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  1. or only show the helmets? Less gpu intensive, less violent, easy to count.. Or maybe other props like sword/shield? I just don't know what to do with the units without those things
  2. could be useful to prevent misclicks
  3. Saturday it's 10 years that you joined the forum, enjoy your well deserved rest
  4. Thank you for your fast reply, the water is back:) but there now is quite a different between with and without GLSL, is that how it should be? Yes, I think so too, especially in combination with high quality shadows
  5. Nice, just found out that it's working with my other graphic card, but not with the onboard graphic, idk if that's helpful but then I get this with my the other with my external gpu:
  6. I get this error on the map "oceanside": This is with GLSL disabled: Did I do something wrong? Apart from that, thanks, everything else is looking really nice:)
  7. I think "unknown" should be a new diplomatic status. Not only hide the civ, also make all other interactions impossible, like no tribute, no spies, maybe hide their borders etc..
  8. I had some ideas, it's not a complete suggestion but maybe i can get the discussion running:) Right now there are only 3 kind of diplomatic relations, which are Neutral, Enemy and Ally. I think it might be nice to add "unknown", as I've seen people many people requesting here on the forum. Further, right now all three diplomatic relations are balanced. Adding uneven relations, like Vassal state / Hegemonic state could add some dynamics to the gameplay. The idea is, that when you have heavily damaged an opponent, you can make him your vassal and focus on other opponents, while still being
  9. nice work I think the windmill, the forge and the saw mill are my favourites. I wonder why the fortress towers have glass doors to the outside, that seems a little unpractical
  10. I agree with Sundiata also I don't see why it should make an opinion more important how good you are in playing or what rank you have
  11. Something different I noticed (sorry ): Rams are able to attack ships, is that how it should be?
  12. That's definitly better, Speerkämpfer sounds like a melee unit, while Speerwerfer (literally Spearthrower) makes it clear that it's a ranged unit
  13. Thanks for the answers and sorry for triggering Anyway, since we are off-topic now: actually, correct me if I'm wrong, many fortifications (at least in Europe) started with only moats, earth walls or palisades, which later were replaced by stone walls. And in cases of palisades, the towers were not build directly in the palisades, but behind it. So technically I think (kind-of) standalone towers might still be historically accurate at least in some cases. But behind stone walls it looks odd, that's true Regarding the ranges, I understand both sides, I think it's ok for now. E
  14. Thanks! Yes, I think it would look nice. I like this approach to "force" the players not to build randomly but also to make it look good. I'm looking forward to your mod in a24
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