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  1. So it's not even Trademark law at issue but something completely different that I didn't know even existed, lol. Fun read.
  2. Can't look at specific stats individually. Have to look at the big picture. You can win games with high k/d ratio while extremely low economic stats (e.g., Carth Merc). You can win games with extremely low k/d but really high economic stats (e.g., Mauryas/Persians who can outpop other civs by a lot). You can win games with extremely low k/d and extremely low economic stats (e.g., tying up the best player on other team). You can win a 1v1 with low k/d but capturing a lot of buildings (e.g., outmaneuvering the other player). There is no way to interpret the stats just a good way to measure average progress. There also should be an "idle unit time" stat that takes into account units garrisoned inside structures (except for mercs - that should be a seperate stat).
  3. Those are also good alternative ways to boost them I agree. It really depends on the numbers based on the path taken. Whichever way it goes, though, spear cav need to be able to counter skrim cav, skirmishers (maybe sword units) and be countered by spear infantry. In p2 they should counter sword cav by a lot. The reason why I am suggesting armor is so that they can last longer in rushes near CCs. Currently, they are weak around a CC but their dmg is fine IMO.
  4. I genuinely think they need to be boosted 3 ways: Anti-cav Armor Dmg Anti-cav can be a p1 boost. Armor could be a p1 boost that makes them still viable vs skrimishers and lowest the magnitude of the anti-cav boost. The dmg boost could be through an upgrade. I think with jav cav/skrim is that they have ranged. With the armor/anti-cav boosts I think it addresses both. (Note: Spear cav are weak vs regular skrimishers. see HERE) @PyrrhicVictoryGuy
  5. Hack dmg for spearcav would be nice as it'd make them more effective on dmg vs buildings, non-organic units, and organic units. It would be a nice boost. I honestly believe they need more armor too. However, any boost to spear cav makes Rome/Mace overpowering in the first 5 minutes of gametime. With the right RNG spawn I can have 20-23 spear cav by minute 5. This wipes any carthagian player out of the game. This also is enough to cause serious damage to at least 2 players in the first 10 minutes of gametime. This is substantial but not as capable as merc sword cav in p2 - which have the potential to know out 3 players and possibly a 4th by minute 10. Suggestion: Instead of buffing spearcav directly do a p1 stables upgrade for Mace/Rome with other civs getting a p2 upgrade if they have spear cav.
  6. So patch file cannot find files when ran. Using 2nd method (see below). Tried this. I get stuck on resuming the game to build. Not sure on the commands. I think this might be, currently, above my linux understanding or abilities to resume the build with the patched file (util.py). I'll try tomorrow from the beginning and try figuring out why the build doesn't resume and/or if I need to issue some kind of commands to resume the build. Lost on that part. TY and appreciate the help.
  7. @nwtour TY for help. Just to double check I understand syntax correctly: Run ./update-workspaces.sh -j3 For util.py create backup util.py.org afterwards Modify util.py by: Add: + +try: + from collections.abc import Sequence +except ImportError: + from collections import Sequence + + Then replace "class String.ListAdaptor(collections.Sequence):" with: + class StringListAdaptor(Sequence): The following: @@ -22,6 +22,13 @@ @@ -782,7 +789,7 @@ Are just line locations? So do nothing with the above. Ok, so I do the above but I'm lost on the next steps :(. When I redo ./update-workspaces.sh command the data gets overwritten. (Yea, this is probably a total newb move/error and sorry about this.)
