors on the rear). orientation tells the script what base rotation to apply to the model to make sure the wall piec
  4. Should be inside ~/Library/Application Support/0ad/.
  5. As Stan' points out, the wonder population aura provides an absolute bonus (+10, increasing to +50 with the research of "Glorious Expansion"), not a proportional one. It it really added a +10% bonus, then one wonder would raise the population limit to 330 (or 370 after researching "Glorious Expansion"). Thus, it is proven empirically.
  6. Bonuses are currently applied thusly: [base] * [proportional bonus] + [absolute bonus] Both +20% and +15% are proportional bonuses, so (at the point where a unit enters the overlap in the radius' of both auras, and assuming no other auras in effect) they are multiplied together to get a total +38% bonus, which is then cached. The caching allows the final calculation to be as above - which is relatively quick to calculate - rather than having to iterate through every aura active on the map, determine if they're in range, whether they should apply, etc... all several times a second
  7. @abc1: If both auras affect whatever units you're controlling, then yes the effects will combine. @sphyrth: you're asking if 0AD is doing: [base attack] +20% +15% (equivalent to: [base attack] * 1.2 * 1.15) or [base attack] +(20 + 15)% (equivalent to: [base attack] * 1.35) I believe it's the former, which in this theoretical scenario where both auras are in effect, amounts to +38% to unit attack. @Feldfeld: Whether or not an Ally's aura affects you depends on how the aura in question has been defined. It is also possible for an Enemy's aura to affect you i
  8. As requested, all posts off-topic (and those flaming and/or trolling) have been split elsewhere. Those with value in them may be restored in/as a different thread, later. However, to everyone who posted before the split, regardless of who they be: Be. Nice. It is acceptable to disagree with someone else. It is not acceptable to insult, to demean, or be overly aggressive in your posts. I hope that is clear to everyone. No exceptions. Oh, and please keep on-topic in future, thanks!
  9. (Split posts out of original thread as it was off-topic there.)
  10. For what it's worth, the warnings above for AtlasObjectXML.cpp concerning the implicit fallthroughs should no longer occur as the code has been rewritten to no longer need the break-less switch...case statements at all. @eecsninja, thank you for your patch. It is unfortunate that it wasn't included (due to it being superseded by work being undertaken pursuing another objective), but we appreciate the effort .
  11. (./source/ps/VideoMode.cpp, line 247) Error appears self inflicted - this is the same code block as it appears in our code repository: u16 ramp[256]; SDL_CalculateGammaRamp(g_Gamma, ramp); if (SDL_SetWindowGammaRamp(m_Window, ramp, ramp, ramp) < 0) LOGWARNING("SDL_SetWindowGammaRamp failed"); Looking at the history of the file, the line in question has never read SDL_CalculateRamp. Thus, this error appears to be caused by local modification by user. Neither SDL_CalculateGammaRamp nor SDL_CalculateRamp appear anywhere else in the source files.
  12. Your old friend is busy. Please have patience. In the meantime, you can test the proposed fix here: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1919. If it works, then we can include it. Edit: At 10:57 UTC today, the patch was committed. Your problem should now be fixed. Don't forget to update your local copy.
  13. The change is now live in our code repository. To use, simply add the appropriate argument: ./update-workspaces.sh --prefer-local-libs Then run make as usual. You will also need a file in /etc/ld.so.d.conf with the contents /usr/local/lib so that the runtime linker can locate the local libraries. (If you're compiling and using local libs on a regular basis, there may already be such a file present.) The build instructions on the wiki have also been updated.
  14. Considering how we currently use fonts, it does seem odd that the source files are bundled with the game. I guess they're only there because they're in the "binaries" folder, and that folder is bundled almost in its entirety. As a loose idea as to how many distributions have the fonts available in their package repositories (stats courtesy of Repology): LinuxLibertine : 66 packages (across 20 "families") DejaVu : 145 packages (across 33 "families") FreeFont : 122 packages (across 26 "families") TeX Gyre : 37 packages (across two package names across 5 "families
  15. Well I guess the majority of projects today uses cmake and ExternalProject_Add() After a bit of research (and playing around a little with both build systems), it appears that projects that use CMake don't have to handle this because CMake handles it for them. Comparing how premake and CMake specify which libraries should be included: premake tells the linker to include a certain library but leaves it up to the linker to locate it. CMake, on the other hand, locates the library itself and, should the library not be in /usr/lib, adds the non-standard path via -rpath (an approach t
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