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  1. Idea for an Illyrian swordsman, by Joan Francesc Oliveras Pallerols: He writes: "Illyrian auxiliary warrior at the service of Alexander the Great. The Illyrians were an ancient people that inhabited the north-west of the Balkan Peninsula, along the Adriatic Sea. They were regarded as bloodthirsty and warlike people, influenced by foreign peoples like the Greeks or the Celts. Illyria was also seen as a land of pirates. A contingent of Illyrians accompanied Alexander the Great in his conquest of Persia, after he defeated an Illyrian revolt when he succeeded his father." htt
  2. Sure, but it goes a lot further than just stats. For me it's just about accommodating peoples personal tastes as much as possible. More optionality helps with mass appeal, without compromising the actual game. We're still playing the same game, different people just have different ways of reading it.
  3. On a personal level, I prefer a light, non-intrusive, intuitive UI, perhaps even modular, easily adjustable, or with tabs, to save space, with lots of tooltips, but especially visual in-game info through animations and damage decals and things like that. Definitely not that mastodon of an AoE III UI. (Nescio probably has different preferences, so opinions differ even among casuals). But I understand competitive desires for as much useful information as possible, with little regard for visuals or sense of immersion. I agree that catering to a variety of preferences where possible is ideal. Peop
  4. How many people actually still play Alpha 23? Serious question. Controversial opinion, but I'm inclined to think that these strong reactions from certain types of players mean that we're actually moving in the right direction. There's definitely still a lot of room for improvement, but that has always been the case for 0AD. Either way, there are always going to be these kind of reactionary responses... I've seen them with almost every Alpha. Alpha 23 was just around for so long that some people got overly comfortable with a broken meta. Even dependent on it. Also, about the archers,
  5. @m7600, indeed, the model is looking fantastic already! Here's a detailed proposed reconstruction of the facade, that I think looks really great and should be useful to interpret Nescio's suggestion:
  6. @Alexandermb if you're internet connection and schedule allows it, I think this is a job for you (we miss you )
  7. As I said, shepherds can function as scouts as well. And if there are clear references to farm hands being used as scouts in certain civs, I don't have a problem with that either. I'm just brainstorming here, not trying to oversimplify things. I'm just looking at how we could to integrate current gameplay (1st cav unit is usually used for hunting and/or scouting) with this new proposed scout unit, and how to flesh it out and make the units recognizable.
  8. Hunting dogs were important to hunters in most cultures. To illustrate, the reference examples provided so far here were Roman, Greek, Kushite, and mainland Celtic. I'm sure Britons used hunting dogs as well, but why only them? I was also thinking that the units themselves could wear something like bearskins or something hanging from their shoulders, depending on the civ? I have Sure, shepherds, could work as scouts as well. Never denied that. Though, they usually stay around their flocks and tend to avoid overly difficult terrain (animals break
  9. I can't imagine a better scout than a hunter... Hunters need to scout all the time. It's their speciality. Scouts need to able to live off the land more effectively as well, as they can spend many days away from any supply line. Perhaps not a job you'd entrust to an urban recruit. Aside from specialized hunters (often on foot), mounted nobility actually did quite a bit of hunting (usually accompanied by footmen, and dogs of course). More than the regular Joe. Hunting was usually a privilege, not a major source of sustenance for the regular people, in most societies at least. T
  10. @wackyserious, maybe you're interested in this? I think it would make a lot of sense to have scouts double as hunters. Who else knows the lay of the land as well as hunters (making them excellent scouts!)? A very cool visual indicator, well attested in history, would be to pair the unit with a hunting dog that follows it around everywhere. Not those big military attack dogs, but the smaller hunting dog types. The dog would also justify the higher vision range (dogs notice things sooner, more sensitive hearing/smell, that alerts the owner). Dogs can/should be paired with both the foot scou
  11. I like the idea of scouts (but not that they should be limited in number). Think they should be able to fight, but be so trash that nobody would use them as combat units. I think all dedicated combat units should be removed from the CC, which should only be able to train women and scouts. To make it slightly more interesting, we could have a cav-scout and a slightly cheaper (running) foot-scout unit, both of them good at hunting and scouting (with large vision range), but bad at fighting. I'd vote for all military units to go to barracks, stables (and ranges).
  12. I also had this. I just changed the teams back and didn't think much of it, but I don't recall touching team settings either, so maybe it's an error?
  13. Yea, admittedly, if the elephant would just be paired with a mahout, I wouldn't have such a problem with it. My problem is just with autonomous animals. I've proposed giving it a mahout myself, several times if I'm not mistaken, and it seemed like such a simple, straightforward fix, but was never done. Can we all agree to give it a mahout? You know, I've noticed the same thing and it can cost you units. Like retreating from enemy area, a certain number of your units will break off and start fighting enemies on the way. Like they just stop and reassign themselves to the n
  14. I'm really still not seeing it. But anyway, obviously the decision isn't up to me. Just sharing my viewpoint on the matter. As I said, giving them a stable from the start would be historically justified, and is a significant civ-bonus in its own right, without being so intrusive as walls.
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