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  1. About what stats to show: I like wratii's approach, merging the attack stats into one and showing the kind of attack (h/p/c) with an icon. I've been playing for some time now and still can't remember the stats. I'm playing just for fun, so it's a nice to have the approx strength of a unit with one glance. Displaying fire, poison and counter bonis is impossible, but that's the same for hero bonusses etc too. Therefor there is the viewpage. Maybe it's possible to add icons for those without the number, so you know there's something you might wanna look up. The only stats that
  2. I like it The icons are not really self-expressing, but I get it's WIP. The Attack stat is calculated like (Crush+hack+pierce):Interval right? I think it get's it wrong sometimes when there are multiple attack parameters The command icons are bigger now, but i guess it's because of the building menu. they should be more distinguished from each other
  3. the only thing the button does is giving the women the order to either "garrison" or "go back to work", right? So if you raise an alert and then manually send them back to work, the button would still be shown as "alert", so you'd have to click twice to raise an alert again. So it's not a state but an one-time order? I think it'd be better to keep two buttons tbh true
  4. Like one button with a changing icon? Though i think there might be cases where you would have to raise an alert two times without ending it, eg. if you ungarrison some units in between ah ok, so that's the reason for the red bell
  5. Is there a tree stump actor or entity in Atlas? I didn't see one, only found the flora/decal but nothing with a stump might be an idea for the art as well to have a stump left for some time after a tree is cut, similar to the rubble of a destroyed building since I didn't know the word myself, this is what i'm talking about:
  6. guess which on is raise an alert and which one ends it in the heat of the fight it's important to be fast, but so far they only differ in colour, what makes it hard to distingush. The sound is the same as well. I tend to wait for the tooltip to appear. I think adding a little cross to the "End Alert" bell might be helpful: the colour black is not good to see though
  7. I like the idea of having blue background for the water animals, I think there are actually six in the main game (Shark, Finnwhale, humpback whale, Tuna, and two more different types of fish). Though I think it might be difficult for the ships, since there a lot of different portraits without background.. Maybe we could take the dark blue like above for the ships and a light blue like from the fish icon for gaia animals
  8. thanks, nice work how would it look with a blue background like the fishs below? (btw I think the shark uses the fish icon as well)
  9. btw, is there a plan to add an icon for whales? So far they have the fish icon as well
  10. Ardennes Forest is way more specific while Hercynian Forest is just everything north of the alps and up to the carpathians in the East. It was all covered with coherent forests until the romans started the deforestation
  11. Would be nice to have buttons "next" and "previous" to jump to the stats of the next unit; instead of closing the window, selecting the next unit and opening the window again A button to change the unit's rank that is displayed would be awesome too
  12. nice, a unit stats overview like this next to the structure tree and the civilization overview would be nice in the core game as well
  13. i think most convenient would be if the units just do whatever is faster, capture or destroy..
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