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  1. Mine is just a feedback. I tried the game and I didn't like it, so I posted my opinion about it. You probably didn't get my point, so let's do it your way. Let's say I have this project of building an house with my own hands. It will require a lot of time, sure, no one can expect a finished product or can tell me "you are slow", it's fine. But then I build my house, I build 3 kitchens and I forget to create the basements. Now I invested time and resources, and I have three kitchens and none of them works. So the point is, why adding 10 factions, when even a 1v1 map (and I'm repeating this, 1v1, playing with a friend) doesn't work. Why even adding bigger maps, when even the smaller ones don't work. So yeah I'm not expecting to play a full game with many functionalities, but to me adding new content when even the basics are not working doesn't make sense. They can keep adding races but that won't change things even in 50 years, if I can't even enjoy the basics. Anyway, if players can enjoy this kind of.. product, that's great, at least someone does.
  2. Tried the game some years ago and couldn't run it, pc fault. I decided to try it again with a friend, hoping to find something close to a complete game. But nothing, after 16+ years of development, and with a pc that can run the Witcher 3 without problems, I still get lags after 2 minutes into the match. Same for my friend, and our connection worked perfectly. I understand the project is free ect ect, but how is it possible. Being able to play something like 10 factions, when I can't even change the resolution of the game and I cannot basically play it because of the lags. It's not a big problem to me, wasn't a fan of the project anyway, but I feel bad for those players who have been supporting the game for so long (If there are any). Regardless, I wish you the best luck on being able to release it sooner or later, even if I don't have much hope left.
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