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  1. lololol I love han. It's like Carthage w/ Maury w/ Persia put on steroids. +10% pop (Maury/Persia) TWO +20% dmg heroes (Persia/Carthage, both of which have just 1) ministers (new sword cav p1 (YAY!). (CARTHAGE!!! But p1) cheap will to fight equivalent upgrade for ranged units (1200 food, 1200 wood) critical as the only way to win with archers is to make sure you're 1-2 upgrades ahead. Also, will be critical for long games where people don't do will to fight usually.
  2. I'm curious: If the game would use less units and be equally as challenging / fun (basically, the same, just less units) would that be ok to use less units vs more? There's a point, I think, where it would be more fun to do 6v6 and 10v10 games that are low pop rather than a 1v1 with 300 or 4v4 with 200.
  3. I think there are 3/4 options that differentiate make merc and/or champion units transferable for captured buildings.
  4. That just a fancy way of saying that he didn't delegate the power to someone so he still holds it :P.
  5. Was a fun and unique mechanic, lol. Actually seemed well thought out and only done vs civs that had arsenal at the time which was only 1 civ.
  6. Weird. Both points are valid. The final decision on how capturing mechanic works I guess would be on Stan's hands as he's the "producer" @Stan`. I think it would be interesting to have the "old Maury Siege Ram" applied to all siege (e.g., romans can build elephants from captured stables) Merc units should be "hirable" if buildings that produce mercs are captured. However, I do not see a reason for a Maury CC captured building Macedonian mercs, etc. Mace mercs cannot even be built from the CC.
  7. I've had this reaction for the merc camps for carthage, etc (You can train carthage mercs as any civ with captured camps). This seems like a handicap though, what if you capture a CC and your CC gets captured?
  8. I'm not completely sure. Maybe a taking a phone number but using a 1-way hash on it? This way it isn't "used" but it is fairly unique.
  9. I have, basically, infinite accounts due to forwarding certain domains to my a primary email address. Have tons of accounts such as amazon@???.com, target@???.com, orangebank@???.com ... etc. Not really sure emails are unique.
  10. When Macedonians capture CCs they can train merc skrim cav from the captured CC's instead of spear cav. This may apply to Romans who also have spear cav from CC. Also, just noticed you can train cretan merc archers.
  11. There's hope! This is a cool and amazing idea that is way outside the box and adds uniqueness to formations outside of battle tactics. Cut "10 wood" with 2-4 units each, can convert to a siege weapon (2-4 units per 1 ram). If in fighting / non siege formation you are carrying the 10 wood and get an encumbrance debonus. If in siege formation you are weak vs ranged people but strong vs buildings. What if what if the formation component could be a p1 until later type of sieging. There's a clear issue in late and early game with not enough siege weapons to mow through armies. If you could change units between sieging and regular fighting that'd be interesting (and could possibly return uselessness of walls, etc [not sure if walls/palisades changed since a25?]), especially using the formation mechanic. In "siege formation" you could be strong vs ranged weapons and weak vs slash/spear, etc. If sieging gets upgraded to a regular RAM it can't be downgraded to fighting units. This could be the "uniqueness" for ram-only civs and Mace/Rome/Seleucids who are "all siege" civs.
  12. Looks like a p1 ram. Would be cooler if Mace had a p1 siege shop that produces that ;P.
  13. Updating post slowly as I get screenshots done. Nice experience in learning MAC shortcuts/interface.
  14. Replay.zipThe 2nd screenshot was with boongui on Linux. It shows the more detailed minimap that I've know from 0ad. Maybe it is the difference between normal and boongui minimap? Ok, I'm going to rerun test games (replays, same replay) and do screenshots on: M1 MAC, with boonGUI: Using a plugged in monitor Using their super duper 120hz display panel M1 MAC, without boonGUI Using the same plugged in monitor Using their super duper 120hz display panel Reg. MAC, with boonGUI: Using a plugged in monitor Using their super duper 120hz display panel Reg. MAC, without boonGUI Using the same plugged in monitor Using their super duper 120hz display panel Linux, with boonGUI: Using the same plugged in monitor Linux, without boonGUI: Using the same plugged in monitor Hmmmm, if the minimaps are different between MAC vs Linux/Windows it explains why I've been able to play without sounds and people on MAC didn't understand how it's possible ...
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