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  1. I have Bad new folks The coronachan is attaking my town(so i back to cuarentine, i am f***ng scared )
  2. I liked the black panther villain more than black panther(Character somewhat hypocritical from my point of view).
  3. I didn't want to do another Topic for just two images and a blend file. So I made the barracks xd. @Stan` and @LordGood what you tink? Barracks.blend
  4. Se ven bien. Usas texturas proceduales o son a partir de esculturas.
  5. Wath is the relation between civ.json and BatchTechModifier? I say this because when I create the file civs.DELETED and enter to the game, and i select a militar unit, i get this: It happens with all the civs I have added Fail to validate entity template {civ}_sentry_tower Fail to validate entity template {civ}_defence_tower Fail to validate entity template {civ}_wall_tower Expected BatchTechModifier get notting Is rare because those templates are the same as 0 A.D contraparts, I don't change anything about the towers base templates. hopi_wall_tower.xml inca_wall_tower.xml
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