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  1. add variations, dirt and all kind of a real ground it could have.
  2. a site with deep information. even raft https://www.naval-encyclopedia.com/hellenistic-ships/ https://www.naval-encyclopedia.com/goodies-naval-encyclopedia/antique-ships/roman-ships https://www.naval-encyclopedia.com/carthaginian-ships/
  3. because we haven't such feature yet.
  4. try Aristeia is almost abandoned but have some buildings.
  5. you can be useful for the second part. I saw you in reddit and others forums.
  6. welcome. it could be more minimalist but is okay to start. The portraits are okay as they are at this moment. 1-i love the idea of made a cornice.. 2-minimap must be made in metal (bronze) is just fine. Gauls look too much rural IMHO. @Genava55 must know a better textures to add more properly.
  7. thats my point. we need more volunteers, but I think we need to specify other areas, in addition to the Art and programming area, the strongest areas. The social media is an example, we need youtuber not salaried or seek that dual intention. Decent streamers, are popular among the youngest, sometimes certain small ads are given in these streams. we have to be feeding the public with small novelties and announcing surprises to generate spectacle, not false spectacle as Microsoft sometimes does. That is one of my points, which was linked to the announcement campaigns both rel
  8. My point is that the Facebook page and other social networks and includes I think that the main page are always lacking in information comments can always read the same questions or there is always good feedback about the game is great that the cool juice that the game is the best and that I will not come to discuss, But if you always find the same questions, "When will you go out" "when to see the next monetization campaign". What elexis said and asked the question that one always finds in the forums of who is a private project that is open source that does not seek to earn money with t
  9. imagine this matter from fans outside the forum, the official channels through social media do not share much news. is small the amount of information about the project, people who wonder if it is dead.
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