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  1. Han ministers https://github.com/TheShadowOfHassen/0-ad-history-encyclopedia-mod/pull/80 I will write the temple and healer next and then probably start with the soldiers.
  2. First text for the Han. The Civic Center! https://github.com/TheShadowOfHassen/0-ad-history-encyclopedia-mod/pull/78 Quite honestly, I had a lot of struggle with this text, it took me way too long to write it, maybe because it is the first article of a new civilisation, I don't know. I think I will write the ministers next, since I have already done a lot of research about them. Also, is the civ in the game more oriented towards the Western/First or the Eastern/Second Han Empire?
  3. I totally agree, narrative campaigns, especially if connected to an actually useful tutorial, would be awesome. If someone starts working on it, count me in, contact me. Im down to helping as I can.
  4. Okay, I corrected it. I know about that rule, we've adopted it from 0ad's official style guide into our encyclopedia style guide. My question is: Is this rule uniformly followed all throughout the game? For example, shouldn't the Skiritai be actually called Sciritae?
  5. Athenian walls https://github.com/TheShadowOfHassen/0-ad-history-encyclopedia-mod/pull/77/ With this thext weve completely finished Athens! As @ShadowOfHassen has announced, we decided to take the Han next.
  6. Ive revised the articles of the Spartan heroes. They were the very first texts I've written, and I've corrected some minor factual inaccuracies that I found and text parts that I was not happy with. Ive been wanting to do this for a long time, these texts are the last ones the I had and have planned to revise, now I can fully focus on writing new texts. https://github.com/TheShadowOfHassen/0-ad-history-encyclopedia-mod/pull/76
  7. Themistocles This time I made sure to talk about both of the bonuses he has in the game, that's why the text got so long. https://github.com/TheShadowOfHassen/0-ad-history-encyclopedia-mod/pull/75 What about Xenophon? There are game files for him as a hero, but he is not implemented in the game. Should I write a text about him?
  8. Okay thanks, I'll add the paragraph to the article. That was formulated misleadingly, the walls were built under the rule of Pericles, but the idea was proposed first by Themistocles, I think.
  9. Oops Yeah... 'multiple centuries' sounds a bit too long. Fixed
  10. Good point. I should definitely take a look at the auras of the hero before writing the texts. How about this?
  11. I doubt Sparta with their economy system would have survived on this map in reality.
  12. What about only removing the ability to train traders, but keep the bartering? Having no traders is not that big of a disadvantage. It would also kinda make sense, I mean, bartering itself was always possible, even despite the iron currency, but trading with allies/paying with currency was difficult if not impossible.
  13. Pericles https://github.com/TheShadowOfHassen/0-ad-history-encyclopedia-mod/pull/74
  14. Iphicrates https://github.com/TheShadowOfHassen/0-ad-history-encyclopedia-mod/pull/73
  15. Prytaneion https://github.com/TheShadowOfHassen/0-ad-history-encyclopedia-mod/pull/71
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