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  1. @YekaterinaI got it working. For some reason my svn folder belonged to group and user root (likely used sudo like it was my coffee habit). Had to switch that as the build commands wouldn't work. So I have everything working at revision 25837.
  2. Currently a Debian n00b trying to get off his Windows high. Tried doing a24 on Debian but I've got a long way before I can follow the instructions provided to play a24. I think a25 might be more difficult. Wish I could participate, but currently my problems lie between my keyboard and chair. Have fun, though!
  3. Ooo. Ive played 0ad for a long time and just learned this nuance. Wow.
  4. Yea, I think it is a player preference. I find cav more useful if I use antiram at all. The metal cost for the sword units is just extreme for my tastes. Siege rams/towers already cost a lot of metal. Going defensive really hinders their ability to go offensive due to metal cost.
  5. They were barely used. That's useless. If a unit is not used in a substantial number of matches it is useless (e.g., Macedonian sword champ units in a25). Additionally, with scouting you can easily figure out if enemy is Brit and if they built stables rather than barracks. Issue is most people do not play the scout game to counter accordingly. Most people have static builds and play static games. If you watch someone play the same xiv in 0ad there is a significant chance that that is how they play that civ and will be predictable. There very few players who diversify their game.
  6. Kush have been around for 3 years?! Wow, time has flown by.
  7. My general gameplay: Build 2 horses. Spot check if wood/food are close to each other to place gathering ele. If can't do this build grainery first and put worker ele near wood gatherers. Send 1 of 3 horses scouting. Building women 1 by 1 from CC until 20 pop. Build 1st house. Upgrade fertility festival. Build 2nd house Plan out where berries are for migrations. Build a storage pit near main woodline. Upgrade grainery berry gathering. Build 1-2 worker elephants. Start building women from houses. Use CC to mostly build infantry units that cost wood. Make sure to have about 10 farms before going p2. In phase 2 make sure farms is up to 14/15 (since eles cost a lot of food). Get 1st and 2nd barracks. To go p3 build 2 ele stables, a market, and a forge. While going to p3 build 3rd and/or 4th ele stable.
  8. Maiden guards are rarely used. Partly b/c they can't be build in barracks so you have only 1 production source.
  9. My guess is this guy (Bonuses for upgrades are really useful. Mauryas only civ that can do max upgrades + wonder in under 20 mins just b/c of this hero): Alternatively, this hero is also really useful (Build this guy first, build a few temples, do all temple upgrades, then kill him and build priest):
  10. Risky vs certain players. Not really risky in a25 as few people bother rushing. Also, depending on which food you take it is risky if it is all women. Sometimes, if the food is up front close to enemies, it is just better to put infantry (archers/spearmen) gathering the food even if women have a bonus.
  11. The utility in that hero, that I find, is when garrisoned inside structures to impact upgrade speed/costs. The value that hero gives is substantial enough that I rarely put him into the front line unless there are no upgrades left.
  12. Woohoooo I'd argue that Mauryas have 2 useful heroes. The first one, if utilized, is only utlized to hari-kari. It is the "temple upgrade hero" who is on a chariot. He makes temples and temple upgrades cheaper. It also stack with another Maurya player bonus. This means that a 1k food upgrade is reduced to 200 food. Depending on strategy, this hero can be built first. Fertility festival, if used to boom, should be initiated in the first 2-3 mins of gameplay. Initially, it's a handicap. At mins 8/9/10/11/12 it is a HUGE boost (Esp with small houses). Later it makes no difference. It basically handicaps you for first 3-4 mins after upgrade. Then substantially helps. Additionally, if you're bogged down fighting a border as a border, in early game, it may be helpful to fertility festival to quickly build up population. Rauls has done this as have other players.
  13. There's a risk-reward to this. With more civs having this mechanic then more people learn about it and learn to counter it. Currently, the problem is no-one really counters it as they are unaware of the benefits it provides. The reward is access to randomly-spawned resources. The risk is that the enemy may likely scout it and end it quickly. The more civs have access to mobile resource depots the less of an advantage it poses. Currently, people don't scout and/or place scout towers near critical resources. The only reason scout towers aren't utilized near critical resources is b/c only 1 civ has that advantage and 80% of players don't scout that while 70% of players do not utilize that. However, mobile resource depots for Mauryas are a huge advantage for them. If more civilization have this then scout towers have more utility and map control is more important beyond just your zone of influence.
  14. If they nerf elephants then making defensive structures weaker and palisades less impactful should be also considered. Otherwise, it's going to be really long and unenjoyable games. Currently, you can only push with eles. With catapults not doing AOE and being snipeable by archers eles are the only solution tbh.
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