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  1. >suppress the champion units of sparta and rather make every units of sparta something a bit stronger than other civ equivalent but this can be an upgrade in Phase3 and the hoplites can take the graphics of the spartans champs. im a fan of spartan civ but i notice now, that sparta has no walls , no champs from barracks or castle, no slingers, mininal cav, no catapults, no archers, leonidas aura is limited, minimal navy, extra building for champs, long time prod for hoplites, and spartan champs are out-classed now by Mace silver shield champs ( ++ philippe2 global map aura) In historical sparta, there were no professionnal soldiers (no champs) but only citizen soldiers. But i notice in game that the units in Sparta civ arent true spartans citizens but sub-citizens from peripherical cities. So an option ' spartan military training ' should be an option in phase 3 and make every pedestrian units a bit stronger (even females) . This way, one can delete Sparta champs and make Sparta a civ a bit more unique and no more minimalistic
  2. I had a talk with elexis about it . Do a sum of eco and military is the best option, knowing that you can hit high simply by making hundreds and thousands of farms ? If one divide the military score by the eco score, one have something which represent approximately the efficiency in using of ressources . Right ? I propose to define a score as the division of the (total amount of health killed (units + buildings) - total amount of health lost (units + buildings) ) by the total amount of ressources invested (in units and buildings) This score would reflect strictely the results and no more the ressources engaged to win. And so, producing hundreds of units - making them walking , idling, working ressources or even building 100 towers will have no effect on this score.
  3. I vote yes. In history, females were more likely to be "recycled" than 'wasted' . But in general, men and women dont wait to be slaughtered or captured before surendering in a 10 vs 1 ... maybe converting should be automatic in some circumstences..
  4. how desactivate formations by default ? Shouldn t be activated when units have to walk distances together ? In formation, melee units suffer a big time penalty in deployment for attack and sometimes run away (?) . Range units can fire even in formations (brits slinger massive rush is fatal)
  5. hi all, i m JC (best naval player so far ) . I have just a suggestion to make for Sparta civ as i notice that they have no longer a determinent strength. Wouldnt it be a good idea to underline in 0ad what made Sparta unique in history ? --> best civilian soldiers . So suppress the champion units of sparta and rather make every units of sparta something a bit stronger than other civ equivalent. This special feature could include more diversified game play or at least, let the spartan champs ability to work
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