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  1. Also Krita have a new realse: Krita 4.4.8 Released | Krita
  2. Was an error to invade Afghanistan and other islamic countires. Now we see the results in few years.
  3. O use an iPhone 7. its makes the work.
  4. No creo que pase eso. el cambio en Rusia fue porque su economía se fue alv. además el partido comunista chino tiene mucho control sobre su población, y e de recordar que ellos preferirían matar a los posibles protestantes antes que cambiar algo de su régimen.
  5. It is not better to just use bicycles and public transportation.
  6. In art/textures/ui/session/portraits/technologies
  7. Sounds like some bones are not define in the skeleton file or they are not written well. I recommend to use this python script for generating the skeleton file:
  8. @Lion.Kanzen: I think @asterix and I are the only active members of the council of moders xd.
  9. I think the discussion is pointless, it is a game not a real life simulator. The game takes place in the 5th century not the 21st century.
  10. Pino Jalisience This use acacia.png texture. Pino Jalisience.blend
  11. An earthquake and thats houses will collapse here in Mexico xddd.
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