  8. @nwtour Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/akazid/Downloads/0ad-0.0.26-rP26108-alpha/libraries/source/spidermonkey/mozjs-78.6.0/build-debug/../js/src/../../configure.py", line 25, in <module> from mozbuild.configure import ( File "/home/akazid/Downloads/0ad-0.0.26-rP26108-alpha/libraries/source/spidermonkey/mozjs-78.6.0/python/mozbuild/mozbuild/configure/__init__.py", line 33, in <module> from mozbuild.util import ( File "/home/akazid/Downloads/0ad-0.0.26-rP26108-alpha/libraries/source/spidermonkey/mozjs-78.6.0/python/mozbuild/mozbuild/util.py", line 760, in <module> class HierarchicalStringList(object): File "/home/akazid/Downloads/0ad-0.0.26-rP26108-alpha/libraries/source/spidermonkey/mozjs-78.6.0/python/mozbuild/mozbuild/util.py", line 785, in HierarchicalStringList class StringListAdaptor(collections.Sequence): AttributeError: module 'collections' has no attribute 'Sequence' ERROR: SpiderMonkey build failed
  9. Linux newb ... Used the build instructions and got the following error: AttributeError: module 'collections' has no attribute 'Sequence' ERROR: SpiderMonkey build failed Upon further search it seems Python 3.10 creates a conflict when installed (using Arch ... Can't uninstall 3.10 as it has dependencies ...). Please note that 2.7 is installed. Is there a way to mask 3.10 or create some kind of compile environment? Just need a keyword/pointer in right direction if anyone has one.
  10. I think ground attack would fix archers in such a way that they may not even need a dmg boost ...
  11. I really like all of the ideas. Here's my response/suggestions/thoughts. I really like this. More P1-P2 strong civs (currently, only Carthage is there with Mercs, IMO). Making the game less of a race until p3 and upgrades and pushing it more towards for promoting raids and rushes. Same as above, really like this. Could also maybe permit for P2 fortress for a forward stronghold in pushing towards neighbors, but IDK. So unlike Gauls, Britons have P1 slingers and not skrimishers - so it lacks synergy. What I've noticed, a lot of times, is that when certain units become overpowering is due to synergy. For example, Roman Sword cav + 2 heroes to pair up with. Gaul spear cav and hero. Iberian discount on skrimishers and hero who discounts champions. I like the idea but maybe more directed at slingers? Not sure. I don't know if rams should have less health for Britons. They already have only 1 siege weapon in p3. I think this could be more of a debonus for Macedonians (who could make up for it with siege hero). +1, same as above. Like it. @LetswaveaBook see below updated for me
  12. Mercs: Sword Cav (Carth): Issue is too much dmg and armor too early. I think they are correct with regards to cost which really shouldn't be a problem. I'd propose either decreasing innate dmg and adding upgraded dmg inside the embassies that can be researched for 200-300 metal. I would leave armor as is . As it stands, Carthage is only civ that is effective in rushing/killing in P1/P2 and it is partly because of the armor. Other melee cav are pointless to rush with b/c they don't have good armor. Look @wowgetoffyourcellphone Carth in Delenda Est to get ideas. I like the implementation and it feels more "complete" and developed. However, I'd prefer Mercs being built from embassies not stables. Spear Cav (Sele/Ptolemy/Carth): Totally useless and underpowered units. Macedonian Skrim Cav Powerful if used right. Require application of constant pressure on enemy player to be effective and lots of micro (more than Sword Cav, have to be more frontal assault than sword cav running about in every part of map). Not used by many players. IDK if OP or not but I'd leave them as be. Other Mercs: Seem fine. Though I think mercs should be more of a P1 unit (infantry) and stronger mercs (cav) in P2. At P1 they seriously impact the start economy and if someone isn't p2 they can really screw themselves over without a market. In general, I think R3 citizen soldier units should have a bonus vs mercs (e.g., a "fealty bonus" or through a "fealty upgrade" available in p3). It would look like: R3 - Max bonus vs Mercs R2 - Reduced / Minimal bonus vs Mercs R1 - No bonus vs Mercs. Champions: Skrim Cav (Iberian) They are strong. Partly because of Iberian bonus for skirmishers (cheaper champ units + CS units) that also get amplified with hero (moar cost bonus!). Iberian innate civ bonus + hero bonus allow for quick booming into Champion