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  1. Had a lot of experience with this around late August and early September. Only time I get DDOS/latency/connection issues is after/during launching 0ad. It had happened when chatting aggressively with other players. Either DDOS person was reading/policing chat or on receiving end of aggression and didn't like it. (Edit: Aggression was a response to being ddosed multiple times previously and trying to figure out if it is a player element or a 0ad element. It's definitely a player/griefer and not the game.)
  2. Could be also based on majority votes or rank-based-voting. For rank-based-voting if something is tied the final two items get another vote. If no winner a vote until agreement in chat is reached. There could also be votes for "default" settings since I believe that 90% of the games are default setting games (200 pop, mainland, no relics, conquest victory, etc.).
  3. @mysticjim even called @Dakara as @Dizaka liberally and interchangeably in one of his videos! @BoredRusher generally, if everyone disconnects, the host is on the receiving end of the DDoS. There are different levels of attacks that the attacker does. Small attacks to make you lag so that host boots/kicks you. Maybe you're annoying enough to them. Larger attacks to make your connection seem unstable. You can drop from game. You could be pushing the right buttons. Even large attacks if you anger particular players. You likely will drop from game and/or unable to acc
  4. 3:55 pm eastern US time. Internet was down (per ISP device being restarted as managed by Switch). Short downtime that I didn't realize happened.
  5. /ban help /ban add <playername> /ban remove <playername> /ban list /ban auto <on/off> (Bans could be a blacklist to prevent certain friends from joining games. Alternative to 'ban list' could be having other than a "friends" list such as a "watched players" list)
  6. 10/9/2020 @ 2:05 am US eastern time (Was sleeping, no games/replays). WAN port: LAN: Looking at last 2 mos of traffic logs latency at 2:05 am, or so, is not normal [Edit: wrote wrongly]. Currently, over last few days, when playing 0Ad (2-3 games?) or during daytime no issues.
  7. It's hard to read for a non-native English speaker who knows basic English. If he could write differently it would be significantly easier for others to go through the text. However, for a native English speaker going through that doesn't really matter as it is straight forward. I think a lot of people fail to understand that because a lot of people here are bi-lingual then English isn't a primary language, more of a common language. I thought Boudica, and a number of other players, are native English speakers but they surprisingly aren't. I don't think Vinme is using 133tsp34k. Inst
  8. Apparently two DDoS attacks happened at night. At least highly unusual logs. 10/8/2020 @ 12:40 am. 10/8/2020 @ 2:00 am. I thought DDoS' attacks are intended to disrupt service and anger people? These done at night impact me so much that I realize after the fact that they happened. lulz.
  9. 10/7/2020 @ 12:50 pm. Wasn't doing anything and didn't even realize it happened but it's there in the logs. LOL. What's interesting is the attacks are now asking my router to send back data ...
  10. There isn't much that can be done. This post is more about showing that there is an issue and that there are bad actors. We don't even know what the motivation is behind these bad actors. Is it to end games so that they can play 0Ad (lulz)? Is it to grief players (2x lulz)? It is unknown. Mostly b/c the actors are covert and not overt. The people doing this are afraid of any RL repercussions, otherwise they'd post their personal information. In conclusion, I will actually defend the devs and all the volunteers. They are doing an amazing job with this game and I wouldn't be posti
  11. 11:30 pm or so on 10/6/2020. While in bed tablet device wasn't connecting to internet (WiFi was working). I guess this explains why I fell asleep earlier last night. Attacks are pretty boring and old now. In any case, DDoS'r - can you do this more often at 11:30 pm, or so? I got some good sleep and this is helping my insomnia. Anyway, #gohardorgohome. Waiting for that ISP phone call.
  12. Before last DDoS it appears Borg and Chetnik also got DDoSed. Note, 9:00 pm and I think DDoS has subsided.
  13. 7:20 eastern time. Ddosed as a player. Will update as time progresses. 7:41 pm, still offline on that WAN port. 7:50 pm. Still offline. 7:55 pm, or so. DDoS ended.
  14. 3:05 pm eastern time. Another DDOS on WAN for 0Ad. 3:24 or so, back online.
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