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  1. Interesting leather armor finds (From Post Meroitic period): https://www.reddit.com/r/Sudan/comments/ki6uy7/cool_pieces_nubian_blemmye_hide_armour/?ref=share&ref_source=embed&utm_content=title&utm_medium=post_embed&utm_name=02813219303d4bda845ddb68ac0db97e&utm_source=embedly&utm_term=ki6uy7 http://www.vikingsword.com/vb/showthread.php?t=20495
  2. It was done by Celts and Iberians too. In EB most of their infantry units throw spears.
  3. Since weapon swapping is not in the engine, i feel swordsmen having similar stats to ranged units might be a good abstraction. Since historically most swordsmen were sort of heavy skirmishers that charged after throwing.
  4. If so instead of the ''scale apron'' (Misinterpreted cloth armor), it would be better to make it like Carthaginian scale armor (Idea being it was bought from their allies) Caros and Viriato could have mail (It was used by Lusitanians and Celtiberians). Indibil could get the scale one (Bronze pectorals were outdated in his time from what i read.).
  5. Based on what i read they were not tattoos but warpaint. The vase was found in an Edetani site. Similar paint may have been used in Celtiberia; article says paste was Orange, although most depictions have ig as black paint (Vase is monochromatic so it may have been a color other than black) https://dc.uwm.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1017&context=ekeltoi Visual references (Have inaccurate scale armor, only using them as example for paint):
  6. Likely, since they did not use scale. Probably a cloth helmet with feather crest. I think it may have looked like Osuna Helmet but shorter without neck flap.
  7. One question is what is the white line in the middle of the arm. The more common interpretation is that he is wearing a sleeveless garment with some kind of bracelet. Or maybe a short sleeved tunic and the line is the end of the sleeve who is painted on a different color ? Perhaps a mix of both (Bracelete worn near the sleeve).
  8. He is wearing a padded armor, so a leather tunic under that would be a bit redundant. The part on the feet can still be brown (boots and hide greaves were worn in Celtibeira). Long sleeves in some depictions of Iberians are from the same vase as ''scale armor''. Considering how the whole arm including e hand is in black; it is more likely that it is portraying bodypaint on the arms.
  9. As far as i know there is not evidence for using two swords at a time, i think it would be better to have only one. The color of the clothes is a bit similar to the Cardiophylax strap (makes it looks like his tunic is made of leather).
  10. He was a Celtiberian leader, i think he could have mail or a breastplate with a local variant of Chalcidian helm.
  11. I think it's possible to have mail and linothorax in small numbers for high ranking Iberian units. Cart mercenaries could have some as well. A couple examples from EB twitter:
  12. There is no evidence for mail skirt (only use of mail in region was by Celtiberians, who wore normal mail shirts) more likely the lower part was organic as well, a sort of fringe or Pteryges. The idea of making your waist more protected than your chest, does not make much sense.
  13. I am not sure if mobile building mechanic for nomads will be kept. DE Scythians for example will have weak immobile buildings and no territory.
  14. For wonder you could use Tongwancheng city or burial mound (Like in Sundiata's suggestion):
  15. Imo instead of two Thrace factions, it would better to make Odrysians (More hellenized) and Dacians (More ''barbarian'' influenced by Celts and Scythians). For Odrysian roster maybe something like this: Infantry spearman Infantry swordsman Special Romphaia infantryman Infantry javelinist Infantry archer Cavalry javelinist Cavalry spearman Champion Noble Hoplite Champion javelin cavalry (when weapon switching is added could also use sword) Mercenary Getae horse archer Mercenary heavy peltast from a hellenized tribe (Paeonian, Agrianian
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