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  1. This is not a political message and should not be construed as such. This is just a matter of fact that everyone deserves a chance to live. Enjoy your day and stay safe, wherever you are.
  2. I miss these, thanks for the update guys! So excited for the next release.
  3. Yesterday YouTube channel Hometeam History uploaded a video about the ancient history of Kush, mentioning its archers, decisive naval battle against Lower Egypt, fictional story of Macedonia avoiding Meroe, and Rome's inability to defeat them. It's a fun short listen if you're interested in history. Every video feels a bit embellished as a non-historian (sources are listed in his Patreon apparently), but the voice is quite soothing. I listen to the videos during my workouts.
  4. I enjoy RTS as an visually-appealing abstraction and don't care for the realism. 0 A.D.'s development is going strong in spite of the realism has become my takeaway.
  5. They look great. :] Glad to see more fauna.
  6. On the topic of bronze age weapons in Britain, Neil Burridge is the leading researcher of bronze age swords, and around the time of 0 A.D. Ewart Park swords and the Hallstatt C swords would be the most common type around. By 500 BCE, Britons would be using both iron and bronze swords, too. Here is some information regarding the Hallstatt C (800-620(?) BCE) swords: https://myarmoury.com/talk/viewtopic.php?t=3475 And here are some reproductions of the types of European bronze swords, including one Hallstatt C type and one Ewart Park sword: http://www.bronze-age-swords.com/British_and_
  7. Hi, thanks for providing evidence on the iron scabbards. I feel more confident that you're right given the circumstances of not having found any leather or wood-core scabbards.
  8. I don't know a lot about the Gauls, but one of things you mentioned is the idea that the scabbard should be made of iron. The primary function of a scabbard is to protect the sword and to make it easier to transport. Iron rusts, and an iron scabbard would surely not be effective for transportation in weather. While I'm sure iron scabbards may exist, I don't expect them to be as prevalent as bronze, wood, or wood-cored leather.
  9. There's Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars. It's FPS and TPS, which one can switch back and forth for better accuracy/immersion or better/realistic FoV.
  10. On the mail texture, I think there should be a layer of padding underneath. I don't know of any historical artwork where mail is directly touching the skin. Also, leather armor shouldn't be too common. I feel like that may be rare historically since layers of clothing is as equally or even more effective while being much cheaper than leather.
  11. The archery target seems a bit too anachronistic. Do we know that they were circle with red and white alternating lines in ancient times in any of the civilizations that are being represented in this game? Just wondering if we have better or more accurate options. If not, that's okay. It's threw my suspension of disbelief a bit, but I understand the wider audience also wouldn't know any better (assuming that red circles are a more modern invention).
  12. I think unique and unrecognizable is great to mod. As implied, there's a lot of focus on the later periods of Japan but not the earlier ones. One of the more interesting aspects of 0 AD is how it brings historical accuracy to dynasties that few would know about such as the Mauryan and the Seleucid dynasties. I think it's a great idea to bring less familiar versions of civilizations we've come to know to ROTE.
  13. Wow that's amazing! Can you link the museum or sites where you found the Wu Kingdom dao? I've always felt that there is a significant lack of research material (in English) done on Han Dynasty arms and armor. The Osprey books on China I heard are outdated and inaccurate. As a HEMA practitioner, the comparison to 15th century longswords gave me fairly good idea of the sword, actually!
  14. I love the straight edge daos! I've definitely seen those photographed and they fit the time period. In fact, they're used very often throughout Chinese history. e: I don't know about the length though. If experts think that's accurate (and being iron it most likely is). I've seen photos of bronze daos more often. e2: quick Google showed that iron jians swords were developed even before Han!
  15. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leekfrith_torcs Thought you all might be interested in some recent archaeological findings in the time period of 0 A.D.
  16. A short, uneducated critique: compared to the previous versions, the new one is much better.
  17. Oh yeah, judging by the dating of the coin, you're in the clear of using that freely.
  18. This is one of the finest threads I've seen in this forum. Kudos to you! I've always wanted a Black civilization represented in 0 A.D., but the limited resources available was a huge setback. Even trying to search for some of these using my university's library system didn't provide much information. If you don't mind me asking, what is your background?
  19. It's not off-topic. In the preview, there is an animation for a swordsman wielding a sword in two-hands. As far as I'm aware, I can't find any examples of two-handed swords in Europe until the 11th century. Granted, the infantry in the animation might be wielding a one-handed sword with two hands (probably done historically), but since there are shield and sword units, wielding a one-handed sword with two hands just seems silly and purposefully disadvantageous. I'm not worried about the historicity of this, mind you. I just find it funny. After all, this is still just a game at
  20. I think there's room to increase the size of the eagle, based on how it looks on the GUI. Also, what is the original copyrighted image based on? If it's an ancient artifact, it cannot be protected by copyright. Just giving out info just in case it isn't widely known.
  21. Do we have any historical examples of two-handed swords during the time period 0 A.D. takes place in?
  22. My biggest problem with studded leather is not that it doesn't do anything, it's that it has no historical basis. If you're going to use artistic licensing (which I heavily encourage when sources are unknown), use historically-accurate leather armor like lamellar or even linen armor over Hollywood decor. With that said, looking at the unit with the leather armor; I can't even tell that it has studs to begin with, so that's good.
  23. Are we privy to what they are unhappy about?
  24. Thanks for sharing! RoTE could not have continued without your help.
  25. A little caution with winged dragons: Apparently, they aren't that common according to Jake Carlson: http://www.jakecarlson.com/2012/12/depictions-of-dragon-in-chinese-art.html I found the source of his reference at the Open Library: https://archive.org/stream/cu31924021444728#page/n89/mode/2up I think we can still use winged dragons in ROTE, but there would need to be non-winged dragons used too. If the anachronistic Bixie statues are set up as props, perhaps those can be replaced with more contemporary dragons and Bixie statues. Additionally, the Chinese Wikipedia has the 四神云气图, as I'm sure
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