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  1. They would only complain........ If they could see the thing to complain about. That means you just need to make it so they can only see it if they look close enough, but in a strategy game, everyone would be busy with other things, no?
  2. I love these, but if they were to be implemented why not use all of them? Different colours for different ages would make it more like we are, say, progressing through history. So use one colour for each age. How i would go through them would be Copper/Silver/Darkish Gold/Lightish Gold. My reasoning being the copper age is the closest of where 0ad's timeline starts, silver is used as money but not worth as much as gold, dark gold is used less than it's lightish more twinkly variant which looks more showoffy.
  3. There must consider also the fact cavalry can't build, or gather metal, wood, stone, or any other food than meat.. That counts as a disadvantage, yes? They can gather at a rush, but once they are out of things to gather.... they are little more than a combat reconnaissance unit which has light raiding capability. They CAN fight, but not at a good cost/combat ratio.
  4. If it's cheating for a player to do it.. what about the AI? They do this without the added feature. I mean, AI needs certain advantages to be given an edge to superior human decision and the like, but still, they are cheating without the buffs they are given on hard/veryhard
  5. I will only buy it if it's Linux compatible (it won't be - 99.99% certain unless they make a deal with valve) And if it is Nothing map viable. I mean, it isn't technically illegal to Pirate something which they specifically made it so that i can't use on my system, right? If they want my bucks, they need to Accommodate to ME first!
  6. What i would do for a goat nothing map in 0AD.
  7. It's officially not kiting any more. Now it's Goating.
  8. it would definitely lead to a more "planning helps" scenario, instead of the whole "I HAVE MORE MEN AND BETTER TECH" thing. Iberians won lots of battles against the romans with just rusty blades spears and shields, because they knew their land better and ambushed the romans a megaton of times. This kind of thing could also lead to realistic forest generation. We could have larger forests which actually look like forests instead of trees which are close to each other lol Also when formations are finally implemented it would discourage large groups to go into certain areas because they w
  9. If we were to have these "groves", forest groves would be able to have invisible units in them so they can, say, ambush enemy units? Something like a double attack bonus on first attack. Also it could introduce something like a replanting tech. I would definitely like this for berry bushes aswell. The gathering tech for them is useless, given you run out of them 5 minutes into the game and farming is more useful. Huntables could also be given something like this, but only for neutral territories i think. (controlled territories would be more for the Livestocks like chickens and sheepies
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