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  1. In multiplayer players can hit CTRL+TAB to view summary for current scores quickly. I think the only time it would be useful is in quick scrimmages early on when being rushed. At that point populations are <100 generally. For multiplayer would it be possible to force the same corpse setting for all players playing? From reading this thread 100 seems like a sweet spot.
  2. In multiplayer, would this be different per user or decided by the host? Would users have an advantage in multiplayer if one player has it on and another off?
  3. I like that a lot as a viable option. I like that because it redefines the term "password" to a more neutral tone of a "buddy game" and adds utility to an existing mechanic. As a "Buddy Game" the icon, instead of a locked lock, could be 2 heads representing a "Buddy Game" and a Sword (or bow) for "Open Game." Edit: Thinking about it, I like this idea a lot. Simple to the end user. Doesn't use terminology that makes it seem "weird" (e.g., password protected). "Password-protected" is weird in the sense that it functions like an added-in feature rather than a feature that w
  4. First, the password feature for games to protect host IP addresses == winner. From my perspective, DDOS has dropped off substantially and the person (whoever it is) doesn't do it as the entry point has been raised. Many thanks to @Angen and whoever else implemented this. You can see this feature's effectiveness by logging in late at night and, usually, mostly PW protected games are up. Other games likely have been bumped. Second, there are two additional features that would help augment the effectiveness of password protected games: Private messages between users in the g
  5. Let's neuter Maury (worker elephant) like Romans were neutered (catapults/encampments). Better yet. Delete all civs and copy/paste Britons and rename all units with unique names. This way no civ has a unique advntage over another - in the name of balance. If anything, @wowgetoffyourcellphone has a more reasonable suggestion.
  6. I believe if you press TAB you can toggle the health bar on/off. I'm uncertain if buildings can be turned off.
  7. I feel like I'm the only person IG who researches fertility festival within 2-3 mins of game start for team games. I do not believe anyone does it, lol.
  8. What if there was a browser-based lobby that launches the game client from the browser? Sort of like the MS gaming zone from 96 or "quake live-like". Additionally, this may even make it easier to launch the game with specific mods - instead of having the user add mods and try troubleshooting it. Another reason for this is that it will allow for easier feature implementation into the webclient. For example, better tourney management, ranking for different ways to see which is best. Such features would be difficult to implement into a stand-alone client. Taking this a step further, it
  9. No player is going to stay p2 to win. Every player needs p3 for siege. There is no civ with p2 siege or ability to take down palisades consistently at p2. Currently, there is no reason to stay p2. Previously, the only reason to stay p2 vs phase 3 was if you were rushed with enemy building into your base. If the enemy was britons/gauls/maurys/iberians/kushites (non-ranged siege civs) it was actually more prudent to do tower upgrades and defend than go p3 and defend.
  10. Just a few points I have that strongly vary from Edwarf:
  11. Multiplayer a24 walls (palisades/normal) can be spammed. Walls are great. Wall spam isn't that palatable. Suggestion: Multiplayer option to set "Maximum Wall Length." This would apply to the specific game being hosted. It would limit the number of wall "units" that can be actively held by a player (including GAIA, once GAIA maxes out their wall then walls don't convert to GAIA. This means games are capped at [number of players + 1]*x wall units). A wall "unit" can be identified as the "Turret" and actual "Wall." Therefore, 20 "wall units" will be 20 Turrets and 20 Walls in ga
  12. That's exactly what is good about current balance. Core units (archers/skrim/slingers) are usable. I think skrim/slingers need to be looking into to increase dmg, possibly. But either way the good thing about a24, imo, is that all civs, on the basics, are usable.
  13. @Angen, please verify if I understand the mainlog data correctly: A successfully connected player will have the following logs (In some order, not sure right one atm as don't have logs open): XmppClient: Received lobby auth: 3B7C919BE56E8332 from USER XmppClient: Recieved request for connection data from USER Net server: Received connection from A.B.C.D:XYZ While an unsuccessfully connected player will only have the following logs: XmppClient: Recieved request for connection data from USER Note: Just noticed the XmppClient: Recieved request misspell
  14. omg. Happy. Yay, finally can narrow down on the DDOS person. Hell yea!
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