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  1. For the first time since at least tuesday I was able to reach trac. Probably related to this attack┬╣, the website module 'revision log' is out of order (#6904). Thank you very much to everyone trying to hold the service up! ┬╣ If I read @Stan` correctly ...
  2. The idea was planned for the abandoned idea of a territories game mod. As trac is down (again), I can only refer to archived pages: https://web.archive.org/web/20230325105612/https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Background%3A_Territories I couldn't find tickets via Google Site Search. Therefore I guess, there's none for that idea-or I did a bad research.
  3. I'm thinking about how much bigger the installation file would be if we were to add all these audio files-or a tts model. Does anyone have a clue?
  4. [1714.699] error: PETRA.NavalManager.prototype.update@simulation/ai/petra/navalManager.js:832:42 [1714.699] error: PETRA.HQ.prototype.update@simulation/ai/petra/headquarters.js:2282:20 [1714.699] error: PETRA.PetraBot.prototype.OnUpdate@simulation/ai/petra/_petrabot.js:118:11 [1714.699] error: m.BaseAI.prototype.HandleMessage@simulation/ai/common-api/baseAI.js:64:7 [1714.799] error: JavaScript error: simulation/ai/petra/transportPlan.js line 384 [1714.799] error: oldPos is undefined [1714.799] error: PETRA.TransportPlan.prototype.onBoarding@simulation/ai/petra/transportPlan.js:38... [1714.799] error: PETRA.TransportPlan.prototype.update@simulation/ai/petra/transportPlan.js:290:8 I tried to transcribe the error messages and found similarities in #6757.
  5. Today I reported four threads. Is it helpful for forums moderators if those got reported, or do you get mailbombed after every appearance?
  6. Half an hour ago, @phositcommitted a bug fix (r27909) which closed ticket #6848.
  7. FYI: Dog Kennels for Britons have been reintroduced with changeset 27890.
  8. After some researching I got to know it is a known bug. The working elephant may not enter the Military CC via the edge but from the normal side [tested by me as well on this map]. resulting in ticket #6531, from where you get to the tickets #2190 and its duplicate #2161
  9. I feel not confident enough to help you in this case as I cannot reproduce your situation.
  10. I am able to reproduce this situation in A27 RC 1 on this map. The construction elephant may enter the Wonder, the Stoa, the temple and the Agora (1st CC) but not the Klerouchia (military CC, 2nd CC). In the latter the game still shows the 'entry icon'.
  11. I would not consider above described situation as a bug, but as a feature. I recommend to discuss this in the forum "Gameplay Discussion".
  12. Batch training for ministers works for me in Alpha 27 RC 1. I did this by holding shift and then clicking on the train symbol.
  13. I am able to reproduce this situation in A27 RC 1. This happens only in the case, when you are playing the Han civilization and you have placed a minister in one warehouse. Because then the game shows you the cheaper technologies next to the technologies without discount. In this case I wouldn't consider this as a bug.
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