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  1. I tried out several biomes and they all look very nice! The random topography makes it so real and unique. Sometimes it produces a little mess though, with mines appearing on top of the mountains. Treasures sometimes don't fit the biome they are placed in, e.g. I had ship wrecks on the mountains xD Some waterlilys and reed at the lakes would look nice:) Would love to have this map in the main game!
  2. here they are:) i'm not yet convinced of the textures though the smallest size could be like the recent camp but with the option to draw the camp to a bigger square rome_pilum_murale.dae pila_murale.blend
  3. Common structure of a military camp during the imperial period: Valli is a different term for pila muralia
  4. hi all, I took my first few steps in blender and tried to recreate a wall of pila muralia (or pilum murale), which are wooden sticks made out of oak. The Roman legions used to carry them with them to quickly build up military camps without having to cut down trees first. They piled up an earth wall, stuck the pila muralia in it and tied it together in the middle. Now I was wondering if that would be something to use for a replacement of the recent army camp model, which is a bit too small and outdated imo. I also found some nice reference for new tents (e.g. for the centurio): http://www.castrum-novaesium.de/Seitenraster.12.html The camps always had a very similar structure, mostly square or rectangle with 1 entrance on each site and round corners. Some of them were build for a night, others were upgraded with stone walls and barracks, e.g. to protect a border. I was wondering if it's possible to build the wall with drag&drop in a rectangular shape and then automatically fill it up with tents? The point were you click the mousebutton would define one corner, and the point where you release it would define the corner on the diagonal side. That would let the player decide about the size and the shape of the camp, while it's still only one button in the building menu of the units. Would that be easy to realize or is a lot of coding required?
  5. With the latest svn (At revision: 26462) I get errors when trying to save a game or load one. It appears to be some problem with the GUI of the saving/loading window (page_loadgame.xml). Does anyone else have this problem?
  6. I'm interested, please keep on spamming
  7. I think some symbols could spice things up and consume the empty space between the buttons. e.g. a sword for single player, crossed swords for multiplayer, two gears for options, a door for exit, a book for learn to play etc.
  8. I tried to represent a roman castrum, so I think the fortress makes more sense there, also the civic center looks too big in there. But if it works better in another way I'm also fine with it I don't have much freetime and I won't be active so much, so feel free to improve the map however you want (I won't be able add the new terrains as well). I'm kinda proud that it get's some recognition anyway Thanks a lot!
  9. Why only at the borders of the forest, not inside? This way it looks strange once you cut the wood. Is it because of performance? I think it would also look better if there wasn't such a hard line of border-marking bushes, but rather some kind of fluid transition
  10. I think that dead wood could be a nice addition to make forests more realistic. Something like tree stumps, fallen trees, burnt trees from lightning, dead trees. At least for European forests, they have never been so "clean" as they are today and that's because of forest industry. I know it's partly included in other trees but I think it could have its own category. I tried to use a lot of that for my limes map: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/36065-new-scenario-map-the-limes/?do=findComment&comment=415734
  11. Thanks, I'm happy you liked it! Sure let me know what you have in mind. That one looks like I forgot a texture behind the stones:D @wowgetoffyourcellphone I didn't know people are interested, but in this case I'll try to update it. Do I have to do that in altas or are you using a script or how is it done?
  12. If it's possible to add the new suebian buildings, that'd be nice, but apart from that I'm looking forward to a soon release!
  13. Sounds good to me. A shooting angle of maybe 45 degrees for artillery on ships without turning might be okay as well. Less turning means more realistic battles (also slower turning but that's a different story). A catapult shooting both in the direction of the front and the back is unrealistic, might be hitting the own sails, so there would be a need to turn. We would need to check for historical accuracy, what the exact positions would be for each unique ship. Whether they were fighting to the front, to the side.. maybe both, or to the back... and with how many on each side
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