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  1. Sounds good to me. A shooting angle of maybe 45 degrees for artillery on ships without turning might be okay as well. Less turning means more realistic battles (also slower turning but that's a different story). A catapult shooting both in the direction of the front and the back is unrealistic, might be hitting the own sails, so there would be a need to turn. We would need to check for historical accuracy, what the exact positions would be for each unique ship. Whether they were fighting to the front, to the side.. maybe both, or to the back... and with how many on each side
  2. if there is a plan to distinguish between arrow-attacks (archers) and bolt-attacks (catapult), then the ships shouldn't turn for attacking with arrows. Let's say soldiers, citizens, elephants, heros, and fishing boats are attacked with arrows, while buildings, siege and bigger boats are attacked with bolts. Seems weird if the whole ship is turned to attack a single soldier standing on the beach. They should be able to shoot in any direction then.
  3. I'm sorry if I missed a previous discussion, but is it common desire that rams can attack rams and destroy them in 5 sec while they prefer attacking a house instead of fighting back?
  4. Maybe this could be something for the Republican Romans in DE to differ from the Imperial Romans? @wowgetoffyourcellphone
  5. Wie_die_Germanen_gewohnt_haben_(CC_BY-SA_4.0).webm The farm houses in lower saxony are still very similar until today: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low_German_house Long story short, historically corrals didn't exist, they lived together with their animals. I didn't find this kind of living in any other culture, except maybe the vikings (who are also considered to be germans in the broadly sense). I think the Gauls didn't have these? Maybe someone has a better insight in other cultures? It could somehow distinguish the gauls from the germanic tribes, otherwise they'd be too similar
  6. The Longhouse/byre-dwelling (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byre-dwelling) is something unique to the germanic tribes. Other cultures didn't have animals and people literally under one roof. Maybe it could be available in the city phase. And for the village phase there could be the chicken coop. So you would start with the coop and chickens in village phase, and then build the longhouse in city phase (or town phase) to produce cows, pigs etc and get an extra population bonus. btw. what's the "great hall" building above? I don't get it Also a nice idea! the coop could also be a feature in the farm building, only visual
  7. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Arch%C3%A4ologisches_Freilichtmuseum_Funkenburg?uselang=de some pictures from an open air museum (seems more like a storage than a coop)
  8. There is also a chicken coop in Opfermoor Vogtei, on stilts and with wicker instead of a wall
  9. those buildings look really nice! germanic longhouses had the entrance on the side and were split into two halfes with people living on the one side and animals on the other. They were long and big in size and with the roof nearly until the ground. I think this could be a nice special building (like the appartment buildings of the romans or carthagians), with a bigger population bonus and animal corral combined. Also I noticed the chicken coop/ henhouse on stilts (like in the background on those pictures). Would be a nice addition too. It would give individuality to the germanics but I understand if it breaks the balance/ scale..
  10. or only show the helmets? Less gpu intensive, less violent, easy to count.. Or maybe other props like sword/shield? I just don't know what to do with the units without those things
  11. could be useful to prevent misclicks
  12. Saturday it's 10 years that you joined the forum, enjoy your well deserved rest
  13. Thank you for your fast reply, the water is back:) but there now is quite a different between with and without GLSL, is that how it should be? Yes, I think so too, especially in combination with high quality shadows
  14. Nice, just found out that it's working with my other graphic card, but not with the onboard graphic, idk if that's helpful but then I get this with my the other with my external gpu:
  15. I get this error on the map "oceanside": This is with GLSL disabled: Did I do something wrong? Apart from that, thanks, everything else is looking really nice:)
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