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  1. You're definetively right about the food bonuses, the historical basis for this is that much like Egypt, Sicily did provide food for west meditteranean for example Gaius Octivius had to deal with Pompey's son because he controled Sicily and was holding out on grain, making Rome starve. The gameplay logic i was going for was that food bonus= more food and in less time= less women gathering = more resources and pop to make soldiers to either rush or further develop your eco. Sicily does have large sulfur depoits so maybe a metal or stone gathering bonus would also be fitting. I mean A2
  2. Is there anyway to do it without making a new topic?
  3. Well i gave them a sicanian skirmisher with less health because the sicules had early conflicts with syracuse. But that should cover the weak ranged inf. no? I mean slings are pretty useless i think. So with Gelon's reform tech some mercs become cs, can they gater resources now? Well i actually agree that either xbows or bolt shooters should be a phase II champ and artillery respectively but I'm afraid of making them op. Anyway we kinda need to streamline these concepts early. Mercs in phase I? Wich ones? Gelon's tech, what should it do,? Make the other cs avail
  4. Not for zero resources, you would obviously pay for them and lot at that. I got the idea from the horribly outated 0 AD wiki.
  5. Why slings? I mean they could have rhodian slings but not balearic ones but why?
  6. Way ahead of you. When I updated the doc. I included the following tech, haven't come up the cost however. Doric camaraderie A one time, instantaneous shipment of 20 spartiates (spartan champ hoplite) to the Tyrant's Fortress.
  7. There are only 3 citizen soldiers so how do we make this work? Is the civ gonna start with 1 CS available at the start? The spearman? And you're are going to pay for ability train a below avarage skirmisher and a spear cav?
  8. I deliberately made the back a U shape to make more visually interesting in case someone presses " q " or "e" during gameplay. I will if requested do a proper thing in Solidworks.
  9. As far the wonder i proposed there are only a few piles of rock remaining, thankfully some people have taken to the making of virtual reconstructions but i can not verify these. I again show the folloing picture taken direcly from the design document, and following that a pretty rough 3D model in paint 3D, because I completely forgot had SolidWorks . Yellow cilinders -> statues Green Rectangles -> doorways
  10. In regards to what few structures are left we have the temples close to Akragas, also the big bronze boy ain't the only one so it is safe to say that statues like this could have appeared elsewhere in Sicily. In the following 2 pictures one can see more details from the temples here. I mentioned the temple of Athena that was tunerd into a cathedral, well here is a piece of the facade in the frist picture and the latter illustration depicts the side on the temple, pay attention the upper part.
  11. Thing is, a lot of structures were either left to the elements or worse, built over like what happened to the temple of Athena that became a cathedral.
  12. The problem is the following, how do we make bactria different enough from persians and greeks to justify adding them? The roster proposed is fine but bland regretfully.
  13. Nice, I had the idea from AOE 3, were ranged troops automaticaly switch to melee mode with attacked by a melee unit and a post here on the forums. I only gave them one spear cav unit and a skirmisher cav, do you think they need more? And what about their infantry skirmisher being weaker than normal skirmishers.
  14. @alre My main problem with them are: are they possible to make them? If not them would just default them to be beefy javeliners. If yes then how to balance their stats so they don't dominate everything .
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