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  1. Die größte Auswirkung auf das Territorium hat das Civil Center, also das Gebäude mit dem du startest. Auch zu finden ist es im Baumenü an erster Stelle. Es kann überall auf der Karte plaziert werden und schafft dort ein Territorium, sobald es fertig gebaut ist.
  2. Anyway, I started making my own HP model, a combination of the following models (all no licence problem I hope) https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/zeus-or-poseidon-from-the-artemision-d4876aa609304682945145debedfc77e https://open.smk.dk/en/artwork/image/KAS644?q=*&page=9&filters=has_3d_file%3Atrue https://open.smk.dk/en/artwork/image/KAS283?q=helio&page=0&filters=has_3d_file%3Atrue Changing the pose is quite difficult. Still need to add the crown, that should be easy. Should I add a plate for a fire to the left hand too? Let me know what you think
  3. probably just hidden for easier work on the head So are we fine with the licence? @Stan` If that's all good I will take a look on it Are you still around? @marius4 @MrLux
  4. So I was some time afk, but I'm back on it now. It seems the visible edges that were bugging me are seams that were baked into the normal map. I tried around a lot and read all I could find about it but the way to go is to reduce the seams. So now I have a new UV layout and unwrapped the body with almost no seams. The negative side is that I have some stretching now. Also I added some geometry in the belly area, it's smoother in an area which is seen a lot by the player. like this? If the colours are good I will continue with texture painting some details, eyes, mouth, sandals etc. Don't mind the offset of the quivers, it was made just for clean baking The fact it doesn't crash is because I don't use the AO ingame. I just bake it together with the colours on the diffuse. So I feed the AO that I baked into the nodes of the materials in blender. That's how I understood the instructions. I could also add a AO map in the actor if that's better. also let me know what you think of the uv layout now:) @Stan` @wowgetoffyourcellphone Normal map baking stays a problem though, even when baking with a cage. Only solution I see is editing by hand afterwards, similar how this dude did it:
  5. I used the same UV map for both the diffuse and the AO. Should I not do that? Then put the AO as an image texture in node for the diffuse. Maybe I should use a larger margin when baking?
  6. like this? I choose a different approach and used CC0 textures (from here: https://ambientcg.com/view?id=MetalSubstance008) instead of procedural materials. Same problem though, looks fine in blender but bad in atlas. I'll have to wait for Stan. Also I'm struggeling with bringing the metalness/roughness to atlas, I didn't really get how to bake the spec map. Just baking a roughness map doesn't seem to work. apollo-0_27.1.zip
  7. Apart from that, I'm almost done. Just playing around with the colours and might do some texture paint after the final diffuse bake. I added a quiver with arrows, got rid of the tree stump and the platform, made a cage to bake the normal, did the baking of AO to use for the materials and baked the first diffuse.
  8. While the model looks perfectly smooth in blender, I keep having little dirt and visible edges in atlas. I wonder what could be the reason? My normal and diffuse seem to be clean. Might have something to do with the smooth shading. What is the right material to use?
  9. painted Apollo of Belvedere: https://antiquipop.hypotheses.org/eng/12501eng
  10. alright, will do. Athena looks nice, but I think I might go another way and give different parts of the body different shades of golden/brown/black. It seems that new researches are saying that even bronze statues were coloured by using different combinations of metals: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riace_bronzes#/media/File:Experimental_Reconstruction_of_Riace_Bronzes.jpg https://www.ronhenggeler.com/Newsletters/2017/11.6/Newsletter.html https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bunte_Götter_–_Die_Farbigkeit_antiker_Skulptur#/media/Datei:Bronze_head_(Glyptothek_Munich_457)_with_and_without_patina_Bunte_Götter_exhibition_revised.jpg I'll try not to make it too colourful, just a few nuances. Let me know what you think good call, I didn't even see that there is an apollo as well
  11. what is left to do, is getting rid of those leftovers from the treestump and bake again. Some sharps are too much and they left bad marks in the diffuse (via ao). Will do the spec map then too. I'm also not sure about the colours. Might be overall too dark, the green might be too strong in some parts. Athena in DE has some green shining which seems nice What should I do with the platform? Leave or get rid of? What's the desired scale? Same as Athena? You can find it in the added mod in atlas under actors, sele/cult_statue.xml apollo.zip
  12. I finished the mesh, added a bow and managed to bake a good normal from highpoly from lowpoly. I created this procedural bronze material, that adds green and different shades of bronze colours: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89d4jXYTvN0 Diffuse baking also worked more or less. I'm unsure about the spec map though, how do I bake that?
  13. original high-poly: low-poly with baked normal: current state of the art of normal map baking. Triangulate and shrinkwrap would make the waist fit better. I will see what to do about the errors
  14. haha thanks. That was just to demonstrate the possibilities. The thumb was a part that my computer could handle
  15. high-poly thumb (508 tris) low-poly thumb using remesh modifier (192 tris) If someone with a high end machine would use these modifiers on the whole body and provide the blend data would be nice
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