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  1. But seeing as alexander I was placed on the throne by Phillip and stayed under his wing for a while, wouldn't he like phillip in thebes pick up his guardian's reforms ?
  2. Why not make the xbowman a medium range unit?
  3. The officer upgrade and the hero bodyguard are the cherry on top of the cake. Honestly being able to train officers that boost a respective unit's stats slightly (just like the indian mansabdar units in AOE3 ) should be a base feature.
  4. Well 15:39 min ain't a rush,were are your pikes? Also Vali is a madman, playing athens.
  5. Well that was thing that bothered me when i started to play, realistically a pikeman and the syntagma are just "offensive" versions of the traditional hoplite and phalanx perfect for defending a city state of modest proportions. They trade the aspis for a pelte and a dory for a sarissa, much better for empire building. "So why not make a pikeman an offensive version of a spearman, better attack stats but less pierce defence" was what I though, but then swordsman would need a bonus multiplier vs pikes and 0 AD does not like hard counters.
  6. Arkantos makes them attack faster right? Anyway AOM is a different beast entirely, there u can win with hoplites + hippikons and some hetairoi, try that here.
  7. Jesus u'r right, I'm so blind....Thanks it was driving me crazy.
  8. Nah we don't need it, we need to decrease ranged unit supremacy.
  9. So I made the texture and I put it in the right place in the mod: But in-game, unless I put the textures on the public mod's "helmets" directory the texture does not show up: Any ideas?
  10. This is false.Both units use the "template_unit_infantry" as a base template, and only in this template can you find the capture attack values. Since they share the same template and therefore have the same range when capturing, any other info is superfluous but the values i mentioned are: <Attack> <Capture> <AttackName>Capture</AttackName> <Capture>2.5</Capture> <MaxRange>4</MaxRange> <RepeatTime>1000</RepeatTime> <RestrictedClasses datatype="tokens">Field Palisade Wall</RestrictedClasses> </Capture> ....
  11. To me it kinda looks the product of an unhappy marriage between an attic and a thracian helmets. So weird....
  12. Never saw this helmet depicted on art do is this just a rome ii invention?
  13. I suggested that in order to encourage people to use them more against more types of infantry other than ranged infantry, to try and simulate the hammer and anvil of the Argeads .
  14. So you want units that have a critical attack that can be used once every Y successful hits? Much like the greek heroes in AOM.
  15. And then they'll accuse you of wanting to make 0 AD into a AOE clone ahahah
  16. kataphracts: more armor hetairoi/agema: +speed, +small bonus vs infantry and reduced bonus vs cav.
  17. 0 AD devs don't like "hard counters", but as 4 or 5 of the melee classes have split damage I think bonuses should be more widely used. For example how do you make a range counter unit that is resistant to ranged dmg but doens´t fare well in melee? Sure you can buff the pierce resistance but then these units become stronger against pikes and spears.
  18. @wowgetoffyourcellphone brilliant work again mate!! Keep up the good work!
  19. Take what I say with a pinch of salt but the pikeman, although subject to alterations to their kit always remained a constant in the successors' armies. Now I would wager that in the far east, you would see lighter pikemen than those in the west in combination with a bigger support troop corps, specially when steppe nomads entered the picture.
  20. The changes I am unsure about are about the pikeman and the horse archer. Should the first be available n the barracks instead of the military colony(still in phase II)? And should the latter be available at the barracks in phase I? Thing is that their cav (specially archer cav and the champion variant) has cost effectiveness on their side so making the best meatshield more readily available may be too much.
  21. To accompany the first draft of the bactrians civ, I give you a playable version of this modest mod: ------> Bactrians-mod.rar<------ In the future I would like to add unique buildings of course. Besides the artwork, which must definitively be improved, I'm looking for feedback on the units mostly.
  22. Actually coming up with more infantry types ain't difficult, for example: A "something" hillman, basically a levy with poor morale and bad equipment, a "trash" unit only "good" for the early game: 3.5 hack 3 pierce 1.5 vs cav 90 health 40 food/wood cost 900 repeat time
  23. @s0600204 Thank you, you're a life saver really. But there is still something I gotta figure out: It can't be this right?
  24. Yup already solved it now my problem is that the structure tree still doesn't work and in game I can't build anything.
  25. So the mod file goes into the mods directory, done. From what I think all the thing are in the correct place but when i go in game and try to do anything I get error messages and blank gray menus. I wanted to ask if any of the prominent modders had these problems before and if so how did you get pass them. When I try to open the structure tree: When I try to play a match: Civ Json file: bact.json Unique techs: cavalry_tradition.jsonbudhist_evangelism.jsonbactrian_camels.json Civ bonus: bact_cavalry.json The whole thing: Bactrians-mod.rar
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