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  1. That's awesome. I've always wanted this to be a thing when the original mod for them was first announced. They were the only standout civilization that I felt belonged to the base game.
  2. Does that mean Alpha 26 will have the above as a new non-modded faction?
  3. Sorry, I meant Step 3. Every icon set looks cohesive and easily readable. Even without playing the game, I can infer what everything means. Edit: Although now I'm starting to see why Step 4 may be preferred and I'm leaning towards that too. Less clean but it gets more of the message across.
  4. For what it's worth, I thought Stage 3 looked the best and would be happy if every icon set resembled that, but all of them are improvements over the original, even 4.
  5. Just want to say thank you, and that this guide is probably for someone like me who's terrible at RTSes
  6. I want to chime in and say that I like the new look of Boudica a lot when compared side-by-side with boob-armor version.
  7. As someone who is mildly red-green color blind (the most common category of color blindness), I would prefer having symbols instead of colored highlights in every case, but I also acknowledge that accomodating for me may not be a priority in all cases.
  8. It's not a PhD paper, but it's something I never would have known without watching this. Hope you all like it!
  9. This is not a political message and should not be construed as such. This is just a matter of fact that everyone deserves a chance to live. Enjoy your day and stay safe, wherever you are.
  10. I miss these, thanks for the update guys! So excited for the next release.
  11. Yesterday YouTube channel Hometeam History uploaded a video about the ancient history of Kush, mentioning its archers, decisive naval battle against Lower Egypt, fictional story of Macedonia avoiding Meroe, and Rome's inability to defeat them. It's a fun short listen if you're interested in history. Every video feels a bit embellished as a non-historian (sources are listed in his Patreon apparently), but the voice is quite soothing. I listen to the videos during my workouts.
  12. I enjoy RTS as an visually-appealing abstraction and don't care for the realism. 0 A.D.'s development is going strong in spite of the realism has become my takeaway.
  13. They look great. :] Glad to see more fauna.
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