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  1. Go on craigslist and find a Herman Miller Aeron - do not buy a new one. Buy a refurbished one and make sure it works. Depending on your side get a sized A, B, or C chair (C is the largest, >180lbs imo). These chairs are super comfortable and don't heat up like a leather chair would.
  2. 9:50 pm easter time (NY). DDOS again. Can't setup the monitoring yet ... Honestly, anytime a player disconnects from a game I'd probably blame DDOS. It seems like few network connections these days are unstable ... Note: I've offered to pay for counseling and therapy services for whoever is doing this. Please PM me.
  3. You would be able to verify what exactly it is. With my graphs its simply conjecture.
  4. Accordingly, it's safe to assume that me calling them for this small fish is pointless as there likely won't be a good enough response. Dear small fish, you reading this? Go big or go home. Conclusory statement. All of yesterday no attacks on me. Those one or two attacks could or couldn't have been something. Looking at my logs I couldn't figure it out as I was testing something else out that rendered the charts unusable. However, overall yesterday my 0ad experience was fairly stable, minus the one or two weird disconnects I had. For a distributed denia
  5. 10:00 or so. No lag. No disconnects. Chetnik connection is smooth. Lapacientos didn't lag out. No issues with anyone.
  6. 8:48 -- Borg disconnected. Players IG: 8:52 -- Was lagging. Host kicked me. 8:59 -- Lapacientos lagged and was kicked. 9:00 -- Lapacientos rejoined. Game continues. 9:03 -- Borg kicked due to timeout. 9:09 -- Borg rejoins lobby. Must have been a somewhat strong ddos. 9:24 -- Something new. Game at a standstill. Noone showing as lagging. Eventually borg disconnects/times out. 9:24 -- Phyzik leaves the game. Conclusion: Way too many disconnects and reconnects this game. Typical game has maybe a person dis
  7. 6:24 -- Go2die and Acero left spec. 6:27 -- Chetnik kicked for flimsy connection (Possibly on same IP as previously) 6:47 -- Ricsand joined game. Join failed. Looks normal though. 6:59 -- FrankStallone left game 7:01 -- game ended. Honestly, this was a normal 0ad game. No multiple critical-player disconnects, etc. It's possible that Chetnik did a whole net disco from DDOS as his IP was previously compromised. Either way, uneventful game and done. Ricsand probably had issues reconnecting midgame to a max 200 4v4 game with
  8. Game hosted by badosu. Chetnik, RIP bro. (Managed to rejoin later, see below) Players IG: Players that left before getting screenie: Phyzik (see below)
  9. 1) Kristian solo disconnect. Either a potatoe for a PC or ... . Previously, and in general, his potatoe PC doesn't have issues with his games. 2) Kristian/Cesar duo disconnect. Game ended afterwards. No sure if Cesar/Kristian or other team was winning or whether it was close to end of game. Was banned by Phyzik for being a silent spec. Don't have replay on what happened.
  10. Cesar did: Then he disconnected twice: 1: 2: Note: Wouldn't have posted if he'd have disconnected just once.
  11. Wasn't really on ... But something happened here around 9:45 pm. Checked with family and no one really did anything. Hoping that no machine is compromised.
  12. 9:13 pm eastern time, or so. Finished a 4v4. No lag. No disconnects. None.
  13. 8:32 pm eastern time, or so. Finished a game 4v4. No lag. No disconnects. None.
  14. 6:57: dpikt lagging in another game. Users: Global chat: Update: Seems like Ricsand became lagsand? Looks like lagsand 2x.
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