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  1. Indeed, this is a game replay worth to see. Every corner of the map deserves to follow while spectating. You can see many unexpected turns of events or some funny moments like this one: "Pro fort deny timing" performance by @Boudica. @borg- was missing like 0.01 sec to build it up (99% was done). Check the time left to finish the construction (0:00 sec) Thanks for the upload! snel
  2. snelius


    Thanks for uploading @stormwalk. And here are screenshots from this tough 1hr game. Some statistics: Some regular screenshots: Cheers, snel P.S. An if you also would like to install that nice to have module, which shows in game data (units, current production and invented technologies) for all players, please install the latest version of a spec mod made by @badosu.
  3. It's a very nice mod. Last feature allows even to measure gathered resources per sec. I like that. Would be nice if implemented in next alpha release, as well as your balanced maps bundled into regular 0ad version (out of the box). Thanks a lot @badosu for significant contribution into 0ad polishing and tuning up!
  4. Hi everybody, I would like to initiate some discussion about the idea of implementing borg-'s expansion pack mod in a24 release. I know it's almost done. But to be perfect it needs some patches to be applied. Thus any javascript geeks are welcome to join this project and apply bug fixes. I'm sure @borg- would manage and coordinate the whole process (testing, patches applying, etc.) but he needs some volunteers to help to make this mod tuned on high level. So the idea of that topic is to: 1) let people know that there is need of some js work to do - maybe some of you guys could
  5. No. Ofc not. Not at all. Just last time with chrstgtr in one team as an ally. This was not first time he played tactic which was "risky" for his team (simply a nub way) but I never refused to play with him again. Sometimes I also play like a nub. So that's not the reason. This is because he misbehaved.
  6. Game: 4v4, around 47:40 game time Map: Mainland (Normal, Temperate biome) T1 Players: chrstgtr (1986), Dakara (1684), Karott (1363), snelius (1600) T2 Players: lou-diamonds, faction02, Ricsand (1402), Palaiologos (1371) Summary: Braggadocio, 160 "sheep" Roman cav army slower than Ptole pikes & kick off the game. As I got a raw deal today I would like to explain publicly why this has been my last game. But let's start from the beginning. ========================================================================== This was well balanced and hard classic game.
  7. Due to some errors and per some late observers requests, here I upload regular 4v4 today's game. Game: 4v4, ~24 min game time Map: Mainland (Normal size, snowy biome) T1 Players: snelius (1600), Edwarf (1449), faction02, Palaiologos (1371) T2 Players: Uran238cz (1504), Feldfeld (2035), Unknown_Player (1638), Lodbrog (1503) 2019-07-13_0006.zip
  8. @Boudica, purism is not present here obviously. It's the kind of a language used by Friday in "The Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe" - - "me shoot now, me no kill".
  9. snelius


    Game: 4v4, 43 minutes game time Map: Mainland (Normal, Random biome) T1 Players: _zoro_ (1666), snelius (1600), phoenixdesk (1601), Issh T2 Players: borg- (2306), Havran (1550), Uran238cz (1504), pauleife (1172) Summary: 5 Gummiberry bushes + 2 reachable in p2 allowed for generous donations to allies. This wasn;t easy game for team 1 as @borg- is an op player and was on both fronts while defending mid. There was a critical moment some players from t1 doubted in a possibility of victory and prepared for "gg". We won;t say who was that but here I can quote @PhyZik's
  10. This was this kind of a game where situation changed so frequently that the end of the game was unpredictable. Thus I think it's worth to watch this replay. Thank you so much for the upload elexis.
  11. Team1: Emperior (1437) Vicktualia (1382) M.T (1516) MorTak (1705) Team2: causative (1462) Odyssey (1452) snelius (1493) in memory of devnull++ hsynersoy (1388) Description: Just watch and have a fun. 2018-01-11_0004.zip
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