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  1. That's exactly what is good about current balance. Core units (archers/skrim/slingers) are usable. I think skrim/slingers need to be looking into to increase dmg, possibly. But either way the good thing about a24, imo, is that all civs, on the basics, are usable.
  2. @Angen, please verify if I understand the mainlog data correctly: A successfully connected player will have the following logs (In some order, not sure right one atm as don't have logs open): XmppClient: Received lobby auth: 3B7C919BE56E8332 from USER XmppClient: Recieved request for connection data from USER Net server: Received connection from A.B.C.D:XYZ While an unsuccessfully connected player will only have the following logs: XmppClient: Recieved request for connection data from USER Note: Just noticed the XmppClient: Recieved request misspell
  3. omg. Happy. Yay, finally can narrow down on the DDOS person. Hell yea!
  5. Try Maury with then p2 ele stables that count for p3. Instant p3 eles. Also, ele archers are hahahahahah. Want to know what tops Maury off? Build a heal priest hero and "walk through military upgrades." You do not even need a fort to build a priest now. With priest you get 20% discount and 50% speed on upgrades for garrisoned building. If you have 2 blacksmiths and a temple, you can hop between buildings and upgrade pretty fast. With gather elephants you can gather metal pretty much everywhere on map. Add the pop bonus (signficant at 200 pop) and you got yourself the making of an easy
  6. Basically, Gauls went from "serial" production of Heroes/Siege to "parallel" production (see below) by spending more wood. Wood in p3 is plentiful or can be planned out to be plentiful in p3. Anyway, "parallel" production is similar to what Macedonians (and Romans) had. Additionally, a Gaul hero adds +20% dmg to siege rams. This means with siege dmg upgrade rams have 44% more dmg (1.2*1.2-1). Any civ being attacked by this will need to target rams first (Think 6-7 rams 14/15 min ... 7*1.44=10 ram dmg ...). This is an issue as most players will be majority skirmishers, archers, or sl
  7. Where should balance questions be fielded? I'm concerned about two civs. Macedonians and Romans. For Macedonians: They effectively became "little Seleucid." I believe they have everything Seleucids have but Seleucids have way more. No real reason to play Macedonians. They were the only civ able to mass-spam siege really fast. This was due to building multiple siege workshops and the ability to produce hero (siege dmg hero) simultaneously from fort. Now all civs can do that and more-so Gauls (dmg hero in new building) with rams and Seleucids with eles (ele dmg hero fr
  8. SquintyBurrito_007 it is!
  9. Just be sure you know how to control the version. Compiled version is: r24841. Newest SVN version is r24842
  10. @aixo @bbgotbanned @Dakara @yilmazgng @randomid @SaidRdz @kristian @Boudica @carthage @ValihrAnt @Feldfeld @borg_ @ffffffff @Pudim @JC (naval supremacist)@PhyZik @Issh @Talenters @nani @badosu @YT99 @BoredRusher @chrstgtr @Lorenz11 @MarcusAureliu#s Ping for client download. See original post by @MarcusAureliu#s for more details. Windows link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/impg1nstotftnga/0ad-0.0.24-24841-alpha-win32.exe/file Mac link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8sjwsc3vo2s2nph/0ad-0.0.24-24841-alpha-osx64.dmg/file
  11. if @Stan` can provide pre-built versions, especially for macOS, then arranging a game will be SIGNFICANTLY easier as I believe it isn't as easy as SVN on macOS.
  12. @MarcusAureliu#s I can do that. However, I have no clue how to control which "update" is the update that I pull on SVN.
  13. Just did svn update b/c of being tagged here. Last most recent one was 11/28/2020 for me. Plz msg if an SVN game is being played.
  14. Chinese in Terra Magna are actually really fun to play .... lol @mysticjim neither name starts with X. What ya on buddy? lol.
  15. IQ & Creativity should be two separate categories or put differently. You can have the most creative strategies but execute them poorly (low situational IQ). Maybe instead it should be situational IQ and creative IQ.
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