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  1. Thank you very much, @Gurken Khan! @Silierjust changed some meta data to this ticket, but that seems to make it more visible. @ everyone: Feel free to ask me! I'm ready to try to reproduce it, but obviosuly it's some kind of special situation. Maybe I just try to get in such negotiation setting and then resign, looking out for more demands of the AI.
  2. Only capture of Tonto Clan URL by the Internet Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20031023191554/http://www.tontoclan1.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=0AD (a day later) Phoenix Clan and 0 A.D. Empire never got crawled by archive.org.
  3. Thanks for creating that ticket, @Gurken Khan! May we now head back to the initial bug report, please?
  4. This summer I was part of a discussion near to your topic. In the linked post, there is a reference to another post more near to it:
  5. As it hasn't been posted before: The URL of the Steam profile page shown in OP is https://store.steampowered.com/app/2158440/0_AD_Empires_Ascendant/ Interesting: In the title of the profile page is a typo. The 'D' for domini isn't followed by a dot. While Wildfire Games is listed as developer, Public Games Distribution is set as publisher. Only game of this publisher is 0 A.D.
  6. Indeed, I haven't differentiated enough. I meant those terms in the private messages of AIs in the negotiation context. (Ja man, natürlich habe ich mir die Dateien angeguckt )
  7. IIRC 'metal' isn't translated to our common language as well. That leads me to the thought wood and stone might not be translated, too.
  8. Lysander (Sparta, PetraAI (very hard)) still wants me to pay tribute for an alliance in Alpha 26, even though I was defeated. After not having payed (because I was only more a spectator), I got a DM that negotiations were unilaterally canceled. Low priority bug, but kinda funny! Still asking for tributes: Cancelling negotiations: metadata.json commands.txt
  9. Thanks for the feedback, @Stan` and @Gurken Khan! I have remembered incorrectly.
  10. No, the last competitors were enemies. AFAIK in former releases, I'd be winner under this premise.
  11. praeambulum: Maybe I don't understand the game mechanics correctly. My understanding: The game should end, when one player is allied with all surviving competitors. Description of the problem: In my last game (Alpha XXVI), after a diplomatic victory, I didn't receive the 'You won the game! Wanna either play on, see the stats and go or simply go?' prompt and the game went on. Screenshot: commands.txt metadata.json
  12. He said he has a bug and can't give likes(reactions). Well ... yes. seeh said so in brakets. But it wasn't transparent resp. clear to me until their last comments, that this is kind of a test thread.
  13. I don't understand why the original thread doesn't suffice. Would you please offer some arguments?
  14. Yesterday evening I had an unfocused match on River Archipelago against five Petras. Player 6 (AI 5, Alara, Kushites) never managed to transfer units by boat, causing AI error messages when attempting to start several massive crusades. Other competitors managed to do so (and I was happy they at least did). Player 2 and 5 where both chosen to be Iberian and had no walls between the turrets around their centres. Is it possible to deactivate prebuild walls and turrets on this map-or on this map size of the map. The turrets of player two stood partially in water-dunno if this is intended to be allowed. These are no crucial bug reports and I don't know if those are Alpha 26 specific commands.txt metadata.json
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