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  1. That's something I'd like to "fix" too. Also if the pikemen in syntagma could only fight in front of them that would be better. It makes it odd with all the crossed pikes and it denies flanking. And yes, you need more than one or use some spear lines to enlarge the front. With formation being less manœuvrable (like with a turning speed to keep their bonuses) this would make it even more interesting and would allow to break some spear/pike formation from the back with cavalry for example (maybe not killing everyone without much losses but crushing in a sandwish attack)
  2. Just a few words about Phalanx and Syntagma formations from what I experienced in Sybillae Vox. Remember my mod is way slower and have a bigger focus on unit positionning. The Phalanx is not deep, usually 2 to 4 lines in the games I played. Considering the spear range, the first two lines are fighting, the deeper lines are there for formation durability (it could add a push bonus like an attack bonus for the first line anyway). So disrupting a spear line can be rather quick by making a hole in the middle. The Syntagma is deep, 4x4 for the minimum requirement (that I made). The pike i
  3. How did you come across 0 A.D. I was building a listing of free/libre games and was lacking some good R.T.S. I don't remember well, even if I have heard about it long ago but couldn't remember the name. I think I've found it again from an article on the web (an no, not even as being the first package in the package manager) What motivates you to play 0 A.D.? Actually I don't really play it by now. I played it while I was discovering the game (alpha 15 or 16) then spend most time studying the mechanics. I sticked on it for multiple reasons. The game was very promising and pleasan
  4. There's no GUI except your text editor, what a lose of time for data editing I've updated the project with the basics, set can now add tags, remove is there, alter can be called multiple times on the same file to group editions by topics and the project can be split in multiple files. Now Template Alterator can have a different purpose than the template extension from sanderd (with subtile differences between overriding and extending), enjoy the choice as someone would say.
  5. I'll check it out, my available time is somewhat random these times. From the first reading it seems to work for the sanity-friendly cases. I may still keep Template Alterator, I'm planning it to be multifile so I can group changes by topic instead of by entity and find/edit them all in one place (like one file for armor and damage, one for buildings, one for resources…).
  6. Hello I'm trying to solve the issue mentioned there about the difficulty for gameplay mods to keep track of the modifications from the original game. There is a ticket about it #4076 for which I've tried to think about a solution in pyrogenesis but in vain (see the ticket to read why). So my solution was to create an external tool to maintain this kind of mods during the development of the main game. And here it is http://creativekara.fr/doku.php?id=0adta:start Still a WIP it only allows to edit an existing value for now. I'll add more operations and probably make it more f
  7. If the release process from the mods and the regular game are done at the same time, there could be a release for the mods that is ready to be shipped with the game, so that even if you don't know how to install a mod, you know it exists and can play it and discover a few things. That said some features may be missing not to add a big mess, like preventing players to start a multiplayer game without the same mods activated (which would cause a big out of sync error at startup and people thinking the game does not work). And if the modders are not reactive enough, some mods may skip an alp
  8. I am currently trying to figure out a solution for #4076, there would be too much to do on Sibyllae Vox too after each new release if I can't/don't update frequently. Appart from errors with new/removed tags in templates, it would sad to miss some art enhancements with new models or sounds for example. Before posting a proposal on the ticket, I'm trying to figure out how to do, to find what could work and what won't and discover some side effects. http://creativekara.fr/doku.php?id=0adsv:merge#extend_a_template_from_an_other_mod By the way an other obstacle for mods is (at lea
  9. Pour des parties locales c'est comme une LAN. Faire rejoindre une partie et entrer l'IP de la machine qui a créé la partie à rejoindre. Pour Windows il y a la première fois une popup qui peut s'ouvrir sur le bureau pour autoriser les connexions entrantes. Si ça n'est pas validé, les autres joueurs ne pourront pas rejoindre. Pour une partie en ligne il vaut mieux passer par le hall pour simplifier les choses. L'ouverture du port 20595 se fait sur le routeur ADSL, selon le modèle la procédure est différente (il existe plein de tutos à propos du NAT). Il y avait un bot en test pour hébe
  10. There are some cases in which the formations are reformed too many times, sometime when a distant one comes near an other. They will try to gater in one (thus going back) before going again from where they were. Sometime when you change formation during movement or attack, the new formation is ignored and they act strangely. Try to disable formations when playing aggressively or use the defensive/hold position stances and let them live their live. Formations behaviour is broken is some cases, sometime it works, sometime not. This is a hudge work to do to fix.
  11. I updated yesterday before posting and it seems to went well until advanced town phase. I just updated right now and I don't have errors on startup at least (I haven't tried to run a whole game though) I ran in the update code to make a compatible version for alpha 20 and added it to the download page. I don't think I'll try new things on this one, if I read correctly alpha 21 is not so far ahead. If I am to keep Sibyllae Vox playable while keeping new features from vanilla without spending most of the time to keep up to date, I think I'll have to spend some time on #4076 before impl
  12. Thanks to niektb Sibyllae Vox has been updated to svn. This was a big work and a one that raised the mod from its ghost state (even if I don't know if it is sane to run after ghosts, I'd like to try, thanks to illness to give some freetime…). By the way I have updated my website and migrated the document pages on it. You can find the download link, concepts and in the future probably more player related things. http://creativekara.fr/doku.php?id=0adsv:start sibyllae vox 20160702.zip [edit]And because it was requested, I created a page to list the enhancements that could add more
  13. No new version this time but still some news. With the help of mimo I could finally implement formation bonuses, that is units get armor or damage bonuses when in position in a formation. I put some bonuses for testing but it is still rough and requires a lot of changes to be used basically (behaviour of units when forming/reforming, behaviour of women, setting direction, pathfinding, formation bending, target picking...). If those changes are not included in the main branch yet and won't be released soon, you can check them in the experimental1 branch. The countryside feature is now include
  14. For those who are willing to discuss, play or contribute to the mod or even just show interest I've created the channel #0ad-sv (enter webchat) Nothing new since the last message. I was very busy in real life and lost some motivation to work on 0 A.D. Still if you want to have fun ping me there for a game or a discussion.
  15. Way for new voices? If you don't know a lot about recording I have found this guide from Hedgewars some times ago. http://www.hedgewars.org/node/2132 No need for a high pitched voice, but the general tips should apply I think.
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