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  1. Since he was Roman perhaps it might be better to use one of the Lusitanian chiefs who sided with him as hero (could still have the same ''romanized'' bonuses); that is assuming any of their names have been recorded.
  2. Looks more like the temple of jerusalem to me. That's the first that shows up on reverse image search.
  3. One of these buildings could be the wonder. Maybe a section of the palace or the mausoleum you mentioned.
  4. True, although on the other hand when the economy goes bad i think the changes reach the bottom of the pyramid more. The US corporations who were interested in Venezuela are doing fine without the extra money; and same with the officials of the regime. The only ones who are really losing from this are the common people. https://www.businessinsider.com/nicolas-maduro-ate-steak-at-salt-bae-restaurant-venezuela-starves-2018-9
  5. Yes, i don't see a point on ''controlling'' resources if you can't trade them and economy goes to hell. Is just for nationalist pride and being able to claim that you own them and you are indenpendent? I think i'd rather live in a ''colonized'' country with a good economy; than in a poor ''free'' country. And many Venezuelans do move to their more US-friendly neighbours (Colombia and Brazil) or the US itself. I don't think the US is ''good'', just that the Venezuelan government made very poor decisions.
  6. I think the fault still lies with Venezuelan government to some degree. Either they were stupid and did not see it coming; or they knew that was going to happen but thought it was worth it because of ideological reasons. It is not like US randomly decided to sanction them for fun; they picked an unwinnable fight against a larger power. If socialism would only work in a hypothetical scenario where there is no opposition at all; then i think it's fair to say it does not work. And the sanctions only started in 2014 after major protests against the government and ensuing violent repression (so the country had problems before that).
  7. I have yet to look into it deeply but i found at least one source for femlae guards: https://issuu.com/wikimilitaria.com/docs/_wargames_research_group__armies_of_the_macedonian Around page 142. But seems may have not been combat units; also nothing on bow (only weapon mentioned is sword).
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visha_Kanya Not sure how appropriate it is as name; could just be legendary. And they were assassins (not really combat units like ingame.).
  9. While it has a lot of votes, i don't think Ygdrasil is the best choice. Since it is something from Norse mythology; and does not have much to do with the game's setting.
  10. One the posts above has some ideas Not sure how to portray it gameplay wise; but Arminius could have a tech relating to how he ambushed the Romans. Ariovistus could have something related to cavalry; due to the skilled Belgae and Germanic horsemen he employed. Maroboduus led his people to Bohemia and estabilished a kingdom there; so maybe he gets a bonus/tech about it (Something like faster building or cheaper CC?) Since heroes in others factions sometimes affect the roster; maybe heroes could unlock some of the mercenary units from UB to be trained as normal units in fortress. IE: Arminius unlocks Chatti Veterans and Cheruscian pikemen; Ariovistus unlocks Gallic allied warriors and Rhine cavalry (special horse-stabber unit? or celtified cavalry with mail armor).
  11. My understanding is they never used Sarrissa like Macedonians. And that Carthaginians fought as Hoplite phalanx early on; later becoming more like thureophoroi. About tactics, it seems the Testudo did not exist at the time in general (not even Romans used it yet). Video on the topic (subtitled):
  12. Not sure if they should have Testudo, since i don't think the Romans at the time used that either; first mention of it seems to be in Mark Anthony's invasion of Parthia (and itt would work better with the later square scutum than the oval one of Punic wars). I was thinking the unit could be unlocked by choosing Hannibal as hero; in which case sacred band would probably be disabled (they did not exist by this time).
  13. Gameplay wise i think most heroes on DE start on foot and then upgrade to be mounted (unlike normal 0 A.D thing of some heroes being on foot and others mounted). But if there is a vanilla version of the faction then he should be a cavalry hero indeed.
  14. I am not sure if there should be shared bonus; Sparta and Athens don't share bonuses. Although both share Theatron building (Theatre was not really a thing in Sparta anyway so maybe change that in the future too). If there is a plunder bonus maybe could be unique to Gauls; since they were famous for sacking Rome and Delphi (Britons on the other hand mostly fought in each other, and later on had a defensive war against Rome). Not necessarily trainable as normal units; but maybe Britons could have some allied Gallic units (Belgae, Armoricans) trainable through DE mercenary camp feature. With more than three heroes now being possible Britons could have Diviciacus (Unlocking Belgian units?).
  15. Interesting video. Perhaps Carthaginians could get a sort of thureophoros or ''romanized swordman''? unlockable by choosing Hannibal as hero. Relevant topic:
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