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  1. Free as in anyone can do anything without restriction.
  2. Also, double check what operating system they are using. If Linux follow up with whether they using an RC version or the actual A25b. I haven't been able to get mods working on RC.
  3. I mean most people here know that. They're not looking to find the player based on the wireshark logs, etc. Clearly you're missing a D in the DDOS or something? I would hope your reading comprehension is strong enough to understand that?
  4. @guerringuerrin see link below. Script is inside one of the dloads. It's a really basic one that can be improved substantially (e.g., can be double clicked through a shortcut and will automatically create (1) copy of mainlog with current date, time in filename and (2) a separate file that includes data of current script. Not a programmer so what I did is rudimentary that got the job done. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1swv1FsHzsW3xMnUuloiz6gDnbI9V-zOa?usp=sharing BTW, excessive data received on the 0ad port it looks like. I'd guess ddos/dos attack. When you find the troll house ping me.
  5. Yea, singled out. @wowgetoffyourcellphone the replay sort of shows what I was talking about players being singled out and being searched for by name, color, or civ. Note Aslan.'s scout that found my border and returned to his own base immediately. Team chat likely was used to communicate strategy and he followed with the scout to find his target. Skipped the border player.
  6. Countered horribly in this game. If you watch replay I was specifically singled out by Aslan. (Notice the scout) . Note that Aslan. went all cav with all women near his base. A reason why it worked is I wasn't expecting it. Clearly, for some games (usually pro games), I need to commit with skrim cav earlier then go w/ merc cav afterwards. I guess in pro games for the merc cav to be successful you need more people rushing and playing a p1 / p2 game. (Screenshot from time I lost CC to deletion to prevent capture, around 14 min.) metadata.json commands.txt
  7. Just got put on spec b/c host wouldn't let me choose Carthagians.
  8. No worries. It's less than before. I think it's because of being silent and not reacting to them (whoever they are, I think I play games with them? lol). I think silent ignorance is the best way to deal with this person and just track it on on which player it can. Then once that player info is gathered don't react until alts are found, etc. Anyway, I think 0ad actually heading in right direction with password games, etc, to protect from stupidity like that.
  9. Yes. @Stan`. I'll be changing ips now even though it is a pita to do it.
  10. Nope, even civ picking. Right now, if I go Carthage I get usually 1-2 people rushing me or trying to rush me. If I'm playing against hamdich I can expect his cav to gravitate towards me. If I'm playing Mauryas I also get singled out b/c noone wants 13 minute elephants in their base. A good team will have the border players scout and call out enemy players on borders in <1 min. This is when critical decisions are usually made. Honestly, wish it was possible to keep civilizations of players in a game hidden --> the option would make sure that all you see is that you're playing vs a civilization.
  11. Meh, I'd go as far as let players mentally identify Civilzations by building if they don't uncover CC. Specifically, civs like brits/gauls come into mind that share buildings. CC is unique enough that it wouldn't confuse civs. Early scouting would uncover CC anyway and what is built around it. I'd go as far as make players appear to be gaia (white) with gaia (white) borders until civ CC is identified. In multiplayer identifying the player name (to know rank) and location plays a key role in strategy (Which is why I prefer putting people from same language on same teams, usually). Usually, you try to push weak side and hold strong side -- unless you get some kind of miracle advantage. For example, you know if Rauls is playing (or @chrstgtr ) that if you get a lucky double team the whole other team is GG and you've won. I get targeted like that too and a number of other players. Which is why I dislike playing with lower ranked players.
  12. ATM Debian is stopping me from doing that (broke everything, nothing works, don't know how to fix, oh well format it is) ;/. Once I convert to arch I will however.
  13. Yea, that is what I was thinking. Also, the word proximity was used loosely b/c I know pikemen can't always be in a formation. This could also maybe add an melee cav debonus. If pikemen/spearmen are in a closed formation they debuff cavalry armor and/or attack.
  14. What if Pikemen had their armor bonus be based off being in a formation? Especially their pierce armor. The bonus could be based on proximity and maxes out when X units are only Z distance from each other in a chain. Once they deviate from this the "armor chain" is broken and they have low armor. Therefore, lone pikemen (outside formation) could be eaisly picked off, etc. However, in a group they would still be as strong as they are.
  15. We don't know. The only thing we know is the less DDOS services there are the less options the DDOSer(s) ha(s/ve). Personally, I think human-hours wasted should be rolled into the prison time. If it exceeds a reasonable lifetime of the person, well too bad.
  16. The other thing that would be needed is true fog of war - the game not knowing what civ someone else is until you uncover their CC.
  17. So one of the reasons why I don't play 300 pop games or 1vs1 games it b/c they are totally different animals. Hence, on my username there is no ranking. I agree with the fact that the strategy can be countered 1vs1. The fewer players there are per team the more likely it is to get countered effectively. I've seen 002 counter me effectively in a team game when he was Romans. I was surprised b/c Romans do not have spear infantry p1. Spear cav are sticky though. The main issue with Merc Cav is that in a 4v4 game 1 player decides what 4 others should be building in the first 8 min of gametime otherwise they risk of being effectively countered. In the end, being entrenched in a defensive position and knowing what is coming is always going to win. Even in team games it is better to entrench, let the first attack happen, then counter. However, I genuinely believe merc cav are OP the way the are. Actually, few players are OK with letting me play merc cav atm. So instead, I play Kush and club Iberian CC's @roscany. I *think* it would be different in 1v1s if CIVS were hidden from other players when selecting them.
  18. 3, 2 (Currently used), and 4 No, just regular units (sword/spear). However the clubmen would be for kush.