Skrim Cav. Walls help with booming/going defensive until p3. Sword Cav (Roman) Overpowering, especially with the hero that increases cav dmg and decreases infantry dmg. Great synergy. I think sword champ cav should be balanced seperately vs spear cav. Additionally, if that hero dies then you have +20% dmg hero. Both heroes are on horses ... great synergy here. Spear Cav (Gauls) Overpowering, especially with +20% hero that increases dmg and +10% civ bonus for calvary. Great synergy. I think there should be a mobility vs damage formula because Champ Cav from other civs is not as deadly or used as effectively. Spear Cav (Non-Gauls) Rarely seen enough to be considered overpowering. Siege: Catapults: Useless unit. Weak because they lack something. (HINT: S P L A S H). Bolts: Useless unit. Don't see them being made at all in games. Rams: Still can't wrap my head over why you can block these with infantry (e.g., pike) but the catapult will not attack humans. Also, won't attack farms (huh?). Best thing to kill after a CC are all the farms surrounding the CC to handicap player eco. My preference over Rams are elephants, always. Siege Towers: Not used by many but also effective in the right circumstances. I'd say the unit is fine but it'd be nice if it was used more ... to attack walls/buildings ... siege sort of means against fortifications not units ... Citizen Soldiers (CS): Spear Cav. In general, these units are used but are by far some of the weaker units when compared to their counterparts like Skrim Cav and Sword Cav. Sword Cav I think they are fine. Noone is complaining about OP gaul cav or OP maury cav. Archers. Need some kind of boost. Not a big boost but a boost nonetheless. Skrimishers Need to be toned down a little. Pikemen Either every civ has these units or somehow the armor on these units gets toned down. Misc: Priests Nobody uses them. Currently, gameplay requires a lot of food. 250 food is expensive. Unit is OP (healing is OP) but has same problem Champions had in a23 (in a23 lack of metal, here lack of food b/c everything uses food) Probably going to see this change (possibly a lot) with animals being garrisoned in corrals. Civs: Athens No synergy at all. Only saving grace for this civ is formation hero who adds +3 armor to each defense type. Should be revamped to make champion infantry from Barracks. Special building that produces champions currently should either produce heroes or be limited to 1-2, maybe 4, and produce champions at a faster speed and only produce champions once a tech is researched. Romans Encampment should produce ranged siege. Encampment should have siege upgrades. Remove the Arsenal from Rome. Macedonians: P2 Arsenal that counts towards P3. Arsenal in P2 can do upgrades and build siege towers. Delete the champion sword or make them mercs. This civ used to have the strongest melee units IG (stronger than Sparta champions). Give this civ the bonus vs Athens/Sparta back and the debonus vs Romans back ... Britons: Weak. IDK how to fix them. Mauryas Elephant champion is useless. Make him heal elephant units faster and add a dmg aura for all archer units and elephant units while debuffing all cav units for the Maury player? Ptolemies LEAVE THIS CIV AS IS PLZ. This civ is getting neutered where dmg/bonus heroes are going to be mediocre like Kush heroes but the civ doesn't have something cool like pyramids. It's fine having 1 good "push" civ. Sparta Have a useless champion (like Mauryas) Skiritai are fine. Actually, they are sparta's only strategy/uniqueness.
  13. I think spearcav need more armor in general to be viable for rushing near/around a CC. Currently, rushing with spearcav is hard as (1) a skrimisher is reasonably strong vs spear cav, (2) a spearman is strong vs spearcav (gotta engage to deal dmg, unlike skrim cav), and (3) a CC deals dmg vs spear cav. Can't really rush with spear cav. For skrim cav you have at least spearmen that are somewhat useless (gotta chase so can be kited) and they outdamage skrimishers (so can engage them). Spearcav is the "other cav unit that maybe you wanna use." ???
  14. Add spearmen to Dakara's list. Also, can use formations to block ram movement using stand ground + line. Works with troops that might have issues dealing damage like skrimishers/pikemen. Another option is surrounding with pikemen + stand ground. Will block ram. Can wait unit Sword/ram/ele/women arrive to finish off.
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