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  1. Could maybe even have an Irish hero. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TĂșathal_Techtmar#Romans_in_Ireland? Or a Belgian hero with ties to Gaul. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tincomarus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commius
  2. The idea was barrack to train infantry from allies and conquered peoples, not sure if they should have metal cost since are not really mercenaries. I decied to merge Avar Barrack with Stable since it would be awkward to have a building just to train foot archers.
  3. Could be reference for Wonder, or fortress. For Roster maybe something like this Avar Barracks: Infantry archer Cavalry archer Cavalry Spearman Cavalry Axeman/Swordsman? Allied Camp: Slavic Spearman Slavic Javelinist Gepid Swordsman Siege Workshop: Ram Siege Tower Traction Trebuchet Fortress: Champion Spear cavalry Champion cavalry archer Dock: Slavic ''Monoxylos'' (Canoe)
  4. For the mod's period, i think Lombards would indeed be a better choice.
  5. There is a mod for civilization where their leader is called Djalla. https://civilization-v-customisation.fandom.com/wiki/The_Garamantes_(Djalla) But i can't find that name anywhere else.
  6. I think it could be a special building, or even a ''cult statue''. But for the later i think this would be more fitting (Horse statue at Tongwancheng). For wonder Ovoo is a bit small and i think there are better options (Maybe a Kurgan grave, or something based on Tongwancheng) There is a pagoda who was built by a Xiognu ruler; but was later rebuilt in Qing dinasty and i am not sure how it looked before. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haibao_Pagoda_Temple
  7. For an earlier wonder could have a sort of burial ground; with a tumulus and decorative stones near it.
  8. One issue i see with using the longhouse as wonder is that it might overlap with the CC and Great Hall buiilding. I think the wonder could be a burial mound, although would be a bit of artistic license From what i can find there are bronze/early iron age burial mounds in Germany but not built by Germanics (Tumulus, Urfnield, Hallstat cultures); there are also Germanic mounds but in Scandinavia and the majority is from the bronze age or the dark ages. Other possible option could be the pillars of the Frisii (Early form of Irminsul?), although we don't really know how they looked like.
  9. Since he was Roman perhaps it might be better to use one of the Lusitanian chiefs who sided with Sertorius as hero; that is assuming any of their names have been recorded.
  10. Looks more like the temple of jerusalem to me. That's the first that shows up on reverse image search.
  11. One of these buildings could be the wonder. Maybe a section of the palace or the mausoleum you mentioned.
  12. True, although on the other hand when the economy goes bad i think the changes reach the bottom of the pyramid more. The US corporations who were interested in Venezuela are doing fine without the extra money; and same with the officials of the regime. The only ones who are really losing from this are the common people. https://www.businessinsider.com/nicolas-maduro-ate-steak-at-salt-bae-restaurant-venezuela-starves-2018-9
  13. Yes, i don't see a point on ''controlling'' resources if you can't trade them and economy goes to hell. Is just for nationalist pride and being able to claim that you own them and you are indenpendent? I think i'd rather live in a ''colonized'' country with a good economy; than in a poor ''free'' country. And many Venezuelans do move to their more US-friendly neighbours (Colombia and Brazil) or the US itself. I don't think the US is ''good'', just that the Venezuelan government made very poor decisions.
  14. I think the fault still lies with Venezuelan government to some degree. Either they were stupid and did not see it coming; or they knew that was going to happen but thought it was worth it because of ideological reasons. It is not like US randomly decided to sanction them for fun; they picked an unwinnable fight against a larger power. If socialism would only work in a hypothetical scenario where there is no opposition at all; then i think it's fair to say it does not work. And the sanctions only started in 2014 after major protests against the government and ensuing violent repression (so the country had problems before that).
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