  19. Feels like Romans could be unique in that they have (1) smaller citizen population but (2) additional merc population to top them off that can gather resources slower but maybe be better at fighting (basically, all units have merc counterparts). Could be like a 110/120 or 80/150 split. Sort of like there is a separate population for dogs.
  20. I think beyond uniquess there should be at least 2-3 viable ways to do the different play-styles (Edit: Note, I'm a fan of games that average about 22 mins of playtime and, sometimes, go for 40+ in a very rare case - but with constant battles and few boomers). Note: I'd also split Camels/Horses into Camels/Calvary with Camels getting a bonus vs horses, especially close combat camels. However, strongly weak vs infantry. Britons: Quick phasing ('instant' or cheaper phase upgrades) p2 rams (b/c rams are only siege) p2 heroes Cheaper puppies (p1) and puppy champions (p2) Ability to upgrade skirmishers to skrim cav OR skrim chariots. p1 chariot skrimishers that are non-champion. Skrim cav are p2. p2 champions Chariot Priests Gauls: Start with a mounted priest p1 sword cav (even w/ bonus) instead of skrim cav p2 rams (b/c rams are only siege) p2 heroes p2 champions p1 fanatics that are less expensive ability to upgrade skirmishers to skrim cav OR skrim chariots Can build spear calvary in p2. Mounted Carnucos Cav Mounted Priests Spartans ("Walls? What true man builds walls?") p1 skiritai spearmen in p2 skirmishers in p2 p2 rams (b/c rams are only siege) p2 heroes in p2 upgrade skiritai to cavalry skiritai no walls, no palisades (like in a23) skrimisher chariots captured barracks in p1 can build spearmen/skrimishers. Mauryans (Elephant exhibitionist civ) regular javelineers 2, 3 and 4 population elephant archers (see atlas - could be buildable seperately or by individually 'mounting' archers) 2, 3 and 4 population elephant javelineers (elephant skrimishers - 3 and 4 pop as above could be buildable seperately or by individually 'mounting' skrimishers) 2, 3 and 4 population elephant spearmen (non siege elephant, similar to archers/skrim8shers on mounting extra units) 2, 3, and 4 population elephant priests (yes, lol) elephant hero does a bonus Macedonians: p1/p2 arsenal p2 upgrades in arsenal p2 siege tower p2 heroes AOE tech for ranged catapults in arsenal Remove the sword champs. Current champions counter fine. +20% bonus vs athens/sparta and 10% debonus vs rome. Romans (No palisades civ, vulnerable p1 and/or p2 b/c stone walls expensive. Basically, a civ that can entrench in a forward position but has issues defending hometown.): Encampments produce catapults and bolts. Units can be transferred between encampments if encampments are within XYZ of each other's range. Remove arsenal from buildings Put all arsenal upgrades in fort and ecampment buildings Building of fort enables upgrades from encampments and fort. If you lose fort upgrades to siege not possible until a new fort is built. Add AOE upgrade to catapults No palisades (don't need 3 types of walls). Siege walls include palisades properties and current properties. Siege walls more expensive. Regular walls more expensive (e.g., their roads allowed enemies to traverse their lands quickly) On Roman influence areas enemies, allies, and romans (all units) move 15% faster. Seleucids Add more cavalry diversity phase 2 elephant stable Camel swordsmen AOE tech for ranged catapults in arsenal regular chariot buildable in p2 that can be upgraded to champion chariot Chariot Priests Iberians Let them build walls connected to starter turrent. Somehow this doesn't work now. p2 heroes phase 2 rams (b/c only has rams) cavalry swordsmen (see atlas) in p1 and champions in p3. Iberians need cavalry swordsmen. They should be there. Mounted Priests Athens: Champions from barracks. Use current champion buiding for another purpose (make that the barracks equivalent?) Archers are non-merc Sword cav in p1 AOE tech for ranged catapults in arsenal Carthagians: Merc buildings in p1 Merc units in p1 AOE tech for ranged catapults in arsenal Civ that shines in p1 and p3 but has a dry spell in p2 basically. Sacredband units give a +10% dmg boost to nearby units but not other sacred band units Ptolemies: Old no-wood dynamic returns Skrimisher mercs buildable in p1 Heroes buildable in p2 Expansion building buildable in p1, including all mercs from building Camel swordsmen and spearmen AOE tech for ranged catapults in arsenal Kushites: Merc buildings buildable in p1 Merc camel clubmen Persians All non-champion calvary units available in p1 (including non-champion chariots - buildable from CC and stables) Return of the chariot archers that are non-champion (but leave champion chariot) Mounted and Chariot Priests
  21. I don't think a research tech is necessary. I would only suggest a research tech if there is no additional building and those mercs can be built from the CC (with one or two civs being unique enough to not have this.) I think if mercs get debuffed there is very little need for a research tech. The gathering penalty is actually fairly large. For uniqueness I think there should be a mix of cav and non cav p2 champions. Generally, civs that get bonsues I would steer as being p3 (gauls champ cav) and civs that do not get bonus maybe p2 (romans/macedonians, etc).
  22. Honestly, I would. I'd be interesting to see what balance could be made with early p1 rushes w/ Merc cav being thrown in. They handicap resource gathering, so depending on game you can or can't go all in.
  23. I'd also add that adding more mercenaries to p1 would be good, imo. Adds the opportunity to go for a different strategy. P2 champs, imo though, should be the same as just p3 champs skill wise.
  24. That needs to change. I still dislike nomad as it sort of feels like a different game, even though the maps are the same ( @wowgetoffyourcellphone maybe can somehow verify if nomad metal is different than regular metal) With nomad it feels like there is ALWAYS the old low amounts of metal on the map.
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