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  1. @user1 I am SuperTux95 and Raffut1969 quit the game without resigning. commands.txt
  2. Thanks for this fix. However there is still a bug: the snap doesn't occur for some directions. Like if you place a house, then another east or west from the previous one, it doesn't snap. All other directions are fine.
  3. It's a bit difficult to write... the issue is that it snaps without showing it and when I don't press Alt. Maybe a video would show it better?
  4. The auto-snapping feature doesn't work for me. Without pressing anything I don't see the auto-snapping, but when I build it does unexpectedly snap. If I set autociv.session.snaptoedgeOff.invert = "false" it works as expected (but I have hit the Alt key to disable snapping). Otherwise thanks for this mod.
  5. @user1 I am SuperTux95 and want to report Mativen1983. I practically defeated him (no units and structures left on land, just a ship...), I asked kindly to resign because the game continued too long and I had to go to dinner. He refused, so I went AFK. When I returned, I saw he left the game a few minutes after and then I defeated his last ship and finally won. I personally put him on my blacklist and don't want to play with him ever again, also because of his INSANE defensive tactic to prolong the game uselessly. Here is the replay: commands.txt
  6. Thank you very much for your quote here on this forum. Out of curiosity, how did you find my site? Do you think I should include more details in my article? Thanks again.
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