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  1. How about deviding them into two Maya factions similar to the republican romans/ imperial romans? Using either a territorical or chronological distinction? Or giving the player the option to chose from two different sets of buildings when entering phase III, if the game allows it?
  2. This one is by far the most famous one. But it's from 6th century, isn't that too late?
  3. When being attacked, hitting the spacebar or clicking the notification also makes the camera follow the unit. Maybe you can find the code you're looking for there: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1461
  4. The Han Chinese Empire will be added for the next alpha, coming soon:)
  5. Hi, let's say I have a two different roofs and to different types of walls, and I want to combine them with randomly. I could make 4 different meshes and export them as dae or I could make two roofs and add each possible wall type as props (or the other way round), having again 4 (but smaller) meshes. Is there one solution which is preferable? Should it depend on how to better use textures? Secondly, is there a way to randomize inside a variant of an actor xml? So let's say each wall type should have 2 possible roofs, and on each roof there could be 2 different types of chimneys with two different types of smoke. Now I want to make every combination possible. I know I could make one variant after the other, but that would be an endless list since there so many possible combinations. And if possible, what would be the code? Thanks in advance:)
  6. I don't know why someone should do that, but it's maybe in this case the pattern could be broken up? true, maybe also in this case the pattern could be inactive the problem with differention by row is, that if 10 portraits fit into one row, with 11 buildings you would already need 2 rows and would have 9 unused spots in the second row. While with columns of 3, the need for space is less. If there are 4, then it would be 3 + 1, so only 2 unused spots. Also there are already 13 buildings for phase 1 for the Athenians e.g. One block for each phase: Sorted by function, how it looks in village phase: How it looks in city phase: so the late buildings are all downwards, i hope that'd be intuitive enough
  7. well, it's basically the template/ classes order. I think it will mostly be an improvement for beginners It's the same number of portraits in the same space. You can check, no change of the size. It would be 8 or 9 portraits per line instead of 10; but the columns are better filled up with 3 portraits, while in the original 7 out of 10 columns contain only 2 portraits.
  8. what about sorting in columns by function and in lines by phase like this: 1. column is civic 2. economic 3. military 4. fortification
  9. maybe like in the following? I think it would be nice to use "tabs" like in a browser: -"stats" tab -"history" tab -"builds" tab -"equipment" tab; I don't know if this is possible, but for some units it would be nice to have some information about the props, like the roman pilum, scutum or gladius; or the iberian falcata Also nice to have would be if you could press the upgrade buttons in the menu and you would instantly see how they effect the unit stats.
  10. idlebug.mp4 I hope it's possible to see, the number of 4 idle workers below the minimap is blinking as soon as they get into a formation @Stan` @Langbart
  11. When a formation is idle, the number of idles workers shown in the right down corner of the minimap seems to be buggy. It switches between including the formation and excluding it few times per second. Tested with svn version, most recent commit 27006. I think it's easy to reproduce in every game. Is that bug known?
  12. You can also use the following: Mesh ‣ Clean up ‣ Delete Loose Select ‣ Select All by Trait ‣ Loose Geometry https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ExportingErrors It says you can't use quads and that you'd have to triangulate your mesh, isn't that outdated?
  13. You can use copy/paste (ctrl + c/ ctrl + v) in Atlas to get at least a little bit of symmetry.
  14. I tried out several biomes and they all look very nice! The random topography makes it so real and unique. Sometimes it produces a little mess though, with mines appearing on top of the mountains. Treasures sometimes don't fit the biome they are placed in, e.g. I had ship wrecks on the mountains xD Some waterlilys and reed at the lakes would look nice:) Would love to have this map in the main game!
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