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  1. References for weapons and armor: https://pinterest.com/siresasa/ancient-scythian-weapons-only-historically-accurat/ https://pinterest.com/siresasa/ancient-scythian-armour-only-historically-accurate/ Various artifacts (Iconography might be useful):https://fi.pinterest.com/siresasa/scythian-antiquities/ It would indeed be a good option for temple or even statue. From what i can find the Ovoo is a Tengrist costume and was not really used by Scythians. For the Huns there is only fragmentary evidence about their religion, both could potentially fit. Seventh century accounts says the Huns on the Caucasus worshipped "T'angri Khan" . Atilla supposedly owned the ''sword of Mars''; so possibly the Huns absorbed the Scythian/Sarmatian sword cult. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sword_of_Attila
  2. Maybe instead of cash crops steppe civs (and possibly some others like Germans) could have a sort of building where they can sell cattle and horses for currency. Or some sort of milk/wool mechanic.
  3. The helmets on the Carthaginian elite mercenary cavalry look too late for Punic Wars timeframe. These helmets on the advanced mercenary swordsman might be too early (Although i am not exactly sure when Gauls started serving in Carthage), also not sure if there were iron versions. ,
  4. I noticed the advanced Gaul cavalry has a helmet but no chainmail. Maybe this could be applied to other advanced close combat units, would be a smoother transition than going from unarmored to fully armored.
  5. Possible specific names for wonder (Words are taken from wiktionary and EB): Samnungozbarwaz (Semnones' grove), Feturasbarwaz (Grove of fetters), Wigasalhs/Gunþīzalhs/Hildīzalhs/Haþauzalhs (Battle-Sanctuary, there are multiple words for battle) According to Caesar they were used by Germans in the Gallic wars:
  6. Considering the importance of bodies of water for their religion; they could have a sort of religious building that is built on shallows. Maybe a function where you sacrifice units, metal or coin for glory. Or just make it a bonus/tech (Something like you can gather glory at docks or docks can heal)
  7. It also appears in EB. It is based on a migration period Scandinavian pendant, so maybe not the best choice https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/473485 On another thread Genava posted some ideas for a sun wheel symbol
  8. Possibly they could have a pikeman unit https://europabarbarorum.fandom.com/wiki/Illyrioi_Peltophoroi_(Illyrian_Light_Phalanx)
  9. Not really evidence but i read the Mars of Todi was dedicated by someone with a Celtic name (Ahal Trutitis); although not sure if it's supposed to be scale (It is also interpeted as lamellar or even cloth armor) Plutarch's description for Viridomarus' armor seems to be some sort of composite armor indeed. Possibly a variation of Celtic organic armors, but with a metal element covered in silver and gold (Either Scales or a Itallic Cardiophylax). Maybe even a decorated chainmail; but the description of colours and broideries fits more with cloth i think.
  10. Is it accurate to have a bronze version of this helmet? I think they were a later type and all finds are made of iron, but i might be wrong
  11. It seems they currently don't have a catafalque hero There is not really an more archaic Suebian figure (No historical record before the Gallic Wars) Maybe could use mythical heroes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuisto https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mannus Or just a minor hero who is not currently featured. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ganna_(seeress) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masyas https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ariogaesus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vannius https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catualda https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vibilius Potentially one of these could replace Arminius as the fourth hero since he was not Suebian.
  12. https://www.world-archaeology.com/features/garamantes-libya/ Maybe this could serve as reference for temple since they currently lack one. Although i could not find any reconstructions of it and it is possibly a bit late (Article says Garamantes used stonework in the Period between 1 and 400 AD) Petroglyphs of warriors from the same article Possibly it could be two plumes worn in the Lybian style?
  13. Article about naval warfare in the Dacian wars https://www.academia.edu/67117919/Strategy_and_naval_warfare_in_the_Danube_area_during_Trajans_Dacian_Wars Priscus described river boats being used in Hun territory: https://people.ucalgary.ca/~vandersp/Courses/texts/prisfr8.html
  14. With Lusitanians becoming their own civ; in the future the Iberian civ could be redone to focus exclusively on Iberians (Rather than the mashup of different cultures it is nows). Maybe even add Celtiberians and Tartessos/Turdetani as separate civs too. For Germans i think it might be better to have just the Suebians at first since they are the ones currently being developed (Maybe other subcultures like Cimbri, Lugii or Rhine peoples could be considered later); instead of an umbrella of all germanic peoples.
  15. Yes, i was curious about the bronze part in the middle since i have not seen it in other depictions of Celtic armor. I only know of Greek linothorax with scales. I guess this could be interpreted as scale, although might also be quilting or decorative patterns. https://www.academia.edu/6816233/SCALE_ARMOUR_IN_THE_MEDITERRANEAN_AREA_DURING_THE_EARLY_IRON_AGE_A_FROM_THE_IXTH_TO_THE_IIIRD_CENTURY_BC
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