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  1. @myou5e will you please include the other factions from Terra Magna (Zapotecs, very gorgeous) and Mil AD (Norse, Anglo Saxons and Byzantine)? You can put any done Hero if they are missing though. Balancing in SP games doesn’t tbh as CS are enough to get through and beat 2 toughest AIs. Whether theses factions aren’t complete with no naval units don’t matter at all. The most important thing is you can show these well done factions. I hope at least some modders can make a mod with all these not included (in main game) factions together.
  2. @myou5e definitely I will test it if it’s working or not as long as you introduce new mechanics. I recently been playing the game in SP but as usual it becomes a little bit annoying without more realistic game mechanics. I tried Aoe2DE for 300 hours after its release but the freakin AI enemy just stall and not doing anything even if I give them resources. The only thing that’s good is the monk who can convert units and no matter what you do the AI just stop attacking despite having so many units. Tbh both 0ad and Aoe lacks depth compared to RoN imo. Somehow AoE is only playable on windows.
  3. Since I started playing from A21 up to now I never noticed any changes in mechanics except balancing and few fixes just to maintain the game running and playable. No one even dared to itrdiminish spamming of units I know that the programming side has limited manpower which will really stall the game to its current state. Are there any dev members (On the programming area) really interested to further introduce other mechanics like ammo, armory, supply wagon, and other defense structures. Also citizen-soldiers are fine but could they just start from being regular peasants but once up
  4. Wow that’s really awesome to have units (more units) on elevated defense structures! @Nescio your 0abc mod has this wall/gate features already? The current game works smoothly at .25 speed (which is my preferred SP speed), I had 500 population and 2 Hardest AIs have a combined 700 population (On a 300 max pop game) in my current vanilla game and it’s really satisfying. Tested a DE last night and was really fun to have a different mechanics that could keep a player think more than just spamming units. I was really surprised that the enemy AI got ahead of me in accumulating honors. An
  5. As I’ve said every Civs have archers regardless if they aren’t specialized on it. So increasing it’s cost won’t affect any gameplay balance even in MP as they will not be a viable unit to train. Some previous alpha had this complete wololo units building structures once captured and it’s quite fun to have multiple structures on your settlement. Since cheat is disabled in MP there’s no point to remove it at all in SP. I will be visiting DE, 0ABC and some other mods soon and see how far the improvement/s on these mods.
  6. So A24 are mostly balance changes and will only benefit multiplayer games. Probably the consolation is if there are new aesthetics. I’m trying the game back in anticipation of the new alpha but it’s still disappointing to have no improvement on single player. I hope some mods can make more additional mechanics. Despite my not so good in making videos I’m trying to make some for the game so I would like to inquire if it’s possible to add a couple of add ons for the sake of having more fun. Not for vanilla as it’s really not going to happen. These are impossible request I think there’s
  7. @bbgotbanned perhaps Pudim was the gaia in that game and became mad at you for your persistent shaming him :(
  8. Well you’re ripe to be playing with the good players in MP then. i just like to play the single player and got exhausted by playing MP team games, I’m just not good enough to become pro to compete with faster players. Just sharing some little knowledge about the game in SP for new players.
  9. You can beat the toughest AI by playing slow and make units constantly to gather and raid. Lots of ways: 1. Raid with cavalries and disrupt their economic activities while you are producing both women and CS to gather, build and fortify. 2. Play defensive and let them attack. This one needs a couple of towers , meatshieds (heavy infantry) and range units. Micro wounded units to garrison and continue defending with units and more micro to prevent casualties. By playing defense until you have healers your units will get ranked and you can attack in phase 2 with healers. 3. Phas
  10. I only really want to play a realistic game, a combination of city building with atrocities (War if medieval civilization) but must continue to infinity. Infinity means s continuous engagement between factions on a certain era timetable. AoE 2 starts from dark age to imperial age but if you examine the sense of its mechanics it really is just a plain game not for realistic fun but rather competitive fun. Whereas 0ad stays in the same era and have a better realistic mechanics. Does it make sense to have units be still alive from dark age to imperial age? Are there only a co
  11. I hate to say I’ve been playing AoE2 DE for awhile and still in single player but the game has no immersions for an infinity game. once all the trees are chopped down the enemy AI stalls. The reason is they are trading only gold. The AI don’t even fish afterwards to get food to keep making attacking units. I have to feed my enemy more with resources to stay in the game. 0ad is much much better in single player by a mile, 1 enemy AI can trade and continues to accumulate resources that are needed for continuity. 0ad women won’t wander towards my settlement to gather wood. So
  12. Does anyone find the heavy box formation good for the game?
  13. Lag is still present even on single player which lags on a 1v1 on normal speed at maximum 300 population. I have no Knowledge in any programming but it seems there is no regulation on the engine to maintain a smoother performance. I end up playing on x2 speed. In total 600 population on a 1v1 single player mode is not regulated compared to multiplayer having 8 players with multiples of population on each player as well as bigger maps and multiple entities. But the occurrence on multiplayer seems regulated that it doesn’t lag assuming the net and pc are good. it seems that the e
  14. Since I played 0ad MP and been observing behavior of lots of good players in game, in lobby or in spec and those were my observations @Feldfeld. That’s why I try to avoid joining any team games when these sort of trash talkers are on my team, I rather spec. who knows who can understand Spanish, German etc. But I’ve noticed that even if Arkhipov doesn’t want to mind these people, they keep talking about him. Did he really offend you and you got mad because if his game? Yeah I break the rules to let players play and have fun because no one seems to play with him/them. If a new
  15. I played a guy named Strategoslago and in the beginning I beat him and my rating keeps on rising so later on I keep resigning to give back his rating. He knew he can’t beat me but it was really fun to play on that Mediterranean cove which is one of my favorite single player map. Eventually he refused me because he said I was too good. I told him to keep playing and try to learn and said don’t worry about ratings. And we played lots of his hosted rated games and for me it was fun. So many games lasted 40 minutes to more than an hour! Even if I’m winning I resign to keep my rating lowe
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