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  1. I didn't mean to be disrespectful although holding the "known world" (excluding india and bactria) is more a logistic feat than a military one. But then again I'm a self admitted philhellene so who am I to judge. I just think than conjuring waves after waves of levies is a roman hack and that overshadows most tactical brilliance on their part
  2. Aahaha! C'mon calling the siege towers in game "siege" is a bit far fetched. If soldiers do the job better or at least at the same level as a ram then rams, stone throwers and the like will see a lot lesss play.
  3. Well i think that despite your good intensions, you have a lot of "ifs" in there.
  4. I'll contest your statement on the greaves thing as to my knowledge this feature was characteristic of the italian peoples.
  5. Nope they were worn on the right side because the geometry of the scutum would interfere with the drawing of the sword. Well thats the common explanation but it could a fashion thing, like wearing the left greave only.
  6. Not that. Citizens of syracuse were never, acording to ancient sources, employed as anything other than heavy infantry and cavalry. The native Sicel and siculian tribes however did.
  7. Although historically these eastern armies were very " anoying" to fight, and in game these factions would be doubly so, not to mention that they would be a one trick poney, see AOE 3 DE Lakota Confederation.
  8. Actually only the mainland greeks and the latter sucessor armies were cavalry deficient as we have written evidence that the greeks from magna graecia( italiotes and siceliotes) had bigger cavalry cores and these were already used in shock tactics as early as the early classical era, before the rise of the macedonian kingdom.
  9. Range troops are already cheaper( comparing pikemen to javelineers) and they are better at collecting resources( the infantry at least) so they are already better that melee troops outside combat. Defensively ranged troops fare much better too since shoot -> garrison-> shoot allows them to poke at atackers and be way more effective than melee troops against the small number of an enemy raid /rush.
  10. @user1 The player Beathoven(1322) left our rated match without a word and exited the lobby soon after. U know the story, he gets beat up and leaves to not loose any ranking. And the bot did not count this as a win, as it happened with my previous complain. commands.txt metadata.json
  11. Gboss leaves the match then leaves the lobby. metadata.jsoncommands.txt
  12. I think macedon's siege proficiency started and ended with Demetrius. Because Alexander's siege efforts cannot really be put in game, ie a lot of sapping and build landills. In this light we are missing siege civs
  13. The only cavalry that needs a slight nerf is jav cav
  14. Then don't chase him, get your own cav
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