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  1. A side note here, how come the romans have a good cav roster? With champ swords and trashy spear cav to tank hits? From battle reports against hellenic forces we know that romans were inept at cav combat, standing their ground and fighting like infantry thus using cav in a more defensive role, wasting the most important atribute of a cavalry corps, it's agility.
  2. not after one as they did not couch the lance, an over the shoulder strike was the prefered method.
  3. @LetswaveaBook lets get real here the pikemen are the real support units for the ranged chads.
  4. @Dasaavawar I invisioned this faction to represent not all of magna graecia but only the sicilian greeks. Although the Dionisii and Agathocles did control land outside of the island, the territories of mainland Italy from calabria to apulia would more often than not, come under the influence of the Italiote League, poleis like Kroton and Taras. I wouldn´t mind making a faction for these but other having techs related to pythagoras and units like super crotonite physicians, tarantine cav and spartan-like champion hoplites, what more can one do with them? Sure you have Archytas and the wrestling champion Milo as heroes but you would have to include pyrrhus as a hero as well since he was hegemon-like figure of this area. For these reasons I think that the italiotes and epirus, would have to be combined into a single faction in order to bring a unique faction to table and not another athens reskin. As for the faction logo, sure the triskelion is cool and it is more pan-sicilian than lets say Arethousa or the dolphin tetradrachme so it is something to think about.
  5. In short spear cav as about as good as sword cav when dealing with other cav but fall short on everything by virtue of having worse armour and worse attack speed than the latter( poor spear cav, even jav cav beat them ). Maybe look at other RTSs ? Perhaps having only two melee types is not enough?
  6. But seeing as alexander I was placed on the throne by Phillip and stayed under his wing for a while, wouldn't he like phillip in thebes pick up his guardian's reforms ?
  7. The officer upgrade and the hero bodyguard are the cherry on top of the cake. Honestly being able to train officers that boost a respective unit's stats slightly (just like the indian mansabdar units in AOE3 ) should be a base feature.
  8. Well 15:39 min ain't a rush,were are your pikes? Also Vali is a madman, playing athens.
  9. Well that was thing that bothered me when i started to play, realistically a pikeman and the syntagma are just "offensive" versions of the traditional hoplite and phalanx perfect for defending a city state of modest proportions. They trade the aspis for a pelte and a dory for a sarissa, much better for empire building. "So why not make a pikeman an offensive version of a spearman, better attack stats but less pierce defence" was what I though, but then swordsman would need a bonus multiplier vs pikes and 0 AD does not like hard counters.
  10. Arkantos makes them attack faster right? Anyway AOM is a different beast entirely, there u can win with hoplites + hippikons and some hetairoi, try that here.
  11. Jesus u'r right, I'm so blind....Thanks it was driving me crazy.
  12. Nah we don't need it, we need to decrease ranged unit supremacy.
  13. So I made the texture and I put it in the right place in the mod: But in-game, unless I put the textures on the public mod's "helmets" directory the texture does not show up: Any ideas?
  14. This is false.Both units use the "template_unit_infantry" as a base template, and only in this template can you find the capture attack values. Since they share the same template and therefore have the same range when capturing, any other info is superfluous but the values i mentioned are: <Attack> <Capture> <AttackName>Capture</AttackName> <Capture>2.5</Capture> <MaxRange>4</MaxRange> <RepeatTime>1000</RepeatTime> <RestrictedClasses datatype="tokens">Field Palisade Wall</RestrictedClasses> </Capture> ....
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